Will people at my work party think it's cool that I overeat? I feel like it will make people relaxed around me

Will people at my work party think it's cool that I overeat? I feel like it will make people relaxed around me.

Depends on what kind of job and colleagues you have desu

If you work in an office where everyone eats kale muffins with their espresso mocha lattes, then probably not

If you work in manual labor and all your coworkers go get piss drunk and eat greasy burgers after, then definitely

I'm a computer programmer. We're going to a buffet. I like to eat as much as I possibly can when I go to buffets and I don't want to have this time be any different just because I'm with my coworkers and bosses.

Fat fuck

As long as you are eating at a relaxed pace they probably won't notice. If you're a fatass it doesn't matter since they will percieve anything you eat as a lot, and so their perception of you will not change. If you're skinny they might go "hmm, he eats a lot" in their heads and then move on.

What the fuck is with the op image?

I am overweight. I like to get multiple plates of food at once so I'm worried that might freak some ppl out. Requires less trips to get more food ya know.

Yeah I'd say just get one plate at a time to avoid awkwardness

I don't know what you're trying to do but pretty much every culture frowns upon greed and gluttonous behavior like pre-serving yourself 5 plates all just for you.
Not only are you looking like a fat fuck, you're being an inconsiderate asshole by using up all the table space just to hold your uneaten food.

Yo chill

You've got some real issues

Don't think anyone will see this as cool

Is it a lunch or dinner?

If you are overweight then people will think very lowly of you unless you are a genius. If you have so little self control then why even bother caring what other people think? Fix yourself or embrace the disgusting mess that you are. Luckily you are among programmers so maybe some literal autists in the flock will accept you


i know it conflicts with your world view, but nobody has a positive opinion on fat people, especially not fat people who do anything to avoid standing up to get more food.

If this is so jarring to you, I bet you don't shower daily either.

Only if you eat something homemade that they made (from scratch) and then follow with lavish praise.

Same goes for family get-togethers.


Every other day

Maybe you should learn to respect food you fat smelly fuck, especially animal produce.

In what way don't I respect food?


You are a walking representation of gluttony and lack of self control. Nobody's gonna be surprised that you load multiple plates of food, they knew that the second they laid eyes on you.

Unless you are mainland Chinese that is not okay. Even if you are, that is not okay.

I hate chinks.

Not nice

I'm white

>Not nice
What do you mean? Nothing I said is incorrect.

Because everyone likes praise, even you.

Praise is something most people don't give.

Try it out.

It's probably fine then, you don't have to go back to work afterwards so

If you're skinny someone might joke about it but no one will care. If you're fat no one will say anything but they'll all silently judge you for your disgusting gluttony unless you have a pretty decent jolly fat guy thing going already



>work party
You party at work?



Overeating, I think, will probably make people a little uncomfortable. Just eat a regular amount and people will be fine. It depends really on the crowd you're eating with.