Hello friends, /fitizen/ here

Hello friends, /fitizen/ here.

I am tired of eating the same meal every day. Every day I eat:
>3 steaks
>2 eggs
>a bowl of rice
I'm fucking sick of it.

Do you guys know any good high-protein bulking foods I can eat to vary things a little?

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Anyway uh try activated almonds. No but for real, nuts might help - I know you guys are all about your SQUATZ AND OATZ but nuts are good, you could try and eat white meat chicken and mix up the seasonings. Salt and stuff can cause problems but I mean aside from that it's not like seasoning adds too much to your calories

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Well personally user. Its more up to how you like your food. My m8 is a Veeky Forums nut and he always tells me what he likes to eat, only problem is that it lacks flavor. I usually tell him that all he needs are a few spices and maybe some rub or low calorie marinade for his meats. As for other side dishes, salt and pepper and varied spices

>a /fit staple

Chicken and Turkey have a better protein content then Beef, try different kinds of eggs like duck and quail, google recepies for them. switch the steaks out for lean sausages or pork chops every once and a while.

Green beans, spinach, Kale and coliflower are good veggies that can be switched out cooked easily in a pan, steamed or raw.

instead of rice have quinoa or couse couse season with chicken stock/broth for easy delicous carb. Also sweet potatoe instead of rice. if lazy or incompetent just microwave it to cook it.

Drop the steaks entirely. That much beef every day is definitely going to kill you. Pick up chicken.

Horse meat
It's a good protein
Better than beef

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Christ OP, that much red meat is going to kill you

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damn son, how much you spend on salmon and steaks every week?

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Have you tried Chicken?

Also Cod > Salmon when it comes to protein.

Dude your supposed to be eating lean as fuck... Chicken marsala its all i eat and a steak once a week

>unironically eating more than a couple ounces of red meat per day

I seriously hope you don't do this.

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You can make stir-fry, soups, sandwhiches, learn how to brine and cook chicken, get a slow cooker and make roast or pork, there's other options.

Or maybe you can give yourself a little leeway.

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Why is there such a taboo surrounding horse meat in the UK and its former colonies? It's just a better tasting, healthier beef. It's not like horses are much smarter or nicer than cows or pigs.

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>Why is there such a taboo surrounding horse meat in the UK and its former colonies?
The brits I've talked to about this never thought of horses as anything but rich people's pets.
It always gives them a shock when they ask about cuisine from my country and I mention horse sausage.

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They also have a history of being eaten.

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>hardly any carbs
>bulk diet

>Why is there such a taboo surrounding horse meat in the UK and its former colonies? It's just a better tasting, healthier beef. It's not like horses are much smarter or nicer than cows or pigs.
Horse meat is very common in Quebec. It's pretty cheap too.

I live on the border of Quebec and Ontario. I go to any grocery store near my house and there is horse meat. Cross into Ontario 1 km away and you'll never find horse meat, and most people wouldn't even consider eating it.

I have had it a few times, it's good but I'm not really interested in it enough to buy it.

It doesn't sound like a bulking diet at all really. Just a lot of steak.

I might maintain or even lose weight on that.

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Multiple well backed studies. Red meat is awful for you.

Well, I'm convinced.

Eat more vegetable protein before either the red meat or the daily anal sex gives you colon cancer.

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>6% instead of 5% chance of cancer
>have to eat it every day for the rest of your life

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>about 1500kcal if we assume the steaks are big and you're eating huge amounts of rice and salmon
>bulk diet

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> WHO releases a study saying a diet high in red meat MAY increase the chances of cancer in genetically predisposed individuals from 1 to 1.5%
> vegans begin autistically shrieking about how they were right all along

I also eat whatever is on offer for lunch at my uni college.

But i was listing the food specifically I am sick of + eat every day, sorry for the confusion.

This, OP. You can even make a few bucks hanging out at truck stops.

fellow Veeky Forums here

beans are what you need. make hearty stews and chilis with lots of beans. protein is on point as is the calorie count. chicken and chickpea cassoulet is one of my favorites. chili with beans obviously.

also consider curries, red sauce with braised beef and sausages, goulash, and Stroganoff, just back off on the sour cream, oil and butter until it's breddy healthy

Ex-/fitizen/ here.
Beans and quinoa will help vary up your carbs. Also, fruits.

If you are not lactose intolerant, dairy is a very caloric dense food for protien and fat.

Avocadoes and nuts for fat.

Vegetables of all kinds are also your friend.

Tempeth is really great for protein as well.

Lastly, any food is bulking food. Bulking has to do with overall intake

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It raises your chances by a lot even if you aren't predisposed and it's certainly not to 1.5%. It increases depending on how much you eat daily as well.

Activated almonds.

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Do you live in Ottawa/Gatineau, friendo? If so, where can I find delicious horse meat? I live about 10mins from the border.

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>Every day I eat:
>>a bowl of rice

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Learn what shallots and ginger are

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You live near a uni, there is bound to be an asian market around there
>cheap vegetables
>cheap tofu, high protein
>variety of seafood

But then again, if you're eating 3 steaks a day I can't imagine you're hurting for money. But eat more vegetables for the love of god. Beans and legumes as well.

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add in some potatoes faggot, change up the proteins and the green vegetables.

Greek yogurt
Salad greens; dress with a bit of salt or vinegar
Nuts when bulkan


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try mixxing it up with your selection of meats and fishes. I dunno the English words but try getting some canned Sanma, Saba and some fresh slabs of tuna from time to time. I know a dude who eats 2-3 cans of sanma twice a day on top of his other shit to keep bulking.

there are heaps of varieties of rice, try changing those up too.

Eggs can be done a heap of different ways.

And use different spices, sauces, combinations of veges and flavours too. Take the monotony out of it.

This! Beans are GOAT. Lots of different types and they're really good for you.

>comes to Veeky Forums for cooking advice
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the only thing this place is good for is reminding yourself why cheat day foods aren't really that good anyway.

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If you are bulking you can eat literally anything so long as you are getting at least 75% of your bodyweight in protein grams. This isn't an issue since since you can easily get that in 4000 calories. Of course, if you are bulking, you should be consuming at least 4000 calories, or have fun with your lolnogains. Also, I hope you haven't fallen for the clean bulk meme, because advocates for that also fail to mention they are on roids. Get your protein, fiber, and fat, and then eat whatever you want. Yes, you will gain some fat, that is what the cutting season is for. /fit. knows fuck all and is mostly dyel shitposters that have been working out for two months and look like this, keep that in mind

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You do know that that article refers to sausages and the likes right? Steaks are minimally processed.

I thought it was anything that interacts with or leaves a trace/residue chemical from the curing salts used in processing.

I'm also trying to Veeky Forums, started recently. Now I decided to improve my diet a little and eat 200g of cottage cheese (or quark, I'm not sure about the translation) daily (which gives around 40g of protein). The problem is, it is extremely dull. Do you have some suggestions for simple recipes involving cottage cheese?

Also, I know I should get myself a proper diet, but I actually don't cook and don't have really the time to learn (that's why I asked for simple recipes; I do want to learn to cook when I find some time though).

pls post the first one