Pineapple pizza. Who could ask for anything more?

Pineapple pizza. Who could ask for anything more?



Well I personally like my pineapple pizza with ham and extra cheese. Just pineapple is kinda bland.

Muy negre
I'd substitute the pep for bacon but that's just ne.


I thought that was mac and cheese on the pizza at first

Not a fan of pineapple in general (my favorite fruit is tomato), but anchovies are what completes a pizza for me.

finally someone who can appreciate the delicate and complicated dance of salty and sweet

Personally I'd love to try meat lovers with pineapple. Sausage, bacon, and pepperoni along with sweet pineapple seems like a great idea to me.

Like I give a shit about what some tumblrwhore cis scum says.

Pizza pineapple. Who could ask for anything more?

I usually get something along the lines of that. its good man

kill yourself, nobody gives a shit who you are

The point of pineapple people is to compliment the meat topping
Nobody actually eats just pineapple pizza
This meme about it is retarded

pineapple and ham. all you need

>inb4 anti-pineapple meme fags

>Love to eat pineapple, pepperoni, and spinach pizza
>Nobody understands and calls what I eat disgusting
Triggers me


the chili flakes make all the difference

If its just pineapple, kill yourself.

If its pineapple and other toppings, kill yourself again.

Stop appropriating italian culture

That's a tripfag, learn your Veeky Forums lore.


>talking about winter
lel, come fite me

>extra cheese
Pleb. Extra sauce is where it's at.

Fuck the italians

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14 year old girl detected.
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this tbqh sick pineapple loving fuckers ruining perfectly good pizza

>I'll fuck her the fuck up, she'll be a bloody smear on the pavement when I'm done.

before all this meme bullshit I didn't know that there was anyone who could honestly object to pineapple on pizza


Watch out, we got a badass over here

Your bloodline is a smear on the pavement pineapple boy.

>fat girl with meme hair calling others weak

I like all kinds of fruits and vegetables, pineapple isn't one of them. It should never go on pizza, EVER. Fuckin gross

She ain't even fat you mong

well considering the "basic" and most common pizza is a Ham & Pineapple anyway then no-one should have any issues.

chicken or bust

>most basic and most common
>ignores plain cheese

>assuming someone's sexual preference from their disdain for a pizza topping
>calling someone "scum" simply for their reproductive capability
>implying that people who can't reproduce with their chosen mate due to their biological makeup are somehow superior to those who can

I dont even know what you're implying anymore

>the "basic" and most common pizza is a Ham & Pineapple

no-one orders plain cheese except for dumb poorfags trying to squeeze every dollar they can.

Basic pizza: Ham & Pineapple
Fancy or "I fucking love toppings": Supreme
I'm a hardcunt: Meatlovers

Those are the 3 most common types of pizza. Anything else and you're probably a softcunt.