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What are you faggots smoking?

>smoking tobacco

What am I, French?

John Player, nigga

hand rolled american spirits.

>What are you faggots smoking?

Edgefield red 100s, the cheapest brand that doesn't taste like burning dog shit and plastic.

Would prefer American Spirit organics, but they're literally 2x the price.

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just fyi

it's just water vapor


>Substances that dull sense of taste on a food and cooking board

You smoke after your mean not before, shithead.

This. A nice cig after a big meal is god tier. Almost like a dessert.
pic related is my go to

No SHIT! I won't hire a cook who smokes for this reason. Fucking posers.

>camel filterless
>camel filters
R u me?
I sometimes get american spirit filterless when they're not sold out at the baccky mart.
all about that super buzz man

I smoke when I'm drunk and those are the only ones I buy

>implying your senses go back to normal before you light up another one

Get real, you don't know what food tastes like.

Marlboro Menthols

Drum full strength hand rolls. American Spirit is hipster trash.

>Get real, you don't know what food tastes like.
I literally smoke 1 cigarette a day. My tastebuds are fine.

Shit camera

Cigarettes are for plebs.

>What are you faggots smoking?

Weed. White Widow, I think. Maybe BDS (Buy Dutch Seeds). Some stoney indica or other. Had to cut out tobacco years ago, too expensive and it was not doing me any good health wise.

>small box with maybe 20 or 30 sticks
>calling others a pleb
Talk to me when you're sitting on 20+ full boxes fucking trash

Cigarettes are neither food nor related to cooking. Reported.

why is this Veeky Forums related in the slightest? you guys are even worse than the al/ck/ faggots

Didn't know there were 25 packs.

>20 boxes
>not having a 200 sq ft airtight vault under your garage with adjustable humidity control

join the big boy club, pal

L&M Reds 100s

Egypt's most popular cigarette.
Smoked by an underage white male in California.

someone get this man a grip strengthener and 20 lbs of lean veal, stat

You must be popular at the halloween parties, user

Man smoking cigarettes is such a faggot thing to do but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the buzz. My personal favorite is regular Camels.

>not having a separate property with a 2500 sq ft multilevel humidor building.
I bet you still go to tobacco stores, heh
I got 200 cubans sitting in my basement right now rolling me my own proprietary cigars that have been rated best in the world by Cigar Aficionado magazine, "big boy"
Call me up if you run out of space in your air tight cum dungeon. Maybe I can spare some space in my secondary humidor for your trash sticks.
I got one more word for ya poor boy:
Don't talk to the big boys unless you have the money to back it up, fuck-face


also marlboro shorts

24.15% THC 0.05% CBD Jack Herer from my local marijuana dispensary. It's all natural and organic.

They are oral pleasures which are somewhat related, as much as alcohol.

No, alcohol is something that can be used in cooking. It is also something that is ingested via drinking. It also has a large variety of tastes for the tongue. It is an actual thing you drink. Cigarettes have absolutely no place here. I'm not trying to be mean, but that's just how I feel.

I work in a gas station and all i do is sell cigarettes. I don't smoke but i'm thinking about it. Would unfiltered pall malls be a good place to start?

these are the best mate