The last time I had one of these was back in grade school

The last time I had one of these was back in grade school

Where can you even buy these?

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A gas station on my block has them.
Maybe a gas station on your block will have them too.

Don't buy them, make them!

they have frozen ones at the grocery store.

They literally have boxes of this shit in the freezer section at every supermarket.

>not showing OP how to make them

>Where can you even buy these?
Sonic has them on the menu always. I think white castle/krystal might have some little ones.

Mostly I see them at fairs, and that's where you should get one anyway, from a place that is dipping them in fresh batter and deep frying them exclusively.

The frozen ones in the grocery aren't that bad, really, and gives you the ability to use your exact favorite mustard.

$6 per box in every grocery store in my city. I buy one every month because I'm a fat piece of shit.

>linking a jack video

These are pretty good, just don't nuke em cause they come out soggy as shit

Fairs, carnivals, Sonic, Wienerschnitzel, Hot Dog On A Stick, 7-11,

i payed 6.55 for one corn dog the other day. city life rules

i've microwaved and deep fryed that product. they turn out fine both ways for me. granted that was at least 5 years ago. maybe they changed the recipe

I had one at a fair last july, I was with a south african girl (white) and she has a crush on me. her face isn't bad but she's pretty chubby and only getting fatter because she's in america now.
I've been debating about having sex with her or not for months now and I don't know what to do. I really don't want to get her hopes up that I'm into her at all, but at the same time it's easy puss.

she liked the corndog though

They'[re next to the pizza pops at my supermarket between the frozen chinese food and pizzas


You could always make them yourself. My GF made me some from scratch the other day, basically she just made a cornbread batter to dip the dogs in, then dunked those in boiling crisco until crispy.

This is not the first time I've seen her deep-fry in crisco. I have no idea how she is skinnier than I am.

Not trying to one-up you, just attesting to their low price, I can get the same box for just over $4 at HEB.

Honestly, prefer them to more expensive brands because the franks inside are real soft and they re-heat real well in the microwave (they're done when they rupture)

I keep a box in the fridge because they're god tier drunk food with Whataburger spicy ketchup.

Don't be gay, fuck her or move on, otherwise you're wasting both of your times. And post pics

Corn dogs are the superior hot dog. Why are they so elusive?

They aren't at all.

They are though. Like in fast food/restaurants

that's not really it. my she's friends with my friends fiance. I'm not stringing her along or anything, we just happen to hang out in the same circle.

I'm thinking I might smash it after the wedding but I really just don't want to deal with that aftermath if she gets clingy

state fair

The price difference is because you're closer to the source. I'm in Iowa and you're probably from Texas.

>not knowing this is a joke