Chicken Tenides, fries, honey mustard sauce the best food

I am going to be honest when I say that tendies, fries, and honey mustard is my favorite food. The problem is my friends and parents. I like to eat tendies everyday so it strains my relationship with my parents. My mom sometimes refuses to make me tendies because she thinks my diet is unhealthy so we get into an argument and that results in me leaving for a few hours to go buy some tendies. And whenever my friends and me go out to eat a couple of them always comment on how I order the same thing every time. How can I just get everyone to leave me alone? This is my favorite food and I eat it daily and I can't stomach the taste of other things with the exception of burgers, onion rings, spaghetti/meatballs, cheese/pepperoni pizza and mac n cheese.

Get a job. Live in isolation. Never post here.

Just stay strong and keep at it bro, once they realize you aren't gonna change then they will accept you for who you are.

chicken fingers french fries for them hoes I wanna misss

I just love tendies, fries and honey mustard why so cruel to me?

Thanks but Idk bro it's been going on since I was 16 (I am 27 now)

my mom is pretty much the same way

she's making an effort to branch out more but people are either going to have to accept your life choices or not. as long as you're eating a healthy and balanced diet there's no reason why you can't have an american palate

I don't eat a "well balanced" diet though. Well balanced means you needs to eat vegetables and fruits which I mostly find disgusting with the exception of banana's, berries, apples, oranges, limes and watermelon and maaaaybe mango but it can't be too soft. Vegetables in general are just fucking disgusting sorry. I refuse to eat any green vegetables. I can maaaaaaybe eat a cooked carrot but it has to be served with a large helping of mashed potatoes so I can mask some of the taste and eat them together.

>fruits which I mostly find disgusting with the exception of banana's (sic), berries, apples, oranges, limes and watermelon and maaaaybe mango

that's plenty. you have a full rainbow there.

>I refuse to eat any green vegetables...large helping of mashed potatoes
try sauteeing kale with a bunch of garlic/other spices to mask the flavour. chop it up wicked fine and mix it in with your mash. start by eating a small portion and work your way up as you get used to it. it's basically an autist's version of an irish dish but you can use potatoes to your advantage here in adopting other vegetables.

to go on, the anecdote I gave on chopping up things finely, heavily seasoning them, and mixing them into your potatoes is something that I would recommend for any healthy food you'd like to eat.
I taught myself to enjoy mushrooms and tomatoes largely by doing this.

there's also a way to sneak veggies into pasta sauces; parents do it for their children, try asking google.

if you make an effort to make your own food, to actually take control of what you put into your body, then you will probably find that you can stomach healthier foods.

sincerely, your posting reads like that of a child. I'm sorry that your parents coddled you and wish you the best.

Have you tried other sauces user?

FUCK. YOU. I don't need to eat something that tastes like shit. Normie CUNT.

Yes but honey mustard is the best. I've tried ranch, hot sauce, bbq sauce, sweet n sour, just honey, creamy dill and ketchup but honey mustard is the best.

I like to dip my fries in honey and ranch

I only eat White Castle sliders. When I meet friends at restaurants, I bring a bunch of my own sliders from White Castle and order a drink from the place and maybe a side of fries

>The problem is my friends and parents
yeah, everyone else is the problem, not you. keep telling yourself that, eventually you'll start believing yourself
>implying you have friends

But what do you eat for lunch and breakfast?


I like to have frosted flakes, lucky charms or cheerios or McDonald's egg mcmuffin


Chicken tendies/fries/honey mustard or pizza, burgers (but only with no vegetables), mac n cheese or grilled cheese with fries and ketchup

It's okay user. Some of us feel your pain

>FUCK. YOU. I don't need to eat something that tastes like shit. Normie CUNT.

went nuts

Do people actually just make tendies and not use the rest of the breast when frying?

It tastes exactly the same and you can cut the breast so it's the same shape as the tendy

Who doesn't love some tendies and honey mustard

>Honey Mustard


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