USDA Prime Tomahawk Sous Vide, Yet Again

Winter Advisory = work from home = USDA Prime Tomahawk OM NOM NOM.


Haters gonna hate, OP's gonna troll

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That's a lot of firepower there, OP.

Wow, you own guns so you must be really cool! I love how you shoehorned them into a post about cooking, y'know, something that doesn't require pictures of guns! If this was reddit, I'd upvote you, good sir.

a continuation from
Unfortunately I have more guns than tablespace, so the entire BroSenal is not on display.

Your tears are exquisite. Let me accentuate it with some lime.

Ahhhh, delicious.

OP please don't finish it with the gas torch.
Can you try to pan fry it?

Also, what pairings can we expect?

yeah, I'm gonna try a different finishing method this time. Maybe deep frying, most likely searing with cast iron. Perhaps a secondary finish with a torch?


No pairing necessary. I ONLY REQUIRE PROTEIN.

are you legitimately autistic?

Props to you for having the common sense to not post your serial numbers.

>I'm looking at you, /k/

op now self awareness so this thread won't be nearly as fun

>USDA Prime
What's that the equivalent of in a first world country?

I'm not as agressive as other anons, but I legitimately wonder why you have so much guns.

I understand you need one pistol and maybe a rifle because burgerland, but why 4 pistols and 3 rifles and 2 smgs?

Which one? You don't think that all countries use the same grading system, do you?

in canada it wouldn't even pass as grade A
usda prime is pretty garbage tbqh

oh boy a meme thread

With the exception of the AR and FN SCAR, those are all in different calibers. Variety is nice.

>won't be nearly as fun
Au contraire mon ami, I think we'll have a blast.

>are you legitimately autistic?
Improbable but not impossible. I have never been diagnosed.

>What's that the equivalent of in a first world country?
Freedom. Pure, unadulterated freedom. (Yes, I've had A5-A7, never higher, yes, I wish I can get some easily)

>but why 4 pistols and 3 rifles and 2 smgs?
Oh user...I have MANY, MANY more than what you listed.
Why? Because FREEDOM. Consumption is not be frowned upon, friend.

Variety is nice, no?

The AUG is also in 5.56

Back to the BEEF.

Once again, I'll be leveraging My Boy Nat's knowledge and expertise.

Even myhrvold would call you a faggot for your last sear.


The spice of life, mon ami. The spice of life.

Speaking of spice, I need to plow through some snow to go to my local market for some thyme and fresh garlic. I will NOT be under flavoring my steak this time.

How much money do you think you have sunk into all the firearms on this table as of right now?

Some folks are gun nuts. The same way a wealthy gearhead needs to build a bigger garage for his collection of cars a gun nut with the disposable income will amass a large collection of guns. I'm really into guitar, and have over 20 of them even though I only really use three for recording and playing out.

If your hobby gives you lots of opportunity to spend money on cool gear you will be likely to accumulate a ridiculous amount of gear. Any one of us who cooks has collected more cooking gear than they really need. And guns are pretty cool gear.

No way, fuck you I don't care

Nigga u cared enough to fucking post here. Fucking fag.

Holy fucking shit man are you still waiting on a form 1 for that PS90 or do you just like disgusting pencil dick barrels?

I own 4 servers, 7 desktops and about 7 laptops in my home. I have lost count of how many network switches, routers and firewalls I have accumulated over the last 20 years. Now that I'm playing around with VOIP, I have a bunch of IP phones laying around too. Some hobbies really take up space :P

it's true. i have a motorcycle problem and motorcycle shit i probably can't walk 4 steps in my house without finding some sort of misplaced bike related doodad

and my garage is just a paradise

this image doesnt support your claim

yes it does. ops steak is soft and pale. it doesn't meet canada a requirements
>bright red only
>firm only

kek you're really trying there.

post a comparison then

He isnt wrong, that steak looks like shit, but then again in the US people eat corn fed beef which is shit, so no one should really be surprised.

When your baseline is so low you dont really understand how much better things can be.

>really trying
>just reading the requirements

i dont even think op got prime but you're an idiot if you don't think your problem could be solved just picking your own steak

corn fed beef is fine. most canada prime beef will be corn fed. grass feeding results in yellow fat and poor marbling

>corn fed is bad meme

For the price of all those guns you could have gotten several cuts of nice kobe beef instead.

What a waste.

what's the point if you don't render the fat?

>its as easy as picking your own steak!
No it really isnt, good primals in the US are not even sold at most butchers and even then corn fed beef is terrible.

You only say the things you say because you dont even know any better, so I cant really hold it against you.

>corn fed beef is fine.
No it really isnt.
>grass feeding results in yellow fat and poor marbling
Yellow fat is the color fat is supposed to be and marbling has more to do with breed than it does with food.

>Someone spends more money on food, they need to go!
Isnt there a taco bell thread for you?

The fat is so evenly marbled and thin that it literally melts in your mouth. Rendering it out is something you only do with shitty steaks that have large chunks of fat in them.

>No it really isnt, good primals in the US are not even sold at most butchers and even then corn fed beef is terrible.

>You only say the things you say because you dont even know any better, so I cant really hold it against you.
not an argument

>he wants yellow fat

Daily yuropoor obsession post without a single fact to back it up.

That is how meat works in the US, you are hard pressed to find good meat in stores if you think what you have access to at Kroger is good then you need a real butcher in your town.

>not an argument
If you dont understand what a baseline is then sure, it isnt an argument.

>he doesnt even know what color fat is when the animal is fed real food and not feed that gives it diabetes

Top flyover posting friend.

>only europe has good steaks!
Prove it. Post examples of the steaks you get that we can't get it. Back up your assertions.

Nice try.

I never said I live in Europe. I said that I go to a butcher not Kroger.

Really, just go pick up a book about meat written before the end of WWII in the US and see how wrong you are.

Most of your beef is half breed dairy and meat cow, because it saves money, not because it tastes or looks better.

So really, your baseline is so low that you lash out whenever people point out that it is low, which is hilarious.

here's what prime ribeye should like like
firm and bright red, not smooshy and pale

you're just spouting memes
you really don't know what you're talking about

grass and grain finished beef both have their own merits.

We don't even have Kroger where I live so you can stop projecting.

About what? You're just throwing insults around and not saying anything.

>most of
Again, assuming where I get my meat from.

>your baseline
I haven't even show you where I shop yet. Project harder.

Something like that?

yeah that looks good

I have 12 guitars. The one i play 99% of the time is the cheapest one i own, my kramer pacer. I really need to sell some of them.

>you're just spouting memes
I didnt know that basic biology and breeding is memes.
>you really don't know what you're talking about
I seem to know more than you.

>grass and grain finished beef both have their own merits.
In the US there is mostly grain fed cattle on the shelves, for the entire lives they are fed a mixture of corn and grain or silage. Very little beef in the US is grass fed grain finished or grass fed for its entire life.

Surely you arent obtuse enough to say that an animal eating food that will give it diabetes is as healthy and will taste as good as one eating food its body is designed to be able to eat?

In the US the largest user of insulin is the cattle industry, not our fatties.

I assume your baseline is shit because you havent said anything intelligent yet, just "no ur wrong!"

So whats your point, aside from the fact that you dont understand that biology comes into play here.

>i assumed
Where that's what you fucked up. You've yet to back up a single thing you've said with any sort of fact btw. So what's your point? My point is you can get good beef wherever you live just need to know what you're looking for.

>muh biology

go hunt and eat some fucking moose then, tardo

if i want a good steak i'll take grain fed, thanks

>assumptions are a fuck up
Basic logic sure is a hard concept to wrap your head around, isnt it?

>if i want a good steak i'll take grain fed
>I love half breed dairy cows, their stringy meat really adds to my enjoyment!

>Basic logic
>making assumptions based on autism
>is completely wrong about what he says but calls others wrong
You've yet to post a single fact btw :^)

>all this shitposting
>no pics of steak in OP being cooked
Lets see some action you /k/ loving faggot.

>My point is you can get good beef wherever you live just need to know what you're looking for.


And the other person's point was speaking in generalities regarding what the average person would find at the average market.

what exactly is wrong with cross breeding livestock?

that's how literally all of the food we eat has come to be

you need to go visit a farm or something

who the fuck cares what the average person does? that's irrelevant. the average uses jarred pasta sauce and calls it cooking. fuck off

>sous vide

Cute. But I stopped using training wheels when I learned how to ride my bike.

At least you have some nice guns.

we have mainly grass fed cattle here in the UK and the marbling is like the corn fed in that photo.

Nothing is wrong with cross breeding livestock, what is retarded however is saying that a crossbred cow with half Holstein and half angus (lol) would taste as good as a full breed scottish highland cow.

Furthermore it is even more retarded to suggest that feeding an animal a diet that its body isnt even meant to ingest would produce a product on part with one that was fed food it is capable of fully metabolizing.

You have yet to make a single point aside from "muh anecdotes!"

they are finished on grain most likely

most cattle are unless specifically labeled "grass finished"

>still hasn't post a single fact

>what exactly is wrong with cross breeding livestock?

There's nothing wrong with the concept of cross-breeding. What matters instead is the goal of that cross-breeding.

Convenience? No, that sucks.
Developing a better tasting meat? Now we're getting somewhere.

Beef ought to come from a cow which has been bred specifically for good quality meat.

Milk ought to come from a cow which has been bred for good quality milk.

Combining the two is a compromise that hurts the quality of both.

What's with all the Airsoft, OP? Doesn't your mommy let you own real guns?

first world problems

Does being a mongoloid impact your daily life much or does it just rear its head when you post online?

>still hasn't posted a single fact

You should see my dildo collection.

by your logic agricultural science is irrelevant and "retarded" and we should just eat wild food from here on out because
>muh biology
>muh metabolism
>good results

people don't breed valuable farm animals with the intent to compromise quality

In your last debacle you claimed the steak had a great flavor profile. But now you say it was under flavored. God damn it's amateur hour! OP you are a fucking joke.

And was right. Now that you are self aware and trying so hard to become a meme it just makes you that much more of a faggot.

Who said that AG science is irrelevent?

I said that it is retarded to expect the same quality of product from half dairy half meat cattle than full of either.

The only people who think that quality is unchanged are people who have never had anything else or just want to stick their heads in the sand (you).

>people don't breed valuable farm animals with the intent to compromise quality
No, the breed them for profit margin and having all your cattle be half milk and half meat is the most productive method of raising cattle, does it mean the meat will be good?

No, in fact meat quality is secondary here to extending the usage life of the cattle.

>not a single fact in this post

>half milk half meat is the most productive method of raising cattle

confirmed zero knowledge of agriculture

fucking /dropped/

I have a friend who's big into to airsoft as well.

While it's usually dudes in my case it's a double whammy because my wife is also a musician who is into tech. In my house right now there are not just six computers, two iPads and five smartphones, but also a piano, two upright basses, three electric basses, three amps, recording gear, a small PA system, two acoustic guitars, six electric guitars, two mandolins and two ukuleles. And a trumpet. That's not counting the stuff we have in storage.
Absolutely. And we live in a modest apartment in the city.

>people don't breed valuable farm animals with the intent to compromise quality

The vast majority of it does indeed compromise quality. Unless you're talking full-blood Wagyu (aka genuine "Kobe Beef") then it is a compromise of one sort or another.

There's plenty of compromises in the beef industry. Ranchers are concerned about disease resistance, docility, fast growth, the ability to tolerate the local climate (which could be any very cold or very hot depending on the region), and the big one: how efficient the breed is at converting feed into muscle mass and/or milk production.

Quality is a long gone concern from modern factory agriculture. If you want meat of any sort (beef, pork, poultry, etc.) that was truly bred and raise for quality and taste then you won't find that at any supermarket; you have to seek out small farms that raise heritage breeds, and be prepared to pay a premium for it.

Check out "On Food and Cooking" By Harold McGee; there is a lot of great information about how farming practices have changed over the last several decades to favor cheaper rather than better.

Are you Rob Scallon? Don't lie, I know you are.

i believe this is true in the usa

but this whole discussion started because usda prime steak is garbage

>this thread


>non-sbr ps90

I'm back!

So... the amount of shitposting in this thread is heartening.

And to dispel any notion of doubt that the meat isn't prime...Yes, it's USDA prime.

>Yes, it's USDA prime.
>no marbling

I just like that pencil dick barrel, I guess.

Your mothers prefer the extra 12 inches of penetration.

(I haven't gotten around to the rather fancy engravings)

It's true for everything that's not a certain tiny subset of the Japanese beef industry.

Nice stamp collection. I've only got 3 :(

>In your last debacle you claimed the steak had a great flavor profile. But now you say it was under flavored
it's called the pursuit of perfection. The texture from that last steak was impeccable, but I would have preferred a bit more flavor from the center.

>OP you are a fucking joke.
>Now that you are self aware and trying so hard to become a meme it just makes you that much more of a faggot.
Good thing the opinions of the poor, the destitute, and the stupid matters very little to me.

Carry on.

I reserve them for your mother only. She visits me quite often, since I find her to be such a value proposition.

no it's not

believe it or not, in most countries, farmers strive for quality AND production
production only focus is a very american thing (and also uk, come to think of it, thanks for the prion disease)

case in point

So, how many dollaridoos are on your table in terms of firearms in the first two images?

You sound like a fucking goon.

>farmers strive for quality AND production

That is the very definition of compromise.

Your linked picture doesn't prove your point at all. From a quality-only perspective "slightly abundant marbling" doesn't even make the cut, let alone the highest possible rating.


hmmm, obsessed coastie/yuropoor's words seem to contradict what they do in Canada but I thought it was the damn flyovers that were always wrong I don't know who's jewing who anymore.

obviously quality and production is in contrast to production only, numbskull

...and obviously there is no such thing as "production only" as there is always some certain minimum standard of quality to meet.

Go look back at this series of posts and replies. My original claim was that aside from a very specific example, all beef is a compromise, which disagreed with, but you seem to (now anyway) agree with.

>slightly abundant marbling
wew top grade shit leaf!

Yeah the europoor (who says he's not europoor) was arguing with the leaf earlier. Out of the two, he's the most wrong. The leaf is just showcasing typical "we have the best beef" smug attitude I'd expect from a fellow American not a fucking leaf.

american factory farming could easily be described as "production only", the minimum standard of quality is ridiculously low. allowing dark cutters. ever. is ridiculous

It's a combination of resolving power and white balance. See pic related. This as the saturation turned up. Same piece of meat, repackaged.

Good thing what I sound like to you matters very little to me, heh?

>deep frying
Don't do this
>no pairing or sides
Don't do this
>OP cooking another expensive steak poorly
Don't do this