Why is it so hard for people to use this shit Veeky Forums?

Why is it so hard for people to use this shit Veeky Forums?

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Choice paralysis. There are too many options so they can't make up their minds.

I hate that they're always out of cherry syrup. Coke in 6 different flavors including lime, orange, and raspberry but never fucking cherry.

orange vanilla hi c or gtfo

I always get peach fanta

They need to add more than one spout somehow. There's always a line fo these fucking things

I don't drink soda now, but if they had this when I was a kid, I would stand there for 30 minutes making flavors to taste.

>old couple approaches one

I just go sit back down rather than wait for them to figure out how to hit the big button that says PUSH

They have machines like that now? Neat, I haven't been to white poverty restaurants in years

I never had an issue using one, I just take about 10 seconds to make my choice. I usually get ginger ale with vanilla If they have it.

That being said the flavors in these things never taste quite right. The sodas are usually too weak

what is the advantage of this over a regular fountain?

>Choice paralysis
Did you make that up just now? It sounds like you made that up.


has like a few hundred flavors

Most humans lack that kind of agency, that's why successful bars have one page menus

Oooh, it even rhymes

I mean, everything is made up by someone... the phrase articulates the issue well

Fair enough.

the instructions were unclear and i got my dick stuck in the soda dispenser

The restaurant owner gets the most advantage from these machines.

Sodas/flavors come in printer toner-like cartidges instead of large syrup bags, which means extra storage space. Less parts & surface area to clean as well. It also lets them (and Coca-Cola) see what sort of drinks people are getting and reorder based on that data.

>i got my dick stuck in the soda dispenser
I hate when that happens.

The staff also gets lazy and lets flavors run out a lot.
I usually have two or three backup plans depending on what's left.

Sometimes I hit the screen and the button doesn't push.

Fuck those things. I had to clean one when I worked at Burger King, and it was a pain in the ass.

Ahhhh yes the only modern source of cherry vanilla dr pepper

Because the touchscreen is pure fucking shit.

Or a movie theater, apparently.

The only one I've ever used always has everything come out tasting the same horrible way.

Young people lack simple common sense...they expect an on/off (home) button, and that's about all they can handle desu...

I had a job a few years back installing cabinets in a new school, and had a couple of young helpers to move the boxes into the classrooms...they came up to me after abit, cause they were having some issues working in the dark, so I asked them if they noticed the portable work lamps in the trailer...the trailer they were pulling the boxes out of...

They had, but weren't sure what they were for...

Stupid is as stupid does...

orange flavored sprite from that machine is literally a better version of fanta

>buying food at a movie theater

>ellipsis abuse

Where do these exist? I'm assuming USA since they get everything.

hello reditor. enjoying your stay?

I've seen them at most wendys

Peach sprite or gtfo

Lime Ginger Ale

five guys

Because the hitboxes for all the drinks are offset, and even worse there's no confirmation animation and the damn thing randomly freezes so you'll tap what you want and the bubbles in the back will stop so you assume it's loading on its windows 95 OS but no ,you just missed the giant circle despite clicking directly in the middle

Fuck freestyle

What's the difference?

dasani tastes like shit

Most all chains of restaurants are getting them now

one comes from the tap, the other one you can get at home for free

freestyles have dasani sparkling in them

Soda never tastes right out of these :/

My nigger. Half peach Sprite, half vanilla Sprite for me

Because I have to basically punch the thing to get it to register a press.

This. When the time comes to choose a drink at a shitty fast food place I don't want a million options. The fewer the better. Don't slow me down.

Its just slow, even if you know exactly what you want and where on the screen to touch.

I never eat in at a restaurant with one of these.. i always take it to go and get a beverage somewhere else. this shit needs to die.

+lots of choices
+seldom completely runs out of soda
+you can get flavors of soda you normally wouldn't be able to get
+they look kinda need i guess

-too many choices
-old people and children don't know how to operate it
-contaminated flavors
-weak flavors
-they break down more than a standard soda machine
-they run out of the popular varieties first and quickly, because there is less space for the syrup
-less sanitary because of one nozzle and one tiny shelf

they are overall shit but I do love me some raspberry lemonade, vanilla rootbeer and the flavored gingerale

Run water through it first. Helps 2/3 of the time.

So many more choices than that when you realize you can mix drinks together. I always get peach mellow yellow mixed with cherry mellow yellow. But I use to try to come up with good combinations like cherry sprite with lemonade.

They had them in the cafeterias at my college.

The thing that annoys me about these machines isn't the interface, but the fact that unlike a normal fountain drink machine, you can't rapidly press the dispense button to get a higher concentration of syrup (the majority of the syrup for normal machines is dispensed in the first few seconds of a press)

>Ctrl + f "vanilla Coke"
>No results
Shameful display Veeky Forums

the pepsi one is better and easier too use

you fat fuck

I also mix vanilla coke with orange coke. I'm a monster, I know

Diet peach lemonade, failing that I have a list of flavored lemonades I go down till I find one they have. Give me dat delicious cancer powder.

Where my barq bros at?

It's objectively the best root beer. Best balance of spice, sweetness, and vanilla. A&W or Mug simply don't compare.

Because you didn't search for lime coke you turbonerd.

Who knows, the only thing people should ever be getting from it is water, and that is very easy to find.

No one asked mom

People like you are why I want to genocide the faggots

>that one place that has Mr. Pibb instead of Dr. Pepper
Fuck you 5 Guys Mr. Pibb sucks ass.

Because there has never been any flavor of soda dispensed from one of those machines that was better than a regular soda fountain

reporting in. Good shit, the only mainstream root beer suitable for making floats with.

>firehouse subs

Good choice in restaurant op.

Fountain DrPepper is rare where I live so that's my choice. The only other time I've had fountain DrPepper is when I visited the states.

>-weak flavors
that one negative negated all your positive.
Is novelty/youth worshipping really worth eating shit?

It's a coke machine.

Yeah because product sales are literally impossible to tabulate without computers.

>they weren't sure what they were for
I would bet money that they were nervous about messing with stuff that wasn't theirs, and made an excuse so they looked stupid instead of appearing shy. Seriously.

You first.

coke with some lime bitch, most delicious thing on the planet. Also mixing orange coke and vanilla coke makes a pretty mean orange cream cola

It's not sales it's the amount of each flavor used.

I don't even drink soda anymore but I always get Pibb Extra from those things whenever I go to this Mexican restaurant with one.

>super hard to press push screen
>always broken
>only burger king has them
>only blacks eat at burger king so that's out

are you high? What takes a dude with a pen and paper 10 minutes takes a computer .01 seconds. I'm not saying its necessarily good, but the use of computers is never going to stop increasing until terminator becomes a reality.

Burger King in the U.K. has them

>only burger king has them
Wendy's near me have them
Some McDonald's I've encountered have them
And it's really not super hard to press the screen, there's probably something wrong with you

Oh my god the restaurant owner probably doesn't even need to put in his own order for it. The machine just knows, like your printer, when its toner is low. And then on every Monday the Coca Cola truck pulls up and a man in uniform makes his way to the machine, swaps out drink cartridges, prints out an invoice, and is on his way, without requiring any human interaction between Coca Cola company and restaurant staff whatsoever.

>super hard to press
Just press down so your finger makes full contact and leave it there. Jabbing it doesn't work.

>no cherry vanilla coke

Dasani does have a strange taste I find, I hated it when I tried it the first time, even worse it was at an amusement park and hot as fuck, but then I tried it again later on and it got strangely addicting, but I don't exclusively buy it or anything. I mainly buy bottle water to make coffee since tap water makes it taste weird.

Cherry root beer is A+

Please explain where my post touched you.

I'm really not seeing what has angered you though. Explain please.

Dasani is reverse-osmosis filtered water with a minimal amount of minerals added back into it so that it doesn't taste like pure H2O.

Coke Zero and Diet Coke have always been empty every time I use one, audibly kek every time.
>that old man holding up 8 people staring at the soda choices for so long it goes back to the top menu

All I need is Coke Zero, Root beer and Sprite for when I'm hungover because for some reason Sprite is awesome when hungover.

taste is terrible out every one of these machines ive ever tried.

Sprite is great whenever I feel shitty.

>not mixing vanilla Coke and orange Fanta

Not gonna make it

protip: if you hit the upper left corner followed by this lower right corner followed by the upper right corner 10 times, followed by the upper left corner 3 times, it takes you to the default internet browser on the machine. you can go to Veeky Forums in wendys using the soft drink machine.

Never seen these anywhere. Not in canadia I guess.

Hope you never do as well, the syrup in them are shit.
it just taste like carbonated water

good taste

I wanted to use this, but it all comes out of the same spout. I don't want grape or orange soda, with lemon or whatever flavoring residue on the spout that gives me my diet dr pepper

There's quite a lot in Vancouver

>Being blind in a movie theater
What's even the point?

for some reason the drinks always taste watered down.

Also, I forgot to mention they usually have a fucking line because there is only one little opening to use, not a whole row where at least two people can get soda, and there are about 3~4 more buttons to press to get your drink of choice; so even if you know what you want, you're spending time to access menus instead of filling soda.

the more i think bout it, the things are kinda shit.