So how does your girlfriend feel about your love of cooking?

So how does your girlfriend feel about your love of cooking?

She doesn't mind, or she hates that you step on her turf?
Are you a better cook than her?

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The majority of this boards posters are women

She washes the dishes while i cook so it works out pretty well

She loves it, we cook together quite a bit. She has more skill, but she cooks mostly eastern and I'm more western. We compliment each other nicely and tend to bring new foods to each other. It's pretty comfy, buying a ring soon.

Keep telling yourself that

The last girl I dated couldn't cook for shit. I tried offering to teach her how, but she kept making excuse after excuse on how she "could never learn".

Is it too much to ask I find a cute girl that isn't the bane of my existence when it comes to food?

my gf and I cook together frequently, basically we switch off who comes up with the ideas but we both cook always.

i suck at cooking and have a passing interest in it at best. she's more or less the same but she's better than me at most cooking things

>your girlfriend

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>women like cooking
>women good at cooking

Get an Asian girl. Oh, and learn to like hair pie.

Most girls don't like giant dicks

this is what white "men" believe

>hates that you step on her turf?

But I don't step on her turf, I stay as far as I can away from the washing up.

>tfw you love cooking
>tfw tried to get last girlfriend to come over for dinner all the time
>tfw you looked forward to making something she would enjoy and potential banging afterwards
>tfw she always had something else to do
>tfw she broke up with you because she felt bad about never taking you up on the offer
Fuck everything and everyone.

She's young and bougie, but actually has some kitchen skills. I think she likes to be taken care of and I get props for some pretty bomb scratch meals. Its my hobby(not hers) so its real comfy to have a cutie in the kitchen to DJ and do prep work.

>So how does your girlfriend feel about your love of cooking?
She loves it.

>Are you a better cook than her?

>tfw she broke up with you because she felt bad about never taking you up on the offer
That's bullshit, user. Whatever her real reason was, that was just some shit she made up to hurt you.

if a girl actually likes you at all you have nothing to worry about

yeah, about that

I have actually seen a guy before who had a dick this small - and he wasn't that attractive and had a weird voice - but he was excellent with his hands so he made up for it.

No need to talk about yourself in third person.

>So how does your girlfriend feel about your love of cooking?
M-my mom likes it.

Well, in actuality that was a small part of her argument for ending it, most of which consisted of her feelings of guilt for not doing much of anything with me ever, meals or otherwise, and the fact that our careers were going in radically different directions. Still stings sometimes though.

>he believes the >my hubby posters

Try again. Hint: I'm the gender that the majority of the board is

>I have been shitposting with women this entire time
I refuse to believe this.

>So how does your girlfriend feel about your love of cooking?
she enjoyed my cooking, I thought her recipes where shit. broke it off because of lack of reciprocation, not only in cooking, but other aspects of the relationshit.
>She doesn't mind, or she hates that you step on her turf?
she was a lazy and incompetent, course she didn't mind. she didn't have to do anything if I did everything.
>Are you a better cook than her?

It would explain why Veeky Forums has such shitty, normie humor compares to other boards.

Vaginas get off my board.

>then I finally butchered, brined and roasted her. Delish.

>So how does your girlfriend feel about your love of cooking?

Probably one of her favorite things, she grew up in a household where your choices of cheese are American or Swiss and I've gotten to introduce her to the best foods.

>Are you a better cook than her?

She's an ok cook, what usually comes out isn't very visually appealing but edible. She likes my cooking better

looking hindsight that would've been a productive means of breaking it off.

Doesnt mind, enjoys it, I cook a fuck lot better than her.
She earns a fuck lot of more money than I do so we both step on each others turf.


There are more women here than the average board yes, but I'd argue it's still very much dominated by men.

Falling for the race bait

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She's ok. I think I am the better cook though. She's Lao, and really only knows how to make basic stir fry and rice noodles. And she likes everything overcooked, even eggs. Wish she would learn more complex lao stuff.

>her turf
That's cute.

I don't enjoy cooking that much. But I love to eat well, try diferent foods, diferent flavours, also I enjoy shopping for ingredients... So I cook.

My boyfriend does not like to cook and refuses to try and learn. I wish he liked to cook and cooked tasty food for me ;-;

At least I have the excuse to ask him to wash the dishes after I cooked (I hate it over other home cleaning jobs), and he takes me sometimes to restaurants where people actually know how to cook.

I admire profesional cooks a lot, really. It's so difficult... And they do it so well... Thanks to the chefs on this board.

>she cooks mostly eastern
>I'm more western

Couldn't get a white girl so you had to settle for a chink, huh?

My girl doesn't cook much. She wants to learn more, but right now pretty much all she can do is pasta al dente due to her mom not teaching her shit about life. Before we started living together, she lived off margherita pizza, pasta and sweets but since she didn't eat a lot of either/skipped meals often, she was bordering on anemic.

I have been trying to little by little add some variety to ger diet with vegetables and meats, especially chicken. She's gaining weight and her bones aren't visible anymore.

I was seriously worried about her health, but looking at her family it's a mixed bag of fat and too skinny so I don't think she had much of a shot at starting out eating healthy because these fucks give her little siblings energy drinks as if it was fucking water.

She doesn't like that I'm a white guy that only knows how to cook japanese food when making proper dishes instead of random stuff in a pan because the high salt content in an individual meal isn't really compatible with the high salt content in most snacks unless you want to eat a pound a salt a day.

>you put how much soy sauce in? what's this say? one tablespoon is 40% of your daily value? that's bad

To which I say, ditch the hot pockets and frozen pizza and learn to love carrots and rice. It's not gross. It's delicious. Add scallions, it's even more delicious. Top it with some eggs, still delicious. It's not bland. It's delicious, Nicky. DELICIOUS. Carrots and rice, Nicky. BY THE GODS, EAT IT.

i'm a cook you can thank me sucking my dick

Viet, actually, and have always hated white girls. Dated mostly Hispanic with a rare Indian thrown in the mix.

There are no females on the internet.

The more important question is, where can I get that complete set?

Girls wearing only an apron has been a fetish of mine ever since "The Quiet Earth".

Like anything when you get into a nerd/otaku/Veeky Forums level of obsession with it; it completely stops being sexy or desirable or even seem like you know anything about the subject, when talking to normal people.

See all the fat powerlifters on Veeky Forums when people ask them why they don't actually look muscular or have abs, the fact that /tv/ consistently knows nothing about movies and gets predictions wrong, etc.

I'm the girlfriend, and I cook with my boyfriend regularly. He taught me how to cook some dishes, and now I'm better at some of them than him. I do a majority of the cooking, but he's working full time whilst I'm at university so its my way of thanking him for working shitty jobs to keep us both going. When we get the chance we cook together and really enjoy it, we get a good flow on around each other and its sweet. I couldn't imagine being the sole cook in the house though. I wouldn't leave someone over it, but I'd definitely try teach them - Its a chance to have a few drinks and be a little intimate too. Most kitchen counters are the perfect height for a bit of fun...

My girlfriend Miku likes it when I cook chives for her. She's not three dimensional so it's not possible for it to be her turf.

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I am the better cook. She likes it. I cook for her, she mostly takes it for granted. Mostly she recognizes it when i cook for a party and all of her/our friends say "Your husband cooked all this food and baked the bread fresh? You are a lucky girl!!!"

She has a very poor sense of smell and taste so its better if I handle the cooking.

>women can't have girlfriends

gf is decent, but she's never worked in a professional environment, and there's a lot of gaps in her knowledge.

I think she tends to feel I'm being judgemental when I show her how to use a knife or whatever. I'm just concerned that she'll chop her finger off. But I suppose it comes across as demeaning.

They don't like micro peens either.

This board alongside with /d/ have a shit ton of women posting on it.

I judge girls more by willingness to learn than attractiveness. I would dump a hot girl if she claimed she could never learn to cook.


>inb4 I get called a neckbeard

>But I suppose it comes across as demeaning.
It does, even if it's only out of concern. Unless she's clumsy as fuck and knows it.

Why not cling on and fatten her up?

>her turf
I don't really talk with my peers about cooking so I forgot it was supposed to be a woman's thing.

Back in high school I would cook stuff for projects in Spanish class and patronizing shits would ask how much my mother or sister helped or just not believe that I could possibly have cooked food when they had just brought in store bought pastries.

Yeah I'm better, she's 17 so she doesn't how to make more complex stuff but she's an avid learner and she's aiming to permanently kick me out of the kitchen so she can do the housewife thing full-time.

I don't mind one bit.

>a shit ton of "women" posting on it

That's pretty sweet. I wouldn't let myself get kicked out of the kitchen tho


>her turf
What the fuck are you going on about, it's a kitchen.

I'm a better cook than her and she doesn't mind at all. I take care of the majority of cooking because it's my strength, just as she takes care of the majority of laundry/sewing because it's her strength. Stuff like repairing things around the house, cleaning, and caring for the pets is pretty equally divided.
I guess cooking is special because it lets us work together more. If we want to try something that takes more work then we're together in the kitchen as a team, which is great - cuts down on the overall work, makes cleaning up easier, and gives us time to bond together.

Actually, she became my GF because of my cooking. She was having a rough day so I cooked up a meal for her, which she appreciated. She's my fiancee now. Still appreciates good food.


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a girl is worthless as a companion if she has no mind to speak of

Well said, my fellow gentleman! When will these peasants look beyond silly things like physical attraction? What matters most is ones class!

>So how does your girlfriend feel about your love of cooking?
As far as I can tell she digs it because that means she doesn't have to do it. She's lazy as all fuck like most people.
>She doesn't mind, or she hates that you step on her turf?
It's not her "turf". The kitchen is mine. She is ass at cooking unless it comes out of a box. I make 95% of the food we eat.
>Are you a better cook than her?

happy for u user

are u memeing or are you just like, a frat kid or something


Anyone who can't learn to cook is lazy, useless, and probably going to die of a heart attack after years of eating instant ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Not being a fedoratastic conversationalist is one thing, being a lazy idiot is another.

>she's 17
hold on, what?

Reminds me of my last ex. Dumb broad had no taste when it came to food. Literal trailer trash tier food.
Ive been cooking since 10. And my current gf loves my cooking.

Age of consent in a lot of places, what's wrong with that?

And you started fucking her when she was 12.

So what if I did? It's common in her culture

What girlfriend? I always dump them because they can't cook and clean worth a damn.

she cant really cook other than basic breakfast stuff, shes apprehensive to learning too. i cant say i really blame her for not knowing how to cook though, her mom would only make hamburger help type shit

Correct. Lesbians are not welcome

I wish this thread would go away. Everytime I see that picture of the asian housewifedesu I get so sad because she will never be mine and cook for me half naked.

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Already married.

Get a white girl if you want mayo and raw chicken for dinner

Has she cooked for you? How'd that turn out?

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When my ex and I met she could feed herself, but it was mostly frozen fish/veggies or takeout. I cooked for her as often as I could and she did pick up on a thing or two, but it was real easy for her to sink back into the habit.

It did feelgoodman the few times she cooked something from scratch and sent me pictures of the process though, so at least I can cherish that.