I'm so tired of plain chicken with rice. Are there any easy to make sauces that go well with chicken?

I'm so tired of plain chicken with rice. Are there any easy to make sauces that go well with chicken?

Yeah loads

Rather, what are some examples of some?

Rice and chicken soup?

after you fry your chicken add wine, reduce, then add water or stock and reduce again and stir in butter to finish. Add some kind of fresh herb and season. Go watch julia child's recipe on poultry she does several very easy sauces


Congratulations, you just made sweet and sour sauce.

Look up bourbon chicken, pretty easy to put together.
Chicken alfredo seems obvious.

>watch Julia Childs

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A lemon butter garlic sauce.

It goes well with broccoli too.

poach two large quartered tomatoes and one roughly chopped green pepper in that mix.

Reduce some OJ with ginger, turmeric, soy sauce, and garlic. Tried it the other night, was bretty gud.

hainanese chicken rice is good stuff

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>watch julia child's recipe
Emphasis on "watch," user.

The amounts of salt and butter she actually cooks with seldom correspond to what she's talking about at the time. Her recipes as written tend to be much less tasty than her actual cooking was.

chicken gravy, you scrub. if you're gravy game is not on point, well just kill yourself. plus you can customize the gravy as much as you want
>add some chorizo
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Seriously just tomato puree and garam masala/madras seasoning. It ain't special but its close enough to curry without being fancy. Yoghurt is optional.

Coconut/curry sauce. Add some cream, spice it up cayenne or whatever you fancy. Garlic, ginger, lemon.

Teriyaki sauce, barbecue sauce.

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I like the chinese american corn starch and soy sauce based thick sauce that comes in chicken "chow mein" rice, with the store bought fried noodles over rice.

Get a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and make chicken fried rice. It's stupid easy to make something on par with what you get from takeout.


All you need is chicken stock, lemon juice, garlic, butter, parsley and dry white wine. Bread/fry a chicken cutlet, remove from pan. Add everything except parsley together and reduce until thick, then add parsley, then add the chicken.