Who here /Grain-free/?

Who here /Grain-free/?

Have you noticed an improvement in your health since you cut out grains?

Since I've cut back on grains my belly isn't so swollen, I think it's the gluten in the wheat that does it. But man, I feel so energy depleted, my body is screaming out for grains as energy.

I'm making a cottage pie right now. Taking breaks in between prep work.

Stopped eating grains about 2 months ago

Dicks grown 3 whole inches since then

Yeah carbs typically hold onto water so reducing them probably lowered water weight. If you just started it is tough to eat less carbs, but after a while on low carb diet your body will start to use fats instead and you will feel better

Go to bed Fatkins, you died years ago.

Whats the benefits of no grains?

I just got diagnosed with Celiac so it's happening for me. There are other non-gluten sources you can use for carbs, but I've been trying to just focus on eating clean and using nuts/fruit for energy.

Literally none unless you're obese. I'm not saying you NEED grains, but cutting them out isn't going to do anything for you either.

I subbed all of my grain carbs for purple Okinawan sweet potato with good effect. Feel amazing eating three of these per day with bulk nuts and fish to supplement
Lotsa leafy greens top

You just lose weight fast. Grains are completely healthy and full of benefits, it's the refined and processed ones that you have to worry about. But it's a pretty miserable diet like all diets and once you reach your desired weight you pretty much have to stay avoiding grains or you'll gain the weight back

>Being in a diet cult

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Celiac guy here

I shit lava for 3 days if I eat grains, fuck gluten ;-;

Im on less than 15g a day, entered ketosis about a week ago and never felt better. Lost the water weight and now im losing fat like mad. I lift weights and the diet has seriously boosted my gym performance, favorite meal is bacon wrapped chicken thighs with butter garlic sauce. Carbs were never a big deal to me, its been easy to cut them out.

>ancient Egyptian, Roman, and practically all of western society developed based largely on the availability of grains for use as food and in breads
>grains somehow become demonized in the new millennium

This is one of the dumbest fucking memes of the new millennium and ranks right up there with "flat Earth" and the "fake" moon landings.

t. 170cm 110kg amerilard

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Its called advancements in science, and youre also disregarding the NEED for those societies to use grains due to the lack of availability of other nutrient sources. With super markets and the abundance of food in current societies youre free to follow any diet. Nobody is demonizing grains, you can just live a full healthy life without them and there are some benefits to doing so (as well as cons) like any diet has.

I'm overweight, 180 at 5'11". I've dropped soda, working on lowing my carbs and eating more protein. I've been feeling better this last week.

Grains are rather calorie dense (they were bred to be), and we tend to eat way, way too much of them. So when your average pleb hears (yet another) "this thing is the cause of all your problems," and they end up cutting out a substantial amount of their caloric intake since they're avoiding those foods, they see results and the meme spreads.

Of course, actual nutrition-based weight loss is achieved through balance and portion control, as well as a comittment to lifestyle change, but that's work, and work is hard.

>making things easier for ourselves is bad
Yet another dumb American who feels the need to pipe up. Why don't you go ahead and finish that double mcburger then run 20km and make it a real struggle fatty.