Food Gore Thread

Food Gore Thread

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what a McMeme™

he fell for the gluten-free meme

But that's Burger King, user


i actually order something similar everytime i go

cheeseburger with no bun or toppings. for my doggo

jesus christ that's disgusting



Thanks feminism

>medium rare








Can you order a burger with no ingredients and still have it go through?


Its lazy but probably still good food.


this does actually taste really good, I've never eaten more than one little sliver though

I have never understood what the fuck are those toppings.

kraft singles or equivalent

no I can't tell either if they were left in the plastic

Do you live in a van?

I mean it looks a little bland colour wise but I imagine that tastes good, absorbs the flavour from the meat and bone marrow into the rice.

'kraft singles' usually refers to processed american cheese, that is made from milk and has some legit uses.

however, there is a cheaper version of it, called 'processed american cheese product' which is actually mostly soybean oil or vegetable oil or something that isn't really dairy.

Heating up real american cheese makes it melt into a nice creamy orange goop often seen on cheeseburgers, but heating up the processed cheese product basically curls and burns it, turning it into dark grey/brown plastic like that image. The fact that it's hard to tell if the plastic was left on or removed before cooking, gives you an idea of what quality the latter is.

If you want to legitimately criticize American food, processed cheese product should not fucking exist or be used in anything. Its only real purpose is to deceive customers into thinking it is cheap cheese.

I can't wait for Stranger Things season 2


HOLY. FUCK. As a cook for buffalo wild wings I dont even understand how this can be even be overlooked by the staff!

Sleep tight, pupper.

>there is a cheaper version of it

There is a cheaper version of fake cheese?

Fuck, that sounds absolutely revolting. Who the fuck would eat something like that?


IIRC it was vegan cheese substitute



Comfy looking van. I daydream about van livin' sometimes

This looks good af. Wtf is wrong here

Its tofu or something vegan

Gotta be fake. No fucking way this wasn't reported. They could have at the very least blackmailed the store for a couple g-bars.

Stewed turkey necks. Ate the spinal cords

try it and find out, retard

why are you on Veeky Forums if you dont know why you shouldn't eat rare chicken? to shitpost about fast food?


Why have I never thought of this?

if they had ordered this from the indigenous McDonald's staff instead of a computer it would have been a box full of pickles and mayonnaise with no cheese

Nevermind, evidently it was and I just never read about it.

For me it's the McSalmonella, the best case of food poisoning.

Post article

What's the matter baby? Did you not earn enough good boy points today for your mommy to bring you tendies so you have to vent your frustration on a food and cooking forum. Lol rekt

One of my all time favorites. Spectacular plating.

That's not gore.

surprised they got it right

Nah dude, that's the point. Unlike you I actually cook my own food so I understand why "medium rare chicken" is gross as fuck.


I've seen worse. Take the kraft single away and you've got a pretty ordinary, if lazy, meal

Of course, how rude of me.

>Cook said when he returned the food, the workers apologized and said that his discovery meant his food was fresh.

I wouldn't try eating undercooked supermarket chicken but there's nothing wrong with eating rare or even raw chicken sashimi if it's very fresh and prepped correctly. The bacteria would be on the exterior, same as steaks, so unless she contaminated the interior by going at it with a fork or something cooking the exterior would've killed it off.

Btw the pic is from a joke post some woman made but the photo she used is of actual chicken tataki from a restaurant in Japan.

Sure, you can eat most things almost raw if theyre "very fresh and prepped correctly," I still sure as hell wouldn't risk it with chicken outside of a high end restaurant that I can sue if I get salmonella.

>The bacteria would be on the exterior, same as steaks, so unless she contaminated the interior by going at it with a fork or something cooking the exterior would've killed it off.

Salmonella is not a fecal-oral route pathogen. It is intracellular and is absolutely present in the muscle tissues of host organisms.

does anyone still have the pictures of the sardine pizza?

I wonder what the price was.

Cute doggo. Comfy pic.

Something your granny (or maybe even your mother) would cook if you lived in Mexico.

That's Lazy Man's pork chops. If you want to learn more visit Cooking with Jack on Youtube and buy some sauce!

Fucking disgusting. I would take the chicken head over fucking pineapple on a pizza

but I specifically asked for no beak

I have no clue what you just said but I'm assuming it means raw chicken fags btfo


Can confirm

t. spic

Ok, now I'm mad

>breyer's remorse

she memed all of you losers.

Doesn't change the fact it looks like this

80% of that is easily salvageable.

you wouldn't say that if your mom was a fish

He was pointing out that salmonella is present in the tissues of chickens sick with salmonella poisoning, which is true. But, if the bird is that sick, it probably shouldn't be in the food supply to begin with. Technically you can also get salmonella poisoning from eating raw eggs from a chicken sick with salmonella but in reality it just never happens; almost all cases of salmonella poisoning come from contamination on the exterior of eggs and meat combined with improper handling like countertop thawing or poorly washed cutting boards.

>Banquet dinners

Shit! I still eat this yrs after college. Sometimes I just don't have the time or energy to prepare meals. I used to have a super nice Latino lady who would sell me a plate of home cooked meals 2-3 times a week, but she moved a few moths ago. Maria!! I fucking miss you!!!

>80% of that is easily salvageable

yup, remove the bottom layer and it's good to go. The wife did something similar in the kitchen, and there was no way I was going to throw away perfectly good ice cream.

The plastic wasn't left on. In my lowest days I would buy processed swiss cheese singles... I threw some slices on top of cheap french onion soup and forgot the bowl in my oven. What came out was a blacker version of this nastiness.

Thank god

You know what would go well with carbs?
More carbs

Processed cheese is not fake cheese. It's actual cheese that's been emulsified with a citric acid.

It's the processed cheese product and processed cheese food that you gotta watch for. Fake cheese.

this is some walter white like chicken right there

Generally speaking, "processed cheese" might be technically made from "real cheese", but it's of such poor quality that it hardly deserves the name cheese.

Pasi Viheraho is the cooking king of finland

Watching that makes me want to clean my kitchen.


>all spilled on rubber floor mat

i ain't mad

>putting plastic on a pizza imstead of cheese

should have microwaved it to keep the blue intact


Burger King doesn't put onion on their cheese burgers

You're fucking stupid, m8.

>The wife
Why do people say this?


mild jej


that's just cruel

>Not having the container explode from high altitudes