Can we have a cute thread pls

can we have a cute thread pls


Food & Gore board?

cute but i sure as shit don't want half my bites being solely bread





OP here, didnt even know my thread was alive

bento octopuses are cute as fuck. i cant really imagine eating hotdog without a bun or near rice, but those things cheer me up.


good bread suffice to itself.

I wish I had more food animal pics. I'm not sure this counts as cute or horrifying.

well it certainly captured the essence of a real cat's expression in the midst of being baked into a pizza

>hisses deliciously

Every fucking time we have one of these threads, people just post fucking thumbnails. Why even bother with food porn if you're not going to post a high resolution image?

that's spooky. Dunno if I could eat that.

Because most of these pics were probably taken 15 years ago at least.

>780 x 480 is a thumbnail

I'm gonna have to ask you to check your high res privilege. /ck is a low res, and bandwidth, safe space.

I downsize a lot of pics I post to help out mobile users and bandwidth concerns. I try to be a helpful internet citizen. Won't you help make the internet a better place user?

how do you make that kinda stuff?

Lots of patience


Someone post the thicc pancakes with the cute anime faces.

Thank you sir. Bandwidth isn't a concern for me but the time it takes to load a 3.1MB image on a phone from some faggots cooking at home thread frustrates me. It's the Veeky Forums servers that are slow, not my side.

There are also a lot of other 3rd world countries than the USA so it's great that some people are mindful of that.


>nice hiss

That's not how it works. A single post asking for material related to the thread does not necessitate its own thread on a separate board.

Might be too lewd for this Christian board, but it's just food.