Chicken Bracket

>BW3 in the finals
>Zaxby's early exit
>the fuck is Rax?

Do you agree??

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No way that BW3 should haven beaten KFC and especially Bojangles. They worked to refs.

bw3 is some ass. bojangles is way better

I'm confused. Chick fil a's chicken strips are one of the lowest selling items on their menu. Their chicken is still great but their tenders have never been that good.

buffalo wild wings has tendies?

They got an easy draw. DQ and Popeyes Tenders are ass

>Applebees beats Cheddar's?
Cheddar's probably had the best tendies of any of them.

I love every single one of these replies so far because they are exactly what i thought.

To expand on it:

KFC is pretty good. Popeye's is master class. I have no clue how Wendy's beat anyone.

I want to reiterate that bo jangles is shit. And I want to reiterate that chic fil a sells about 3 tendies per year because all of the rest of the their chicken is so much better.

we don't have canes where I am so i don't know about that but i have heard a lot of good things.

zaxby's shouldn't have even beat arby's. zaxbys is the lowest quality chicken tender and the shittiest sauce in the entire fucking industry - and you will not deny it.

wing zone (not listed - even though fucking sonic gets listed?!?!) is really very good and I think would make the final 4 here easily.

There are a couple mom and pop shops around me here that have surprisingly good "tenders." One in particular just blows all of this out of the water - but its not national so not worth mentioning in this sort of power ranking.

Zaxby's >>>>>>>>> bojangles
also Arby's is underrated
and captain d's is not on this list
captain ds tendies pretty good plus they got the goat plain honey mustard for dipping
dipping sauces are just as important as the chicken itself and chic fil a severely lacks on good sauces

>>the fuck is Rax?
I remember that place as a kid when I briefly lived in Ohio in the late 1980s-early 1990s. It used to be a big deal chain restaurant that focused on roast beef like Arby's and their restaurants had curved glass solariums and salad bars like old school Wendy's. I looked them up and it seems they only have eight locations now, with most out in the sticks in southwest Ohio.

Publix. Fried. Chicken. A grocery store that only exists in the south and has, hands down, the best fried chicken money can buy.

Their Key Lime Pie is pretty excellent, also.

popeyes >>>>>>>>>> everything

Their mango key lime pie is even better
Also, pub subs

>Lee's isn't even on the bracket
Absolutely disgraceful

disgustingly inaccurate
2/10 apply yourself

I tried a well-liked local chain for the first time today. It was bad, so I'm not posting to complain about its omission from the bracket. It's a regional place anyway, so adding it wouldn't be appropriate even if it were good. Everything is fine. Have a nice evening.

Yea but Caines is EXCLUSIVELY a tendies place, and theirs are fucking good.

Their subs are only that good for the south where sub places pretty much don't exist. Certainly tasty and well priced, but no one gets stop and shop subs in the north for example.

this. Lees are pretty tasty

>McDs with #1 seed in their section


You mean fucking dry. Everything else at Cane's is awesome EXCEPT their chicken.

>no slim chickens
I love slims

you've got a shit cane's, then. the ones in phoenix are moist as fuck.

This is why any tournament in general is completely scuffed. the bracket system is flawed in so many ways.

Chick Fil As strips aren't bad but you get way too little food for what you pay for them

Half of them are regional chains from different sides of the county so nobody has eaten all is them. Half of the replies in this thread are people complaining that an even smaller regional chain they like isn't on the list. Why isn't Church's on there?

I think trying to find the best chicken tenders in America is an exercise in futility. The results of this contest would depend entirely on the subjective opinions of whatever panel of judges is chosen. In addition, most of the contestants are regional chains that command loyalty from their customers, so no matter who wins 70% of the country is going to be salty about it and say the judging wasn't fair. Because it isn't, and inherently can't be. There's no point to it other than to be able to say your regional chain is better than everyone else's while stroking your genitals.

t. Resident of state with no good chicken store

>Half of the replies in this thread are people complaining that an even smaller regional chain they like isn't on the list.

Huey Magoos is probably better than 90% of that list if not the best but nobody will ever know cause I don't think they have any locations outside of orlando.

I visited FL one time, ONE TIME. The entire experience was ruined by eating at one of these shit shows. The fries were horrible, out of bag fries, and the chicken was just poor college kid tendies, not crispy or anything. 0/10

Don't know what to tell you user, you probably just got a bad one. I've had over 70% of OP's list and Zaxby's is the only one that comes close.

The fries aren't amazing though, I'll give you that.

Wrong, I've got Bojangles.

>Chicken Bracket
i keep reading this as a type of chicken

like a cartridge of chicken breasts you insert into some massive industrial oven to cook it a certain way

>not making your own tendies with Jamie Oliver

Forgot link

I don't get why people here are shitting on chickfila tendies. the chicken sandwich there is being held back by the shitty bun it comes on. the tendies and the spicy chicken biscuits are the only things I get there. my only complaint is that they're pretty small for what you pay for them.

One in boston was moist as fuck too.

Guthrie's > anything on that bracket

>being this much of a jew

Gutheries is Zaxby's lite

>bojangles losing to b-dubs in the semis


>Manchild general

Chilis tendies are pretty amazing.

Niggers, the thread

>bww placing at all

BW3 has decent chicken at the highest price of any wing place. It's way overpriced

Only if you get it minutes after it comes out of the fryer.
There's an overwhelming chance that when you buy fried chicken at a grocery store it was cooked at 10 AM and has been basking under a heating lamp all day

You've clearly never had Publix tendies. They are laced with crack and taste like the first time you heard the beach boys get around.