Is dietary fiber necessary?

They list it on breads as a % required daily value, however nothing actually happens if you don't eat enough of it other than your feces not being as solid. Is dietary fiber just a meme?

It helps you digest sugars and makes your poops better. I have ass problems so I like to eat a couple prunes and something probiotic at bedtime so I can have a good poop in the morning.

Lack of fiber

Let me tell you about lack of fiber

Eat your damn oats. by the time you know how bad it can get, you'll wish you didn't


Good one
Bread in america is hardly bread at all

How much fiber do I need for rock hard poops? They feel the best coming out and needs the least amount of cleanup

i'd like to know this too, i keep trying to eat as much as possible but somehow my poops arent as solid as i'd like...

1 loaf per day

I ate a bowl of farina with a bit of added wheat bran everyday for approximately 2 months.

Cleanest, nicest, most satisfying rock pebble shits ever. Felt great in general too

Uh yes, I'm not going to do your homework for you but most doctors will tell you Fiber regulates the sugars you eat. Major reason people become fat diabetics is because they eat a shitload of sugar and don't get any fiber. EG drinking garbage like Fruit Juices.

What if you eat low carb high fat?

>Shitting pebbles
Just awful. Giant logs are the best

enjoy your shitstreaked underwear and never ending wipe, fuckhead.

perfect 2-3 log poos twice a day. do 1 wipe and my asshole is clean. all in all my poos take 2-3 minutes including pulling pants down and up.

feels good man

Kill yourself my man. Choke on your pebbles and die. Logs are King

When you're on Keto you're probably eating some nuts which are high in fiber. What's nice about said Fiber is you can subtract from the total carb count. Same for sugar alcohols.


That's true. I do eat a good amount of nuts. Heh.

Soluble fibres maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, and insoluble ones help your shits looking vaguely normal. If you want to find out the hard way what happens when you cut it out, be my guest, but remember that it appears in small amounts across the spectrum of edible food.
Don't forget that your shit is indicative of your bodies ability to efficiently digest food, remove nutrients, and discard waste.

What is the deal with Americans' neurotic obsession with regular pooping and clean bowels?

Fiber is a meme. It's plant matter that is -by definition- devoid of nutrition.

reminder that fiber is good, but used as a conceptual vehicle to push muh bread as a major food group when you could REALLY do without all those fucking carbs

eat your vegetables and stop getting fat

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Im american myself and am disgusted unless i find real fresh bread like sourdough or whole wheat and fresh flatbreads

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Enjoy the beaches regularly its great for your health

Your body doesn't actually digest fiber so your digestive system sort of works hard to push it through and keep food moving. Theoretically if you stopped eating it your food would just sort of eventually stop moving through your intestines and it would build up over time and your intestines would rupture

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You can shit hard logs out as well, knurled and very satisfying.

The only way to do this easily and in a healthy manner, though, is to work a physically laborious job all day and shit when you finally get home. Only one shit per day, but oh what a shit it is.

OP I have hirschsprungs syndrome and

Oh man

Let me tell you....fiber is god's gift to man. I couldn't give to flying fucks if I drink almond milk vs normal milk, potato's vs yams, whatever- but if you deny me my daily significant overdose of fiber, I'll kill a bitch..

I eat usually 2 apples a day, 1 bowl of frosted wheaties, an activia, a glass or two of orange juice/prune juice, and a daily thing of miralax....and I *sometimes* get to poo once a day. Usually once every two.

Bless fiber.

You have no fucking clue what you're talking about. Fecal health is a fantastic measure of overall bodily functioning.

thre are hundreds of brands and varieties.. it's not all wharburton

same.. amazin what a healthy and calorie controlled diet can do for you

Is the word neurotic supposed to make me ignore your blatant disregard for any science relating to the disgestive tract? Oh right you aren't American and don't have an education

I think I have inability to absorb vitamin b12 from food. is supplement a good idea? do have all the classic symptoms

>Fiber is a meme.
You son, are a fucking cretin.

This is true because it actually happened to me.

Spent 5 days in the hospital on a liquid diet and antibiotics through an IV while a hole in my intestine sealed itself up, shit sucked.

Eat your fucking fiber.


You risk hemorrhoids with hard poop.

Never considered Metamucil Original Coarse Fiber Powder?

Or fruits with higher fiber content than apples like Durian?