He doesn't buy a large popcorn, large soda, nachos, and two candies at the movies

>he doesn't buy a large popcorn, large soda, nachos, and two candies at the movies

>soda gets finished 45 minutes in
>popcorn never finished

>tfw large sodas are like 4 dollars

But I'll always get a large soda and a hotdog + nachos

>small popcorn
>smuggled booze in a flask


Fucks sake. That would cost $30

>tfw eating microwave popcorn and nachos while drinking beer and watching movies on kodi

>that'll be $178.22 sir

>he goes to a movie theater surrounded by everybody's noise, cell phones, children, germs, and BO
unless you're going to a matinee. those are pretty nice and quiet. cheaper too.

for real though, just go somewhere to eat beforehand, then do like maybe throw in a small pop or water to rehydrate after the salt and booze.

Fat fuck.

>buy the same things from a nearby store for about 40% cheaper
>bring them with you inside a coat pocket

Why anybody would choose not to do this is beyond my comprehension. It's not even miserly/disrespectful, it's common sense.

>not buying carls jr. and hiding it in your trench coat before entering the cinema.
how does it feel to be have the tastes of a pleb?

Sometimes I pick a half eaten popcorn bucket out the trash and munch away.

I only see movies in the morning now and when I do I have a coffee or green tea.

You guys want to know a good trick? Fill your empty drink container with movie theater butter at the do it yourself dispenser.

Bring it home and put it in the freezer for buttered popcorn.

>being jewed by cinecucks
I will feast on my crablegs while you enjoy your popcorn.

Snack bar prices are a ripoff to the point that only the kid's meal is a value. $6 for the baby popcorn, baby drink, and small snack or toy.

Where I live the AMC theatre is prohibited from banning mall-purchases, such as a Haagez Daaz shake, a Starbucks, etc. If you know that, you're home free from their inflated nonsense and low variety of offerings. They cannot stop you at the door.

Walgreens sells $1 movie boxes of candy, if you feel like sneaking food, and no one can ban you from a water bottle. It's the popcorn that seems hard to justify.

I am a sucker for an ICEE on a hot day though :P

>large soda

enjoy missing the middle of the movie coz you had to pee

>doesn't bring a piss jug with

How small is your bladder?

>two candies
Not a whole packet?

Why would you pay for popcorn and soda when you can just take a bucket out of the garbage and go ask for a refill?

>inflated nonsense

To be fair, it's inflated for a reason: theatres don't get a cut of ticket sales for the first few weeks of screening.
Doesn't justify it, but it does explain.

>he doesn't get the crab legs
What a pleb.

>b-but the mess
That's what the showers are for.

just sneak it in the trick is to keep the cheese in a ziplock bag and have it against your body to keep it warm and smooth

Movie popcorn are over-salted, large soda is like 10$ and candy bags are 5$ here.

And? What are you? Poor?

Just cheap when it come to watered down soda.

I see. Pardon me, I was being rude.

I just take a sixpack of beer and drink that.

>he doesn't butter his XL theater pizza