I'm trying to find a good and reasonably approachable recipe for a fairly hot, tomatoey chicken curry...

I'm trying to find a good and reasonably approachable recipe for a fairly hot, tomatoey chicken curry, but pretty much all the recipes I find are for weak shitty creamy stuff or have a couple dozen comments talking about how there was something completely wrong with the recipe and it's terrible. Does Veeky Forums have any recommendations? I've had remarkable trouble with indian food on the internet.

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Olive oil in pan. Get it hot. Toss in mustard seeds and cover. Let them pop, then throw in onion, garlic, ginger and cardamom. Caramelize. Add chicken and brown it. Next add potato and okra. Pour in a little chicken stock and a half can (the small one) of tomato paste. Very sparingly add garam masala of your choice and curry powder, tumeric, generous on the salt and pepper, cumin and coriander and a couple bay leaves. Simmer all of this together. If you put in too much stock, the curry will seperate in the fridge making leftovers kind of bleh. Coconut milk makes this richer but isn't necessary. After it reduces down to a thick sauce, stir in a bit of freshly chopped cilantro. That hits all you notes I think, OP. It's easy to modify if you need to. Only things to note are that the potatoes and okra help keep the sauce thick. If you cut them from the recipe, use less broth. Also, seriously don't over-do your spices. Taste as you go. Too much will run the dish, but you can always add more. Good luck!


Oh! I forgot! Chili powder. Cayenne is the way to go. Dried chilis can help but be sparing.

i had roommates from india and they had a bottle of this sauce in the fridge. i fucking loved it. it's $3 or $4 at the local indian grocer.

just cook a normal chicken tikka masala recipe, leave out the dairy, and add a pile of this sauce.

Thanks, I can work with something like that. Would be good in any case to know somewhere that'll reliably have good indian recipes, though. Can you make any suggestions?

Don't wanna hijack your thread but since it's about Indian food thought I'd post my question here.

Is there any curry that goes well with coke and whiskey?

I usually drink curry with beer and never soda because I don't like curry with acidic drinks but I'm getting drunk of coke and turkey and feel like curry.


hi Mark

For a complete novice can you give some indication of quantities to avoid it going horribly wrong?

I grew up in an Indian household and don't actually use recipes, per se. I know there's a youtube channel called Get Curried that's pretty good.

>generous on the salt
>don't over-do your spices

pretty sure it's good user but it looks more like a westernized version of an indian dish

Thanks, I'll have a look at that and see what I find.

Kinda. Everything is done by taste and we always just use what we have handy. I generally use at least half an onion, probably a pound of chicken (which, I should mention, is generally cubed -- light or dark works, but a blend is best), a few cloves garlic, a small palmful of fresh shaved ginger, enough oil to coat the pan with a little excess, maybe a quarter pound of okra, at least 3 big potatoes... spices are more difficult to measure. I am constantly adding and then tasting a little at a time, until it's where I want it. When it comes to garam masala (make sure to ask the brown guy at your local Indian market for his favorite) and curry powder, you don't need much. When you get it just right, you will know it. If I threw a random number out there and it was too much, I'd ruin your dish. Also, a few drops apple cider vinegar makes the dish next level. Again, taste as you go! I'll keep watching this thread, so let me know if I can help.

You're right! It is a little westernized. In my defense, I learned it from my Indian grandmother. It can be made more authentic, but I am just sharing how I make it for myself.

Been doing some research and I'm curious to see what anons think of this, the british indian restaurant style curry is what I'm after so if it's legit then this could be me.


tomatoey is an apt name


this guy seems to know what he's doing

buy indian chili powder

it's hot as fuck

i have a giant bag of it and use it tiny spoons at a time

Yous a fool. Here be your problems
Toast mustard seeds and other aromatics, no oil
Cook tatties before, for christs sake
Rather than thickening with starchy tatties, just reduce
Marinate your goddamn meat beforehand
Other than those, not too bad. Thank you for contributing.
The best curries are mostly indian, the most accessible are south indian. The key is the techniques far more than exact ingredients, so smell and taste your spices and find your preference.

Look for Punjab style curry recipes. That's your reasonably hot, tomato-y curry that gets garnished with cilantro.

You're taking about home making a garam masala in your first point. I directed him to buy one. We pop the seeds in the oil to condition it. That's a very common Indian technique and I don't know why you'd take issue with it. If you want him to precook his potatoes (or whatever a tattie is), that can work too but why dirty an extra pot? We want everything to break down together like a thick stew anyway.

Chicken Rogan Josh mate. one of my favourites



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don't forget the Cayenne

Make a bhuna. It's literally a tomato based curry.

>crowded pan

In case you hadn't noticed, this board is called Veeky Forums - Food and Cooking. This should imply to our more learned users that one would reply to posts with the aim of aiding them in culinary techniques, rather than relying on premade alternatives.
As for the aromatics, it is generally accepted that in the majority of cases, one should toast whole aromatics in a dry pan, before frying in oil.
It is quite funny, this chap has a nice asian wife, an honest trade, and a backbone. More than most people in the UK.

Yes and you should explain how to make homemade butter whenever somebody asks about buttercream, dipshit. OP is an admitted novice. This isn't a big shortcut.

OP here, I ended up using this:


It worked pretty well, tasted much like you'd get in a nice indian restaurant, so I'm satisfied. Thanks for all the advice.

i hate when they ask for coconut milk, tastes like shit

On the subject of curry: how practical is it to prep and freeze large quantities of curry base that I can just add meat and veg to for quick curries?