Triple Double Crunhwrap Big Box is the best value ever

Triple Double Crunhwrap Big Box is the best value ever

It can't be denied

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The day the triple double came out I got two regulars and two spicy's
truly the best fast food sandwich

I'd get this every day if it didn't take my whole break going and coming to the nearest Taco Bell

You eat all that shit before going back to work?

>taco bell
dumpster tier.

>Eat alone in the food court
>Joke around with co workers

Tough call

>eating Yumbrands Soy Protein Isolateā„¢

>not getting beans instead of "meat"

Agreed. Gained ten pounds so far. Let's keep this nightmare train rolling.

You work at a mall?


Are the things already made or can you ask them to not put spur cream in it

It was better than the other $5 boxes I've gotten at taco bell but the crunch wraps don't really do it for me and the doritos Loco taco is kind of gross. I had the ranch one once when it came out and it was better.

When is get taco bell I order 1 beefy frit os burrito, one spicy potato soft taco, a 5 layer burrito and a regular nachos. That's like $5 and enough food for me to fill up then have a cold burrito 6 hours later. I don't really drink soft drinks other than water so the drink is totally wasted on me.

Buy a bag of rice you dip.

I would rather 2 layers of lettuce tomatoes and sour cream over two layers of beef and nacho cheese

This is the GOAT taco bell box. OP that dumb triple double shit doesn't even come close.

>doesnt come with nachos

>swap the regular taco for another dorito taco for .30
>upgrade the drink to a large for .10
It really is a great value.
My closest TB is 25 minutes away, I still haven't been able to get this. Can't wait.
Yes you can get it without sour cream, you can make any modification you want.
Good order, frito burrito and potato taco are some of my favorites. You aware of the triple layer nachos? They're cheaper than regular nachos ($1) and come with beans and red sauce. Also you can get the cool ranch taco instead of the nacho one if you ask.

The sour cream costs fucking extra

>went to TB last night
>They asked me if i wanted sour cream on my Triple Double crunchwrap I ordered
>Then i noticed it was 50 cents to add on each item
>I told them that was bullshit and to take it off
>tacos had it on anyway
It was a good day


Your TB is on some bullshit. It shouldn't cost extra.

nah senpai. cravings deal is still where it's at.

Fuuuck I want one so bad. I figure this is the replacement for the Naked Chicken Chalupa?

Yes, TB generally has a limited time item for a month and then moves on to another LTO. So the triple double crunchwrap only has a couple weeks left.

fuck. i'm gonna go out and get like 10 right now then.


>ordering two at the drive thru, one with Baja blast and one with diet Pepsi so they think it's for my "girlfriend"

You guys like the burrito supreme? I always give it to someone else when I get the cravings deal. It's still a good value even without it anyway.

>get cravings deal and a $1 beefy mini quesadilla
>wrap the taco in the quesadilla
>eat that and the cgc over the foil from the quesadilla
>mix the droppings with the nacho cheese and eat the nachos

Good shit. If you've never had a taco wrapped in a mini quesadilla you should really try it.

>If you've never had a taco wrapped in a mini quesadilla you should really try it.
holy shit I just tried this and can confirm it is fucking GOAT. reminds me of those double stacker taocs they had awhile ago. thx for the pro tip user.

I love the burrito supreme. Whenever I get a $5 box deal that they chose not to put the burrito in I feel jewed. Like that new naked chickens box. Keep your goddamn Doritos taco and give me the supreme burrito

nah this one loses because its not really even a deal...all you get from ordering this compared to each individually is a free drink

the quesarito big box combo was objectively the best combo box thusfar

Taco Bell definitely has the best deals in fast food. Their dollar menu is great too, I usually get dollar burrito with a smaller item like a potato soft taco or chicken mini quesadilla. If it's happy hour, add a Baja Blast freeze.

Fuck I unironically want taco bell in my country

RIP Double-Stack Tacos
Easily the densest fast-food-dollar around. I'd leave stuffed on 3 dollars.

Glad I could help. A friend and I once made triple stacked tacos with the double stacked tacos and mini quesadillas.
Not true. Cheesy gordita crunch and burrito supreme are each $3 separate, so it's already a deal with just those two.
For sure, their dollar items are incredible. Potato taco, cheesy bean and rice burrito, beefy frito burrito, triple layer nachos, and the mini quesadillas are all better than the majority of the regular menu.
Maybe I should give it another shot.
Cool habanero was fucking amazing, the flavors went so well together. On the other hand the spicy sweet was awful. Frito burrito is a pretty dense dollar too, it's 500 cals.

You're missing out, it's by far the best fast food chain imo. It's actually cheap unlike most fast food chains today. Taco Bells outside of the US don't get a lot of the LTOs though.

everything about that box except for the bean burrito was fucking great.

>Cool habanero was fucking amazing

The habanero double stack is one of my favorite Taco Bell items. And the habanero sauce was great on other things too, wish they'd keep it around at least.


The burrito supreme needs special preparation on your part. I often hear people complain about it because instead of the ingredients being mixed you instead get a bite with nothing but sour cream, then a bite with nothing but lettuce, and so on. What you have to do is firmly yet gently massage the burrito while it's still hot. This mixes up the ingredients to perfection. I find a two minute massage is optimal, flipping the burrito over halfway through. Any longer and the tortilla starts to lose its integrity.

The spice just had chopped jolopenos added to the crunchrap.

>triple double
Is that 5, 6 or 8?

I'd massage her burrito if you know what I mean...

>tfw they don't care how long my lunch break is
>tfw 1.5 hour lunch breaks every day

Wrong, cravings deal

>burrito supreme
>crunchy taco
>cheesy gordita crunch
>nachos and cheese
>medium drink

Is it possible to do this? I don't want any meat in the Box, anyone tried that?

Like, their hard shells with beans?

You can sub meat for refried or black beans for free on any item.

Wow thanks. I guess I wasn't aware. Is that difficult for the folks in the back to do? I'd rather not piss off the local TB I go to every so often.

They work at taco bell so there is a pretty good chance they are spitting in your food regardless of what you do.

It shouldn't be, all they have to do is make the item with beans instead of beef.
That doesn't make any sense. Who the fuck would spit in every item they made? It would get old, your mouth would be dry as fuck, and you would get caught pretty easily.

What happens when they decide raises and promotions biannually?

The staff take turns spitting. Also they use other bodily fluids when out of spit. It's all covered in their training.

No just ask and they can get you anything.
They are used to taking intense orders from stoned people no matter where you are in the US.

And people don't actually risk years in prison just to see you eat their pubes or spit and not even notice.
You eat spit all day anyways don't you? And swallow hairs occasionally?
It's the most moot crime you can commit and potentially lose years of your life for absolutely no gain.

>having a TB within work break distance
lmao, there's literally one on the entire island I live on, it's a 2 hour driver away and is only a kfc/tacobell

That's the burrito supreme, it sucks. Try ordering it without lettuce and tomatoes.

What's your favorite:

>$1 ITEM

Go to if you want to look at the menu. "Specialty" means anything that isn't a taco or burrito, such as nachos and quesadillas.

Mine is

>$1 ITEM
Frito burrito
Cool habanero double stacked taco
Quesarito - rice +potatoes
Soft taco + mild or fire sauce
Triple couble crunchwrap currently, but cheesy gordita crunch for the permanent menu
Never had it
Airheads mystery
Hardshell taco wrapped in a beefy mini quesadilla

I like it, unless I'm stoned. I always replace my meat with beans, and if I'm high, the burrito just seems like dry paste for some reason and the bean is overpowering. Everything else tastes good though.

i had one today and its a ton of good food, had to add my own hotsauce tho

>Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito

> Double Stacked Taco - plz dont make me chose one.

>Doritos Tacos were never my thing, sorry

> Beefy 5 layer

> Cheesy Gordita Crunch - used to be GOAT. Were always mediocre in the $5 cravings box - maybe they'll be GOAT again now that $5 box is gone.


> Those $1 breakfast burritos - sausage. Dont fall for the meme items that cost 4x as much and are the same amount of food

> Baja Blast, Duh

>$5 cravings deal, i'm sure they'll be back. Dump as many fire packets into the nacho cheese container as will fit (6-8) stir the cheese/sauce as you eat the chips. Dip boring ass regular taco into the fire cheese. Depending on your cheese gluttony you may have enough left over for the burrito. Shove end of burrito into fire cheese container and twist container to ensure every drop of precious cheese is consumed. End meal with glorious cheesy gordita crunch.

Got one of these last night

the crunchwrap was terrible and ruined it

I don't think you should ever get anything at taco bell larger than a chalupa