Washed the mushrooms and sliced vertically. Dried and then into pan...

Washed the mushrooms and sliced vertically. Dried and then into pan. Drizzled over oil and had gas at a little above medium for about 12 minutes.

Did they taste as bland as they look?

Try brushing any residual dirt or non fruiting mushie off in stead of washing
Butter is traditionally used over oil
Get some mushies with a little more flavour, the only thing on the palate with those will be malliard char. Quicker and hotter son

and served unseasoned and with some plain ass potatoes for literally the blandest meal ever created

>he washes his mushrooms

Perhaps I should peel them?

>it's an user posts something burnt episode

It was an improvement on the last batch. I enjoyed them

I was told long and hot, hmmm

yes, well butter certainly, but the other person recommended a refined
cooking oil. Wether they meant sunflower seed or
olive I do not know.

So, garlic? seasoning? Coating them?

They are good raw too,

pan nice and hot
dash of olive oil
mushrooms in
hear that sizzle? you want that otherwise they're boiling
salt, pepper
dash of white wine vinegar to bring it all together
reduce it
great color, look at that coating
drizzle of olive oil
freshly chopped parsley
let it perfume the mushrooms
nice contemporary rustic side dish
also perfect cold on some toast
marinated mushrooms DONE

Don't wash mushrooms.

Fuck this brings back PTSD. Owner used to make us wash the mushrooms to get all the dirt off. You're eating a fucking fungus ffs. And you care about a bit of dirt?

>bout a bit of dirt?
Shall I?

No need. Just wipe them off with your fingers, paper towel, or a cloth. It's just a bit of dirt.

Well I mean obviously brush the visible stuff off you don't want to taste dirt. But there will be dirt all inside the gills or whatever those things are called. It's not bad for you though.

right, so it's looking like 'Pizza: The Topping' here. . .

>mushrooms grow in dirt

Because it is an important part of the thin cut rib-eye steak meal, it's worth getting right.

>reduce it
No, really they'll be mushy won't they?

Not when you give them a nice sear first and don't overdo it with the liquid afterwards

You're not going to get a crunch from mushrooms anyway

>u're not going to get a crunch from mushrooms an
I know. Ok, so I need a garlic press now.

No, just crush them with your knife

Of course! Yes, I hadn't thought it through.
I've always wanted one of those little
cute hammers though. . .

>but the other person recommended a refined cooking oil
Wasn't it the same tripfag that suggested that?

Let me give you some advice:
1) Don't take advice from Veeky Forums, especially from tripfags and people who use phrases like,
>to bring it all together
It's nonsense.
2) There's nothing really wrong with the way you did it, or the mushrooms used.
3) Use clarified butter (high smoke point and great flavor). A splash of cream sherry at the end to bring it all together.


For ingredients on pizza that's wet as fuck or can't get a proper taste without being adequately cooked.


OP, try buy like 3 pounts of mushrooms, slice them thin. Oven low temp and dehydrate them. Put those fuckers under cheese on pizza. Then bake.

you used to be a slave, user?