Redpill me on american cuisine

redpill me on american cuisine

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> versatile
> will make you full
> none

Southern BBQ is God Tier

Cajun Food is Great Tier

New England cuisine is Good Tier

California cuisine is Okay Tier

Tex Mex is dogshit

>will make you fat if not eaten in moderation


>what is all food

>redpill me on american cuisine

The only "true" 'merican cuisine is slave cooking, which is today's soul food.

Why do you think every fucking country thinks "merican cooking is greasy, fatty, shit food?

It can be any cuisine from around the world or a combination, though usually fattier and with certain regional flairs added. American cuisine "invented" in America is usually simple but satisfying and filling

>shit bro don't eat that chocolate bar. It gives you the fat disease.

We eat our burgers sideways.



>Tex Mex is dogshit

>has never eaten at a hole in the wall in the barrios of south texas


We are a country of immigrants, until quite recently, so it's immigrant food that was bastardized over time to match the readily available ingredients. There isn't really an american cuisine except in the minds of tribal nationalists.

There isn't really a single unified American cuisine. The country is incredibly regional and every state has its own signature dishes.

However, it can be said that there is an American food culture mostly common to the whole nation. We like cheap food, and we don't mind settling for less if it saves us money. We recognize the superiority of certain foods and we often pride ourselves with making high quality regional dishes sometimes, but we don't eat like that all the time. Convenience is important to us because most of us work long, hard hours. We want something filling and cheap that we can eat in half an hour or less for most meals.high quality food is a luxury to us, not a necessity.

Why the fucking Italian parsley...baka

>Californian cuisine?
what do you mean by this

Chemicals in the wheat that Americans boldly proclaim as beneficial even though they have all been named hazardous to humans.
And bleach in the water.

(Don't come here)
(Lots of bleach)
(People think it's healthy to drink it also)

this is true kek

Think you redpilled your self bro.. look at your pic

but the best thing about "American" food is that it is cheap to make yourself. The biggest investment is time. No need for pretentious exotic ingredients


ugh those triple cooked meme fries


19 grains of rock salt for your 60 fries sir

Are you unaware of the meaning?


>We eat our burgers sideways.

I really wonder how they eat those 8 inch tall burgers. Do they pick them up and gnaw around the edges, like a vertical corn on the cob, or use a knife and fork, or what?

They look awesome but absolutely impractical.

American food is any cuisine from anywhere in the world improved upon.

Yuropoor gruel and fermented asian slime do not compare.

>Are you unaware of the meaning?

The original meaning, from the matrix, was to gain awareness of reality. Veeky Forums slang like OP's usage basically stupids it down to "tell me about this".

so redpill me on how exactly you eat a burger that no human except maybe laci green can get their mouth around.

>No need for pretentious exotic ingredients
As apposed to the food of what country for day to day eating

A compendium of bullshit from every culture on the planet. The only "true" American cuisine is fast food culture.

It's odd, because the most prestigious culinary school on the planet is in New York, with half its student body being foreign ie: Korea, UK, Russia, Israel etc etc etc all fine tuning their cooking acumen and taking ACF tests to become CEC, CMC, CMPC. One would think there would be better food, especially in the towns surrounding the Culinary Institute of America, but there isn't. Maybe Rhinebeck is on par with global gourmet. Terrapin is a nice spot.

I think it's funny a school that used to instruct felons and militaryfags how to cook bankrupted Le Cordon Bleu completely and soon Johnson & Wales.

Squish it down, bro.

>The only "true" American cuisine is fast food culture.
Fast burger culture*. Fast food certainly isn't American; more like a lardo spardo take on street food

Git gud desu

Prepared food delivery services, walk-up windows, drive thrus are most certainly Americana. Production line style kitchens like McDonald's are also exclusively American in nature. Laziness.

True. Thanks for not calling me a retard

For one, we don't put the burger on its side like that unless it's wrapped up tight in greasy wax paper. And the pickles go on the very top right under the bun, not wedged in between the fixins'.

>t. Europoor who learned about American food through Veeky Forums

For instance, barbeque can take all day to cook and it's distinctly American. A lot of work goes into the creation of the sauce and smoking the meat just right.

You also have to take into consideration the dishes made as an adaptation to where Americans live. For example salmon is a big part of the American northwest, and New Orleans has a heavy tradition in spicy foods (Cajun style).

Burgers are a quintessential American food, but there's a difference between a burger in a restaurant (or one you grill yourself) and fast food grease patties.

Euros will bypass things just because they're "American" and that's just sad. You might as well push away a plate of broccoli and pout because "it's yucky!"

Educate yourself. There's more to American cuisine than fast food and soda.

Barbeque isn't American neither is Cajun food. That term exclusively refers to French people either born in or away from France. That's it. What you know as Cajun food is a hybrid cuisine of French, indigenous American and African cuisines. The literal definition of "fusion" food.

I am American, YOU go educate yourself.

Fusion food...that was fused in America. It's American, my friend, as American as barbeque.

Do you really think that French food is only influenced by foods within the borders of France, or that German food has no Russian or Scandinavian influence?

Please. Educate yourself.

Louisiana was part of France when that cuisine was developed, by French Chefs. It's fusion cuisine, most certainly not American.

Wow this is the dumbest shit I've read all day.

This is the ultimate guide to American """"""""""""""""""cuisine""""""""""""""""":

Make something
Add American """cheese"'' and fats, preferably melted lard but oil is ok.

Done! Serve with "sides" and HFCS beverages.

Oh, does that since France was once controlled by Rome, Duck L'orange is actually Italian?

The best cuisine from around the world topped with melted cheese, salt sugar and fat
the original molecular gastronomy!

Don't be an obtuse chode

>For instance, barbeque can take all day to cook and it's distinctly American.
>distinctly american

sure it is

Italy didn't exist during Roman times... no unified Italy until 19th century.

>Italy didn't exist during Roman times... that landmass only emerged from the Mediterranean Sea in the 1800s

>that landmass was called "Italia" in Roman times

>Italy is an island

What do Italians call it nowadays?

>take good food
>replace half of it with lard and corn


>that submerged landmass was called "Italia" in Roman times


Those didn't exist in Roman times, Romans did.



>New England cuisine is Good Tier
New England has the worst food of anywhere. Bland as fuck.


>The only "true" 'merican cuisine is slave cooking, which is today's soul food
The only true American cuisine is a cuisine eatin only by a minority? Da fuq you talking about?

>tfw the biggest food contribution America has provided to the world is fast food
>tfw the world is getting fatter and fatter
Is this americas way of getting back at the world for their shit food?

Soul Food is white food. Scots have been deep frying chicken since the middle ages. Half of the ingredients in soul food are indigenous to Europe and never existed on Africa or in the Americas to begin with. Utterly retarded post.

Either actual Mexican food or shitty versions of American food covered in avocados

The lack of African influence is what makes it American.
Similar to jazz, soul food is distinctly American because it was created in the US by people completely severed from their roots and traditions.
An Italian who came to America could still get noodles, could maintain written contact with his homeland, and could remain among other Italians, thus his cuisine remains a hybrid of Italy and New World elements.
A slave, on the other hand, was crammed in with other slaves under the general heading of "Africans." They had to build a new and undeniably American culture from the ground up.

Objectively God tier.

god i hate burgers this big. Theres no realistic way to eat this without being disgusting