Opinions on Serbian cuisine?

Opinions on Serbian cuisine?

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No clue what any of that is, but I like just about everything so I'd eat it.

I'd eat that.

Looks like a pile of meat, bowl of rice, maybe some seasoned yogurt sauce or some shit? And a dessert bar. I'd eat it, but wouldn't seek it out.

>Serbian cuisine
>Starving to death

Tough choice, but then again, isn't starving to death also a form of Serbian cuisine?

Fill me up a nice big bowl of genocide

are those sheep feet?

I don't know but if it's anything like Serbian films I think I'll pass.

Haha nice joke Reddit

These guys are Serbian, their vids are nice, makes me hungry everytime.

I like Hungarian food more

I thought scandinavian food looked grim but this takes it to the next level

Never tried it, but in general slavic cuisine tends to be pretty fucking disgusting. There's a reason there aren't many Serbian Restauraces outside of Serbia.

I did go to some Bosnian grill place back in the day. They mostly served meat with bread and onion. Was fatty and disgusting, but went well with beer.

Holy shit, yes. I am Scandinavian and can confirm.

Op here, Serbian cusine is literally the darkhorse of slavic cuisine. It's very nice.

Is there any Kebab?

serb here, hungary has no cuisine like ours

wtf u on about look at this delicious xmas food


What's that big, plate sized hamburger thing (asks the American). I had it once and it was great.

top taste there user

I mean, I'd eat the shit out of that, and the op's image, but I just imagine eating that being surrounded by mass graves and rusted out soviet factories and old war widows, it does not conjure images of happy times and places

whats the pink stuff?

My grandma always used to make a Serbian bean soup I have very fond memories of

beetroot "salad"

No, that's Ethiopian. Serbians feast on the corpses of their dead neighbors.

It's pretty nice imo, spent some time in Belgrade and the best I had was probably the fish dishes and grilled meats. You have to be extremely clear with what you order though, meat, greens, sides and sauces are all ordered as separate items in most restaurants. They also have an unhealthy obsession with Tartar sauce

That would be pljeskavica my dude


Beetroot and sour cream salad.
10/10 combination, try it sometime.

looks like fish 'salad', red beets and Herring I'm guessing

(not guy you replied to)
had the ingredients, went and made some. fucking awesome

Try adding some finely chopped prunes, crushed walnuts and a tiny bit of pressed/minced garlic next time.

only serbian food i know is cevapi, looks like cat shit but tastes nice

I put in some crushed cashew nuts
thought about garlic but rejected the idea
prunes, I don't have, but it could be nice

Garlic gives it a nice touch, but you have to add it very sparingly and it's not that significant of an improvement though.
Prunes, on the other hand, add a whole lot.

Closest you would probably get is something like ─ćevapi I think.

bulgarian food is pretty good m8