Is anyone here honestly African?

Is anyone here honestly African?

How do you cope with the fact that no matter how food your food may taste, it will pretty much NEVER go mainstream due to presentation?

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* how good your food

Goodness gracious, I need to go to sleep.

that food doesn't even look fully cooked.

Marocco made North-African food well known and considered. Does it count as African ?

I would think it does. It's probably the most popular among African cuisine.

You raise a good point. Let's say I'm referring to anything below Ethiopia.

Geez, that fish looked like it was rotten before it was cooked. Big hole where the gills used to be, no plump flesh exposed by the slits.
Really looks bad :(

I've made some african recipes. Like the dahl type dishes you have. I think you can modify things so that they're a little more presentable, but you're catering to a niche crowd either way. You're not gonna move to middle america and compete with Arbies, but in urban areas people love trying out new shit

Not African but my food tastes food too

I'll have the dysentery sauce please

>go mainstream
well it's already pretty mainstream in africa. why would they care if it's mainstream in a continent they don't live on?


Why would they want it to go mainstream, what difference does it make?
Its still gonna taste the same

Because food from Southern Africa tastes like shit.

t. South African

It's not "mainstream" until an Americanized version can be found at a large chain restaurant like Little Umbutos

>wat is nando's
I was under the impression even flyovers had this now, am I wrong? It's hard to tell from 39,000 feet

Ethiopian food is served on a crepe, meant to be ate with your hands, and looks like an Indian's mud monkey yet it's fairly popular and mInstream in many cities.

Googled it.
A South African chain, founded by Portuguese dudes, selling Portuguese food with the only african factor being the chili sauce.

>had to google it

Anyway if you think Nando's in any way resembles Portuguese food you obviously know nothing about Portuguese food

Why do you want it to go mainstream? To have everyone and their mom try and cook it while having no idea what they do? Or to have shitty watered-down versions at any restaurants because people in your country can't handle the original ingredients?
>Look at me, I'm putting soy sauce on these noodles and vegetables, I'm cooking Chinese food!
>Which Sushis are you getting? I'll take cream cheese and smoked salmon

Nandos doesn't exist in America, at all.

The closest one to me is in Montreal, 6 hours drive north.

I have family in Ealing, London. Ate Nandos once while visiting them. Subpar cuisine desu senpai.

IF I was in Quebec skiing and couldn't find a nice restaurant I would consider getting Nandos again out of pure nostalgia.

nice trips, also inb4 infinite white neckbeard rage that an ethnic chinese female who is so far out of their league that they can't even fantasize about having sex with her once said she didn't like Panda Express because it wasn't as good as Tim Ho Wan

>Nandos doesn't exist in America, at all.

What the hell are you smoking, I've seen them around since at least 2008. I'm not sure why you think the presence or absence of a minor international chain restaurant in an obscure city in the arctic circle says anything about whether they exist "in America"

America =\= Your ski hut in Iqualiut

Let me correct myself, Nandos IS in America, but exclusively in poverty stricken and nigger infested cities, like White Castle. Not wasting my time. Quebec is closer to me than Virginia, I'd rather go up there for haute patisserie than dine with subhumans.

>Quebec is in America


Can anyone else read this post? All I see is a mess of flyover cooties.

Did you quote the wrong post? The other person is the one saying Iqualiut is an American city

I can confirm for you that Quebec is indeed situated in North America.
Are you a bit slow?

Sure did.

>Canadian are American

Only when duty free shopping. Seems to be a National Sport from what I've seen. Canadians codependent lifestyles sicken me. Truly. I suppose that's the life of a commonwealth, knowing others not only provide everything to them, but control their lives as well. What a horrible life to be lorded over by at LEAST 2 foreign nations.

Poor Canada...

the backpedaling in this thread is amazing
>there's no african fast food chain!
>except this one which is everywhere
>no but it's not everywhere, I've never heard of it!
>yes it's all over the place
>ok I just googled it, it may be all over the place but I'm afraid of the blacks therefore it doesn't count
Has zika already reached north america?

I hope you realize you're responding to at least 3 different peoples posts here. Factually speaking if something is popular in the black community, or a corporation targets said areas exclusively that it's essentially poison and not to be consumed by actual people that matter.

>Factually speaking if something is popular in the black community, or a corporation targets said areas exclusively
Factually speaking, when pull "facts" out of your ass you just make yourself look stupid. Nando's franchises tend to pop up near university campuses and so on, so if we're being racist and edgy, they're basically allergic to blacks.

I also figured out why you've never heard of it. You're allergic to universities.

Nice deflection and damage control there, dipshit.

If there isn't one in New York, it's subpar and no one but brown people like it. Period. All those flyover locations, shame.

You're the reason IDs should be a sitewide thing.

One of the people calling you an idiot is from New York (me). But that's New York, as in City, which is what "New York" means. I presume you must have meant NYC right? Not New York Rustbelt Cleetusville? If not then please tuck your tail between your legs and stop posting because that's pretty embarrassing.

And just because there is no Nando's in NYC doesn't mean people from NYC are unaware that it exists. You know people can travel around, right? If someone has been to other states does that make them a white guilt cuck SJW? I have a lime in my kitchen right now, how does that make you feel?

>I moved to the outer boroughs from flyover land to try to become someone

If it doesn't exist in New York it doesn't matter.

Bridge and tunnel people disgust me, stay in your shithole please. Stay out of Manhattan.

Absolutely NO ONE thinks of anything other than "the city" when speaking about New York. Ever. The fact you'd even have to mention this signifies your "I moved to Williamsburg 10 years too late and missed out on the bearded cardigan fad" trash from middle America.

What an embarrassment. Nandos are exclusively in brown towns.

>being afraid of brown people
>claiming to be from manhattan
Nope. Also DC is closer to New York than Quebec, you would know this if you were from here. You've outed yourself as an upstate role player. Nice try though, hillbilly. Thanks for the produce, I'm off to the greenmarket.

>traffic on i95 for hours in DC is TOTALLY the same as taking 87 north to Montreal.

You've obviously never driven to DC. Shame.

Blacks are isolated in Harlem. Hey, Columbia is in Morningside Heights surrounded by brown people...guess which gourmet restaurants surround that university. LOL.

Thank God I don't have to live in the outer boroughs.

>driving between NY and DC
Well at least you've given up any pretense of pretending to be from the city

>merging onto i95 from any borough, driving for nearly 4 hours to get within city limits, then sitting in 3 hours of traffic in DC to get shitty dry chicken.

Again, it takes less time to get to Montreal. How is this confusing?

It's called Acela. It's a kind of train, you've probably never heard of it because they don't service Binghamton.

>i take the Amtrak for 6 hours and 3 transfers to get to DC

Takes less than 5 hours to drive to Montreal though.


>i take the Amtrak for 6 hours and 3 transfers to get to DC
Yes, obviously there is no nonstop train from Binghamton or Rochester or wherever you're from, and it would be closer to just drive to Quebec. But it's 3 hours out of Penn, no transfers, if you're in the city.


fucking kill yourself faggot

it's muslim shit and no one wants to have brown skin

How many subways do you take to Penn? How many winterhobos from the Port Authority across the street pickpocket you while waiting for your Amtrak?

>hurrrr rustbelt

I'm in Manhattan. You're bridge and tunnel trash. This has already been established.

Read up.

Also, Stanton Park and Vernon are 80%+ black neighborhoods in DC.

Takes less time to drive from west end ave @63rd street to Montreal than to get on the Amtrak to DC and take a taxi into a black neighborhood for dry chicken.

> make harmless thread about how African food is objectively plated in a way that most would find "bland"- thus making it hard for the culture to go global even though it tastes nice

> wake up today seeing the story of my thread look like this

>african food doesn't exist outside africa
>oh except when it does but it doesn't count
>getting to DC takes 16 hours and requires 40 transfers
>except when it doesn't so what I really meant was taking the greyhound to the port authority from my town that doesn't even have a rail station and then getting scared because I saw a black person and then asking a hobo how to get from the port authority to penn station and then taking the NJ Transit to outer Philadelphia and then taking the SEPTA to DC to save money because I'm poor

This is just embarrassing and you should stop

p.s. I haven't even set foot in Nando's before, I just saw it the last time I was in DC, how pathetic is it that you're role playing as a big city person in order to feel less bad that there's an obscure fast food restaurant that someone else saw in real life? you are reduced to this over a throwaway comment about a FAST FOOD restaurant. think about this and be depressed, because you should be.

Nandos isn't African food though. Afrikaans aren't black, they're Dutch lol. Dual citizens the lot of them.

Why would you even talk about upstate New York and the rustbelt when you don't know anything about it? Do you know WHY it's called the rustbelt? Do you know trains were built there before the Hudson Valley by Vanderbilt himself to get resources up to refineries and industry because that's where all the products were made?

Nah, you didn't, because you're flyover trash and transplanted yourself into the outer boroughs because you cannot afford Manhattan living. What a shame. The only things you know about New York are the small neighborhoods surrounding you and the podog town you grew up in, in middle America.

You dreamed of coming to the big city, only to wind up off the L line in Brooklyn surrounded by other transplanted idiots seething with rage at the others who intrude upon your diverse neighborhood. "Don't gentrify me bro" your battlecry while singlehandedly being the reason for corporate displacement of small bespoke shops to begin with.

You WANT to be that trendy trendster writing on gis Macbook in public at Starbucks, posting stupid pictures to Facebook about your big city life, while the REALITY is you live in a shared apartment with other failed adults...just trying to make ends meet, let alone thrive in the greatest city that's ever existed since the dawn of civilization.

I can smell the stink of transplant failure all over you. Driving to Montreal takes less time from Manhattan than trains to DC.

A bit late for still attempting damage control. You've outed yourself in so many ways. I recommend a change of tactics. This being a thread about africa food maybe start spamming memes about mosquito burgers and "you're gonna get culturally enriched". Many anons will back you up, I guarantee it.

Afrikaans aren't black though, they're Dutch. Their food is European.

Why are these city faggots ruining a thread about African food by posting about some shitty chain restuarant that's not really African food, talking about train routes and how they're real new yorkers?

I want you cucks to delete your posts

Nando is not even South African food. It's a South African restaurant but with a Portuguese theme.

Related bantz. Go microwave a knish a fuck it pretending it's lolipuss you depraved faggot.

It's funny because all four of those locations are flyover.
Get back to me when you've got a New York, Atlanta, San Fransisco, or LA location at least.

It's not related. Reported. Reported. REPORTED

there are 10 locations in chicago
inb4 chicago is flyover hurrrrr

Saying that you've reported a comment is a bannable offense. Newfriend.

Chicongo IS flyover and host to the highest homicide rate in the country. Guess which race disproportionately commits all that crime...I'll give you a hint, they like chicken. A lot.

>not announcing your reports
Reported and called the cops on.

Are you african? can you explain how that tastes good?

>he actually jerks off to cartoons


doesn't crack the top 30, and most chicago homicides happen in like 3 neighborhoods, none of which host a nandos (plenty of harolds though)

There are 2 in Garfield park, what the fuck are you talking about? not seeing it (also 3 of the 10 i said are actually in the suburbs i guess)


>african food

That's an oxymoron.

brit here

if you have nando's in america, then why the fuck do i keep having to explain what it is?

there are none outside of major metropolitan areas. you aren't going to find one next to a chinese carryout in generic suburban strip mall #7859789

Ethiopian here. Why would I want African food to go mainstream? So that there's a bigger influx of non-skilled Ethiopian workers overseas? Nah, I want to keep the culture of 'you must be a doctor or engineer' so that people emigrate back home and enrich the country with skilled, educated workers.

Also, there are a couple of hubs for Ethiopian culture in the U.S., where liberal white people try their hand at eating injera. It's always kinda cute to watch them try. I'd rather all African food be seen as something good and exotic, than have it diluted by American tastes for the sugary and salty. If there was an Ethiopian version of Panda Express or Taco Bell, we'd have lost already.

Only one of us is a New Yorker, the other one is a buttblasted hick from upstate New York role playing as an urbanite

Chiraq is Midwest and Midwest is flyover.
Next you're gonna tell me Detroit isnt flyover.

Wrong. Chicago counts the less violent outer suburb neighborhoods into its population to obfuscate its murder rate, few cities do this. Compare the homicides to the actual city population and its the highest.