Why is every country obsessed with having boring tricolor flags...

why is every country obsessed with having boring tricolor flags? why are we no longer seeing any kind of symbols except simple suns or crescent moon?

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Blame the Dutch and French

Literally Democracy and Nationalism.

These two were all about pandering to the plebs. Therefore Flags have to be dumbed down so they can remember and replicate it better.

Meaning no heraldic devices for as much as possible.

Logoification basically.

I hate the ROI flag so much, such a shit flag. I know a few Englishmen who hate the Unionjack as well, its odd.

At least we aren't a fucking leaf

Nah, Japan has logo flags. Tricolors are more similar to martial signaling.

> why is every country obsessed with having boring tricolor flags?
Glorious Soviet Union passing through.

Japan has a free pass because minimalism is a huge factor in their art.

But I don't think shit like Mon Crests were simple.


mkaes me glad that they didn't get rid of the rising sun as their naval flag, shit is tight as fuck

And then there's this shit.

4/5 of those old flags are bad. The bottom left one is barely acceptable.

>he doesn't like the clumsy dragon

my favourite

I like memes


because how will the patriotic children make them with construction paper in kindergarten!

can you imagine a 6 year old trying to draw this? he or she would be a raughing stock.

Literally this, the first Peruvian flag was changed because it was easier to make a tricolor flag

>raughing stock


You do realize that those heraldic flags are a way for the ruling noblemen to say "This is my country, I own the people that live here"?
When the various empires and kingdoms of Europe got their necks broken people really didn't have any reasons to flagcuck themselves so they removed the heraldry.

Except not all fancy flags are heralding symbols. Just look at China's

I am pretty sure the dragon were in one way heraldic, unless I am wrong about that only the emperor was allowed to place as many claws on the dragon as the flag one has. Others weren't allowed to have that many claws.

>Just look at China's
While China doesn't have heraldry, the closest they got was the Imperial Dragon.

There's even laws for that shit.
>5 Clawed dragon = Emperor's dragon. To be used by him and his state apparatuses alone.
>4 Clawed dragon = Dragon of the Emperor's relatives. Highest Dragon rank allowable for foreign countries.
>3 Clawed dragon = Everyone else can use this.
Getting caught using a five clawed dragon for a personal seal or sigil was tantamount to treason.

Though that being said, Chinese really weren't into big on flags. Flags for them was merely a battlefield signalling device. The Emperor was both ruler and state/national symbol all to himself. Making the collor yellow and the five clawed dragon the closest shit they got as "national" symbols in a pre-national age.

here's a ted ex talk about this shit.

it's a matter of flags being memorable and recognizable from a distance. people remember the japanese flag because it's just a red circle on a white background, nothing fancy. nepal has the right idea: make the flag a crazy shape and people will never forget it, and be able to recognize it as nepal's flag from a mile away!

think about it like this, if you had to draw one of those flags on the left completely from memory, would you be able to get every fucking detail of it down? every feather and the crest texturing and shit? probably not, so it's a lot quicker to put down some stripes and bold colors and call it a day.

>pick related: a really badly designed flag

Fuck off Leinster westbrit

>make the flag a crazy shape and people will never forget it, and be able to recognize it as nepal's flag from a mile away!
I never got why they are the only ones that get away with having that shape.

They are that autistic anime kid that thinks that he is special since he carries around some weird clothing and everyone else accepts it but it really is because none can care to bother as he is far to irrelevant for it.

I just imagine it has to result in a lot of extra work at sport events, when ppl make lists and stuff.

You know what, I am gonna post it anyway before this falls down into flameposting extreme

Heritage from French Revolution really

as far as i can tell their flag's just been that way for thousands of years and nobody really gives enough of a shit to make them change it.



>if you had to draw one of those flags on the left completely from memory, would you be able to get every fucking detail of it down? every feather and the crest texturing and shit?
no of course not, but flags aren't made to be hand drawn, they're meant to be a symbol representing a country
that's a coat of arms, not a flag




The first tricolors (the Dutch one for example, on which the Russian and French tricolors were based) were maritime flags, and were simplistic out of obvious necessity: to be easily recognized at sea. An autistic flag full of eagles and seals and shit wouldn't be easily recognized on sea. It stuck.

I also want to note that modern tricolor flags also feature heraldry. Not national/civil flags, but stuff like naval ensigns and presidential standards, which are more "personal" in a sense. Plain-color flags are there to be easily recognized and associated with, simple enough for a child to draw them.

Also Russia never used that flag. It used the current tricolor ever since it got a national flag, with a brief period where the black-gold-white tricolor was kinda sorta official.

because muh republics and secularism

>the Greek flag
Relax, Greece, we get it. A white cross over blue. We get it Greece.

muh each color represents a period in the history in chronological order
shit symbolism and shit aesthetics

>That Flemish lion over that Prinsenvlag

I like the leaf.

(I'm American btw)

Tricolors are cool. It's a simple way to represent your homeland. We recognize the blue/white/red of France's flag as a French symbol far more than whatever they use as a coat-of-arms.

A while back, I made up a concept flag for my home state inspired by tricolors common in Europe. Pic related.

I sincerely don't understand the "a fucking leaf" meme

Is the joke that it's a petty and pointless complaint? What's wrong with a leaf?

>a fucking leaf
>a fucking cross
>fucking stars and stripes

Would do better with two blue bars instead of a grey/black one, I think.

Also France doesn't have an established coat of arms afaik, they either use fasces, RF or the "liberte egalite fraternite" Marianne logo

>the red on his country's flag represents the blood of those who fought for Independence

Every. Single. Time.

it's a great flag

Flags are supposed to be simple. If you can't draw your flag with four lines its shit.

Why don't more flags have modern weaponry on them?

If anything,
>A fucking cross
is a much better complaint than
>a fucking leaf

Because most flags were designed before the 1970's.

Flags aren't "supposed" to be anything you fucking pleb

>muh vexillology rules

Nah get out

This specific static pattern is now the flag of your country. How do you feel?


It's meant to be black, representing the small fortune of natural resources (coal, oil) found in the southern third of the state. Gold is for agriculture, of course and farmland is most common in the central region, and blue represents the north, where Lake Michigan is found, as well as the majority of Illinois' largest cities.

An improvement in my opinion, a good flag needs to be simpe and easy to depict. Although I agree that the tricolor is overused (just like that two-headed eagle in old flags, or just eagles in general, literally everyone uses those). Luckily, most modern flag designs avoid using it.

>Just look at China's

Literally just the banner of the Qing dynasty.

What's the single weirdest flag? Are there any odd shaped ones besides nepal's?

Not really. Five Finger Dragon and Color Yellow are Han Chinese symbols.

But yeah, Modern Chinks associate it with the Qingz.

Switzerland has a square flag. That's pretty much about it.

It's better to talk about Flag Customs.

Flags of the past weren't reproduced constantly, they'd be made a small number of times, so they could be complicated.

Nowadays they want easy to remember simple flags that could be mass produced with easy.

>no circular flags
>closest things we have are those mon things
I swear if the US ever balkanizes I'm gonna take the seal of VA and just make my own circle flag.

>The flag of Paraguay (Spanish: bandera de Paraguay) was adopted in 1842.[2] Its design, a red–white–blue triband, was inspired by the colours of the French flag, believed to signify independence and liberty. The flag is unusual because it differs on its obverse and reverse sides: the obverse of the flag shows the national coat of arms, and the reverse shows the seal of the treasury. It was revised in 2013 to bring the flag towards its original design. It has a ratio of 11:20.

>two sided flag
although I wonder why more don't do it.

So when are we going to implement a rule that says all flags have to have the same dimensions and size? Because this current shit is just bad. Yes Nepal, you too!

Honestly I think France is the only good tricolor flag. the others just look like gay french ripoffs.

a terrible coat of arms, with all that crap that doesn't really mean anything, the weapons, wreaths etc., just added to make it look cool.

if you want to make a coat of arms with a lot of detail, why not add stuff that actually represent something, like imperial posessions or titles. pic related, this basically shows you their empire

>not liking multicolored bars

Maybe add something to the discussion? You fucking downy

Why is the Czech flag so based?

not him but it was clearly banter, don't get your tan panties in a twist :^)

I love it

:) Not all flags are boring.

thiiiiisss. also the darker Napoleonic blue one 4 life

I know the current is traditional, but the Swiss flag would be amazing if it incorporated all the cantons

>implying westbrits aren't the best people in Ireland.
Tbh all Irish are British, but not all British are Irish.

What existed in the past where so called Flammé (German geflammt) flags that incorporated the different colours from the canton flags. Its an interesting concept.

I feel very Neuromancer.

Nappyboos basically

This can be considered the french national emblem

Based CoA


That looks terrible.

I like it. Why don't they put that in the middle of their flag?

...I mean make it like the Spanish flag where the government uses the one with the emblem while the general public uses the one without.

fucking flat design

>The conjugal coat of arms of Prince William and Kate Middleton.


Because the fasces would most likely trigger all the leftists and cause a full-scale uprising.



stars, stripes and crosses are much more abstract
a leaf just seems vulgar and out of place

The Ottomans only adopted the Coat of Arms because of the 1870's "LOOK AT US WE'RE SO EUROPEAN, LIBERALISM/PARLIAMENTARISM/PUBLIC EDUCATION" period. Even composed an Imperial Anthem by some Italian hired to do the Job.

But the Ottomans were so fucking successful, the Sunni bit of the Muslim World was convinced that the Star and Moon was a Muslim symbol.

What is the yellow dildo next to the cannon/arrows below the flags? And what is the red thing to the right of it?

>a dainty white unicorn in chains represents the woman
The patriarchy is real.

>unicorn is chained to the coat

> every feather and the crest texturing and shit
You don't need to do this. Blazon is a thing for the reason. You can draw as you want and it would be enough if it was eagle with crown. Of course coats with quadrillion elements should be fucking burned.

>No Belgian flag
There's an agenda there

Step it up senpai.

>not understanding how unicorns work
in folklore the unicorn is so powerful that if not kept in chains it runs around killing everyone
did you honestly think they were magic friendly virgin protectors. their from medieval folklore, everything in that is dangerous