How to microwave?

Just heated up some McNuggies but they're shitty, teach me to be a master microwaver Veeky Forums

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Heat up some of those barbecue sauce packages too so you have warm sauce to go with your nuggies

you have to re-fry those if you want them to be any good

put them in a pan with some butter for a few minutes

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Here is a tip:
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what does sage have to do with microwaving nuggies?

Heat it in an oven, or frying pan.

Too much of a hassle, is there any voodoo I can do with layering ceramics or should I be asking /g/ or Veeky Forums?

Also thanks for the help anons, I layer a thin coat on my tendies when they're in the oven but I didn't want to risk the McNuggies getting too crispy.

is sage good on tendies? I usually stick to szechuan sauce

I'm a big fan of a double dip, first in BBQ then lightly in ranch, but enough that it shows.

wrap each nugget in foil. place on paper plate. nuke at 50% power for 65 seconds. flip nuggets onto other side. nuke at full power for 30 seconds.

Protip 1: Don't use the microwave to reheat fried foods.

Put a glass of water in with the nuggets, I do this with pizza and it crisps the crust slightly without making it soggy. Should work with nuggies too.

Microwaves just make most foods and all fried foods soggy and chewie.
I just use my hot air oven to warm/refry/recrisp fried foods and most other food items. Faster and easier to use than a conventional oven or toaster oven because there's no need to preheat.
Set it to as high as it will go and leave the items in there for 2 - 9 minutes depending on the item. Just don't leave it in the oven for too long otherwise you'll get a dry dense puck of food.
Pic related is the one I got. Works great for reheating pizza, toasting whole sandwiches and wraps too.

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Sous vide is the only way to reheat nuggets because it's the only way to guarantee you're not adding more moisture

Toaster oven, oven, or pan with a little oil.
Worse microwaved than cold with a bunch of the sauce warmed up.

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>ask for microwave techniques
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There's not much technique to using a goddamn microwave

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it's going to seem counter-intuitive, but this is the best way: cover them in a damp paper towel, then microwave at low power (no higher than 50%, or use defrost setting) for 1-2 minutes for 6 nuggets. throw in the sauce containers for the last 20 seconds.