Another shitty cookalong thread

Cauliflower, Turnip, and Ginger Bisque w/ Chicken Drumstick Lollipops

Ingredients are obvious from pic (except cheese is havarti, piece by jalepeno is giner, and round white ball is turnip root)

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Chop up Cauliflower and add 2tb of oil and sprinkle over 1/2 tsp of nut meg, mix in large shallow pan

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oh my god another mutt peddling disgusting GMO HFCS hormone garbage.

Dice up ginger root, jalepeno, onion, turniproot and 3oz havarti

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anyhow, get chicken drums ready by drying off with paper towels to remove moisture

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Cut off ends of drumsticks....ignore the extremely sanitary hammer which aided me

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Cut off other end of drumsticks about 3/4 inch so you have a solid base

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Circumcise the chicken ends into "Lollipops"

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Saute veggies on med/high for 10 min in butter

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Add cheese and 0.25 cup of milk, 0.25 cup of cream and 0.25 cup of chicken broth and mix in cauliflower which was roasted for 12 min @ 375 (forgot pic for that)

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Mean while coat chicken in spice mixture

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Stop cooking veggie cheese cream mixture once it's turned into this gross looking goo

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Puree/blend mixture until it's a "bisque"

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Bake chicken at 400F for 25 min

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Plating #1

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Dude turn on some fucking lights in your kitchen, why are you taking everything with the flash on

Plating #2

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OwO supper time!

Something about these looks particularly appealing, like that generic anime "meat" that's just on some bone.
Also what do you do with all the chicken scraps you get from chopping up the drums?

This was actually from a couple of weeks ago, I got new lighting for my kitchen and did this cookalong's a much better improvement: Granted I still suck because don't have a vision for "art"/"aesthetics"

>Also what do you do with all the chicken scraps you get from chopping up the drums?

Literally have about 30 neighorhood ferral/homeless cats that come to my house everynight because I cook so much and leave them as scraps for them every night

Your neighbors must love you

I live in podunk flyover land, my neighbors are dog hoarders so they don't mind....literally not joking

>I live in podunk flyover land
Impossible, that kitchen isn't in a trailer

It is a 1200 square foot house though and pretty much qualifies as a bricked kitchen in all it's glory is pic related

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That's a comfy lookin kitchen

It's comfy when it's clean, i've been on a 5 day binder of 1 liter of whiskey a day, so when I do that, the kitchen looks like this

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a-user are you okay

I'm in my prime:

that's more like it

That garlic was peeled by Chinese inmates. Google that shit.

Whew, I was worried it was humans or robots who peeled it, luckily it was just insects

good thing im not a chinese inmate

>being able to grow seedless grapes and seedless watermelon
>not being able to grow peelless garlic

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This is the only good part. Nice work on the lollipops there. The rest is too much work to make a grey cauliflower glue. B-

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Rural living best living. You get 80% of the city conveniences without any of the bullshit these days, and cheap cost of living. If only those lefty fags encroaching to escape the illegal immigrant ms13 spic gangs they created would fuck off.
I mean, it sucks here. My doublewide smells like pitbull piss and meth. Bubba rapes new residents.

LOL, but my kitchen has looked worse. I remember seeing your kitchen in a battlestation thread last week or the week before and I would of never though it could look like the second pic

I got all excited and told my girlfriend how I want to try this.
>tfw she's already heard of doing this, and I am a noob.

You lost me here. Why didn’t you use something that actually goes well with cauliflower, like cumin?

Nutmeg actually goes good w/ cauliflower, but in this dish it was useless. Too many flavors competing