What is the most aesthetic personality? how do aesthetic people act? how do i act aestheticly?

what is the most aesthetic personality? how do aesthetic people act? how do i act aestheticly?

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cultivate your skills and interests and be yourself, unapologetically.

what are some particularly aesthetic skills? what skills do girls find attractive? what skills do men respect? what skills are practical & aesthetic?

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Being a doctor is about as aesthetic as you can get. Work in a specialty where dressing up is expected like plastic surgery, dermatology, or psychiatry. You wear a suit every day, help people, and get paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing so. Hard work, commitment, and integrity are all Veeky Forums. Don’t fall for the teenagers pushing druggy underachiever core on this board, they’re trying desperately to fit in while bringing others down around them to make themselves feel better.

>1. learn what aesthetics consists in and how to adequately use the word "aesthetics" and its derivations in language.
>99. cultivate your skills and interests and be yourself, unapologetically.

being involved in making music is very aesthetic as well as almost any other craft of that sort, ya know like painting, graphic design, animating, ect.

i dont have this personality trait, but men who are comfortable in social situations with the ability to banter/grab attention well but instead chill quietly and let others have the spotlight

Is being a doctor good for those that like to work with numbers?

the most aesthetic personality is not trying to replicate someone else's personality

being well read is aesthetic

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>aesthetic personality
>aesthetic people
>act aestheticly
>aesthetic skills
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>what is the most aesthetic personality?

Effortless genius who's wasting their potential with immature behavior.

Basically Shakespeare's Prince Hal (became Henry V).

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Thank fuck I'm devastatingly handsome.

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