Most effay way to wear keys?

I used to carabiner my keys to my belt loops.
Nowadays i have them on a simple black string lanyard around my neck. When I just put them in my pocket I always lose them because i'm retarded.

What is the most fashionable way to attach them to yourself?

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I put them inside my pocket

this and nothing else

I put them in that little pocket you get on jeans.

you monster


I have too many keys
>electronic fob for car
>car key
>house key
>mail key
>office key

it's too much to put in my pocket

develop keycore as an aesthetic

Isn't the point of the fob that you don't need the key?

>fucking up your silhoutte with bumpy pockets


Pierce your frenulum with them!

It's to remotely lock and unlock my doors. The key is still needed for the ignition.

> string lanyard around my neck.

This is why fa has a constant Uniqlo thread.

i leave all my keys in my car, and only carry around my car key with a spare in my wallet

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Buy pants with room in pockets.

Skin-tight pants are for fucktards.

Unironically, this.

On my buttler

You little faggot shut up.

The more the keys,
the more the responsibilities.

I put my wallet on my front left, phone on the front right, coins in the small pocket (generally they are above the front right pocket) & keys to the back right.

Don't the keys stick in your ass when you sit down?

any thing bulky in front pockets is literal pleb tier

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get one of those key holder things

problem solved

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>The more the keys
ESL isn't effay