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>That's the thing: OMAD is actually easier once your body gets used to it. Your cells get sensitive to insulin and you'll actually get less hungry then when doing 16:8. Those 16 hours generally aren't enough to sufficiently deplete all your stored glucose.
Just tell your dad that it's scientifically better for your body to eat one meal and make sure you eat a lot in that meal in front of your dad.
Since I'm already thin I think it will really raise red flags "Hey user why are you even worrying you are already thin?" "You should just be maintaining?" etc etc.

I need to be better about my carbohydrate intake. I'm trying to find some places for lunch where I can eat no carb, but, that's harder than I thought since I work in a shit neighborhood.

I just want a Spanish speaking accountabilibuddy gf to help me learn Spanish and also keep eachother from eating too much, is that too much to ask for?

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Day 4 yohombine hcl poster, took 5mg this morning with a banan only, planning to not eat much today.
Yesterday I decided to smoke mj like an idiot and ended up giving in to munchies, consumed over 1700cals in 3 hours
Scold me pls, i threw it all out after i realised how stupid it is and how retarded of me it was, stims only from now on

OMAD is good for health even if you're maintaining though. Tell him you're maintaining but actually cut 500 cal. It's not like he'll measure you and the food and go calculate your TDEE to check.

That's a tough sell to a fat baby boomer.

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I just bought these from Dollar Tree. Not a lot of low calorie snacks in there, but these are 39 calories each and 7 in a pack. I'm gonna try them at lunch and will report back with if they're good.

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rice things are always good snacks, I'd also recommend an unsalted nut mix of some kind

i'm going to faint

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>binged almonds again

update: they were really good. tasted like a crunchier, less sticky rice krispie treat.

Thanks for update. Post nutrition label pls

Don’t take stims or downers, and if you need a vice, drink coffee or smoke cigarettes. Keep it up, a clear mind is the most sustainable way to stay the way you want
Na you’re good drink water and take it easy. If you legit feel like you’re in danger, have a banana, take a multivit.

Checking in on the user doing a 3 day fast with me, keep it up and stay hydrated

Could be worse. Although if I eat too many my stomach hurts.

>Don’t take stims or downers, and if you need a vice, drink coffee or smoke cigarettes.
>Don't take stims
>if you need a nice, drink coffee or smoke cigarettes

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Yeah like pills and powder. Don’t be an ass

I didn't realize potatoes were so low cal until recently and now all I eat is potatoes

Switch to yams or sweet potatoes. Get some vitamins and minerals my dude

I've been doing a mix of both

What are the best fruits to go for if I want to change my diet to be mainly just that?
I'm already eating mostly apples, bananas, and kiwis for most of my meals but I'm not sure if those are enough to actually be healthy.

>ywn go swimming in a lake in Germany with a Qt thinspo German girl

why am I thinning up if this will never happen to me

I hope it does for you user. I've come to the realization that I'm /foreveralone/.

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why do you bother being thinspo then?

im doing okay!!! im staying semi-hydrated. im not drinking as much as i should but i am not hungry so no point. what about you?

Good! Keeping it up, drinking water and just trying to stay busy
Berries and melons are pretty solid, with fruits just be mindful of the sugars but even fruits like dates I couldn’t recommend enough

Wenn es Sommer wird könnten wir in der Weser baden gehen, wenn du magst

how far into the fast are you? about 40 hours right??

danke ich wurde nach Berlin im sommer fahren
benutz du discord, ich würde mein Deutsch üben

ich werde nach Berlin im Sommer fahren*

Yeah, depending on when you took your last meal. I’m at about 50 or so

No thanks ill pass on that trash also coffee makes me jittery and nauseous, any other replacements?

Take ginseng. Get a good dose of vitamin D and C. Have a shot of ginger with your banana.

Oh and if you want ‘drugs’ kratom can be stimulating depending on the dose/strain.

here ya go

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Oha, Berlin mag ich persönlich nicht so, aber es ist eigentlich recht schön - Viel Spaß also
Ich habe Discord, aber ich benutze es nur mit Freunden, aber viel Glück noch mit deinem Deutsch

Daly remindar to stey hidhratted luv u soooo muhch tanks bye

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>tfw no room for a twink femboy in a ghetto shithole city besides sex work

What's the best time of day to eat your meal if you OMAD?

3-5 pm

After your work out/cardio if you do any of that, otherwise it doesn't matter much as long as it's consistent.

what city?

I plan to start jogging again when it stops being cold outside, so I'll take that into consideration, thanks.
Just out of curiosity though, why is that? Is it becuase exercising on empty glucose stores promotes better fat burning?


Unfortunately lots of sugar in that.


tfw accountability gf to help you not eat and to laugh at fatties with
too bad i'm gay

Learn to control your metabolism, degenerates.

I eat 3-5 times a day and drink soda

I weigh 135 and am 6'0.
if I ate any less I would drop weight.

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Bless us with your infernal gains, baphomet.

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And? That's a pretty average weight for what this place is. Do you somehow think this general is mainly for fatties to get down to a "normal" weight?
I'm around 180cm and was hovering around 60kg too before I started actually watching what I eat and paying attention to my health. Now I'm down to 53kg with, most importantly, a well defined body and feel happier about myself than ever.

w-we could still be acountabilibuddies, you probably live in another city anyways.

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always looking for new frens uwu

if you want to turn gay I'm here
[spoiler]just kidding[/spoiler]

people think you can't turn gay but that's honestly 100% bullshit

anjunadeep #6829 ...if you are on discord.

if you want thinspo frens join the discord discord.gg/yN7VcVF

This desu. Can turn prison gay over time. Pretty sure that's what all this trap and cum eating business is on /b/ now. I mean some that was always their preference, but, that type of gay isn't so gay. It's like the girl who was grew up Christian and now is a normal church goer, versus the one that converted later in life and is now psychopathic about it and goes to church every day and can't stop talking about Jesus.

I'm on there but I'm a wageslave so chat rooms don't really make sense for me because I always have to leave and go work. Slow chatting is what I can do...

I have jury duty on Wednesday lads, can I bring my own food you think?

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>6'2 or 188cm
>Hover around 90kg

Today was the first day of my life I decided to try manage my calories in order to lose weight. I haven't done much research, just read the Veeky Forums wiki. I'm just looking to lose a bit of weight, then maybe I'll consider putting on muscle.

Today's breakfast:
>Bowl porridge

>Chicken sandwich with two slices of wholemeal bread and a small bit of butter

Afternoon snack:
>Another chicken sandwich

>Bought one of those veg stir fry packs. Fried in olive oil and added chicken fillet.

Went for a 20 minute jog today. Doesn't sound like much but it got my blood pumping. I have Gaelic football training tomorrow which will be a more intense workout.

This is easy. No more living like a slob.

That sounds like a potentially large amount of food and calories without knowing your portion size. However congrats on deciding to work towards a healthier you

4g of sugar isnt too bad for a treat imo. i don't eat a lot of other sugar though.

Am I doing this wrong? I need to get myself a scales to figure out exact portions

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Yeah thats the way. it really helps give insight into what youre ACTUALLY consuming. For instance, try and avoid frying stuff in oils as there are tons of hidden calories. You dont necessarily need to get a scale if you can estimate your intake, but It helps early on if you have no idea what 100g of chicken really looks like

I joined this discord briefly and it looks like fast moving high speed hyperactive underage /pol/ cancer more than Veeky Forums or thinspo

4g isn't, but 4g per 38 calories is kinda meh. I mean at 38 calories it probably means you'll eat two..or even three. Now you're at 8 or 12.

I guess just stick to one per day.

>forgot the pre-made meal at home.
>somebody was giving out free medium size cheese burgers for lunch.
>" this all I am eating "
>Sisters wants to go for lunch
>One chicken sandwhich at Chick-filllet has < 440 calories
>What ever
>eat gum all day
> had a bit of my pre-made to get down some pills
>2 tangerines at the end of the day because I didn't eat enough, I THOUGHT!
1300 calories, fuck me! I am never eating from anybody else, shit!, peddle your calories to sombody else.

Please forgive me, it was all my fault.

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1300 isn't that bad desu

Very bad! I was not irresponsible only, but also against myself. My discipline, is horrible, I should be 150 by now.

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damn son you fat

you people do realize you are mentally ill right. You look like fuckin shit.

>tfw 146
i'm losing like 2-3 pound a week though so i'll be thin one day

broke my fast with 100 calories of cereal kms

Day 5 update on yohimbine hcl

Had only 2 bananas and a spoon of peanut butter before a cardio session
Total intake about 300 cals today.
The apetite suppression works surprisingly well, i can hear my stomach growling but there is no mental craving for food, could probably dismiss it with a glass of tea and some seaweed snack (25 cals), took a total of 10mg of yohimbine hcl spread through out the day, about to get a small salad for dinner. I also went for a 45 min cardio session and burnt about 500cals

Has any one tried eating only one meal a day if so how effective is it. I’m asking this because my skelly friends say they only eat one time a day because they are busy and it becomes routine.

I am doing, it will report on saturday.

I look meh. wish I was skinny

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Intermittent Fasting is a thing, yes.

There's loads of studies and documentation about it, the basic idea is to simply maximize the time your body burns through its own energy/fat reserves by minimizing the time it spends working through the new energy you get into it by eating.
Of course the actual lengths vary a lot depending on your portions, but even a bigger meal is usually burned through within 10h or so of a normal semi-active lifestyle, making all the time between that and the next time you throw new energy into your system time your body uses its stored reserves and loses weight.

you have anorexia

>wish i was skinny

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I consider myself more bulimic but my doctor says I have anorexia. I don't even restrict or count calories or anything.

maybe one day I will be! no one's too far gone to become skinny

I did it anons, I'm under my calorie goal.

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Good now do it tomorrow aswell.

good instagram girls to follow?

k hope I don't get super hungry. Sometimes when I do good one day, it's like the next day I'm starving hungry.

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whoops didn't mean to keep quoting..

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Not sure how good all of these are on instagram, but I know a bunch of them have profiles or are instamodels.

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What is your eating schedule?

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Oh and Amelie Lens. Another user pointed her out a year ago or whatever, she's a techno dj:

I love her style and how light she moves, for lack of a better description.

Lunch around noon, dinner between 7-8. Usually a snack between lunch and dinner. I mostly fall apart at dinner.

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Intermittent fasting