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>Shared DCSS online account.
User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on CXC).
Remember, it's not fun if you didn't splat hard!

FAQ and What to Play
FAQ: pastebin.com/Q7K91Q34
What to Play?: pastebin.com/yfUKx35f

>Individual Game Pastas

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1st for shilling shiny new game!

>A random idea I had, maybe when their MP is drained and their HP reaches a certain threshold (say 20-25% of their max, could be lower) their host body is destroyed. When this happens they lose their spirit shield and rot resistance, and start suffering rotting and stat loss at a rapid rate. The become an amorphous blob of vines/tentacles/whatever and can no longer maintain a solid form, leading to all of their armor and weapons melding into their body like a transfiguration spell. In this form they get some new mutations to compensate (say constriction for instance since it fits with the vine theme, not sure which mutations exactly to give them). The only way to stop/cure the stat loss/rotting and regain your form is to kill a foe and then inhabit it's body as your new host/power source. Since they feed off magic, killing a demon or undead would work for this too (and also not make this race worthless in extended.) This would fit pretty well with the "parasite" flavor (needs a host body to survive) and would add a lot of very tense moments when you bite off more than you can chew. Thoughts?

gammafunk here. deep elves are next. don't say we didn't warn you.

yeah that sounds like the best blan

Gammafunk's most-played races are elves I'm pretty sure.

So when will they remove cBlink?

Once they are finished purging the elves, silly.

when are you going to remove your dick?

post progress pics pls

>dream that scoreboard updated with my 15 conduct game
>it feels so real
>wake up
>I still live in the reality with the wrong flip of the coin

You know, that's kinda counterintuitive. You get just as many points as if you ascended. It's a feature added in nethack 3.4.1 NINE years ago. But no apparently the only way to win an atheist conduct is to offer the amulet to your god.

Well you know what then? I don't want to offer the bloody thing. I played as a fucking atheist and I HATE tymora for letting me down so many fucking times while I was starving.
Up yours, Tiny Tim.
>*tips blessed greased orchish helm of brilliant and dexterity*

>he suggested it again later that very thread
What a madman.

Is this a BCadren Quality Idea (tm)? Link to the thread?

Nevermind, found it.

For some reason the devs don't recommend Vinestalkers to go unarmed combat. That change is bad anyway since it'll encourage UC only linear skilling among players since weapon melding.

Well don't they have -1 Unarmed?
Unarmed is generally not recommended on characters because unarmed is bad without forms or claws.

What's the difference between classic and mundane zombies in cataclysm? There's one response on their forum, and the guy that answered gave a shit answer that could be interpreted a thousand different ways.

Why the fuck is cataclysm so dead set on providing no tangible descriptions of the five dozen mods listed?

So fucking sick of having to try shit out in a fresh world and see if I can spot the differences.

>half the thread trying to rename the race
>dicku and spiceman ignore them altogether
how will taverncucks EVER recover?


They have +0 Apt on UC

I'm genuinely sorry, user. And I congratulate you.

You forgot a few other ways of identifying. If you've never played a roguelike before, you may not be familiar with them.

Nethack is a very spoiler thick game. I think part of the design philosophy is to have a ton of different verbs be possible for every item. You can do more than just drink potions.

there are other ways to help figure out what items are, like their prices in shops or sometimes their weight

also if you drop them on an altar it will identify whether they are blessed/uncursed/cursed so you can tell whether they're safe to wear-ID

on yeah also there's other shit like unicorn horns turning potons of sickness into water, potions of polymorph printing a special message if you dip a wand of polymorph into them, lots of weird special-case shit like that which you need a wiki to know

>unarmed is bad without forms or claws

you don't know what you're talking about

I want to make the best Roguelike ever made. What should I put in it?

how do I check the weight? item description is just some quotes from literature

it's bad early although it scales well at very high skill

some variants actually tell you the weights of items but i guess vanilla nh doesn't

if you want to get obsessive with it you can fill up your inventory so you're 1 pair of boots away from being burdened and then pick up boots 1 at a time to find the pairs that are lighter than normal

sil ai and nethack item interaction

I'm playing UnNetHack on Android and can't find a way to check item weight.

well then just ignore the weight part probably

it isn't that important

Is Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead still alive? I think I might've went to the wrong site last time, or did development stopped?

Fucking Yaks.

Very alive. Even has isometric views now.

Plus Brogue environment interaction.

The site in the pasta did not update since 2015. Did they move?

development is still ongoing but they haven't realeased a new STABLE version in years

the links to the experimental versions in the sidebar work though, and will give you more recent updated versions

>UC bad without forms or claws
>damage is = to 3+skill with a speed rating that starts at 1 attack per turn
>at UC 16 you you hit as fast and as hard as a Triple Sword

does anything trump UC 27 Blade hands?

Things with brands and less necessary skill to get mindelay on.

>does anything trump UC 27 Blade hands?

2 handed vampiric weapon

100% jealousy

You jelly of my S rank /rlg/?

Still unlocking higher difficulties. Normal is so trivially easy it is honestly ridiculous

I modded the source code and created that item based on plutonium sword.
There's no way you can get weapon like that in real game.

the triple sword's damage at 16 skill is being multiplied by 1 + 1d16/27 though

yes, that too

>Tried to warm myself by setting a cupboard on fire

Yes, it's still the same cataclysm I loved, alright. But I don't think it ever warmed me up.

Far as I know, the only thing that updates for CDDA is the repo. The site's dead as fuck.

You can get the latest experimental from dev.narc.ro/cataclysm/jenkins-latest/

u still ain't getting any Amy pussy tho

not a roguelike

epin meem

>roguelike dreams
sorry for your loss

>literally need spoilers to tell pussy apart from any of the other innumerable folds of flesh
Amy worst roguelike.

>no rElec
>-9 int

get your roguelite out of the premises

Pound it.


Are all cars in Cataclysm generated with dead batteries or am I just unlucky?

>Doing well in Brogue, diving down with a +9 teleportation charm
>See an imp on D:18
>Brain ceases to function as I don't turn invisible, negate him, haste myself, or just fucking teleport away
>Imp naturally steals the one fucking thing I absolutely do not want him to steal, my teleport charm

It's been a long time since I faulted so hard.

>start with a cloak of MR for nopoly
>can start with ring of SD
>is a vampire


>shilling a game that is literally a downgraded version of owh+

>weebier sprites
>a downgrade

Pick one.

Convicts have superb damage though.

True, but convicts don't have to cough blood and play thousands of games just for the chance of grabbing a ring of slow digestion froma sink and then falling intoa polymorph trap.

Let's assume I want to get into Nethack.

What variand should I use (and why)? Dynahack? Nethack 4? Nethack 3.6?

No SLASH'EM or SLEX, please.


Well, Dynahack has the best interface. Nethack 4 plays like nethack 3.4.3 but with dyna's interface. I think dynahack played on a terminal is the best possible way to play nethack because of how good it looks and for the sheer versatility of the thing. Plus it fixes a lot of scummy shit guards don't count and thus makes nethack a lot more fun. Vampires are a really fun race, even if you're not playing convicts.

Dynahack: it has the best UI, lots of quality-of-life changes, and it's also fun.
AWOOOO! Congratulations user!

Why not? SLEX is really easy these days if you just roll a doppelganger monk.

Oh also dynahack fixes all instadeath bullshit that is the trademark (read: infamous shitstains) of nethack.

Talking about it in The IRC fixed it

I'd like to thank /rlg/ for this

Also hyper futa mare dicks

I am finally free

now go for 15: no soko-cheating this time!

I'm not touching a roguelike for the next months
I'm completely saturated

in order:
NetHack 4

Thanks user.

I don't like the kitchen sink approach, and it's probably gonna feel overwhelming,

But why though?

Congratulations user, that's really autistic.

This should go in the next OP.

because nh4 will be pure nethack experience with enhanced ui, dyna looks great and makes some cool changes and UnNetHack because it's great fork with even more changes that aren't bloat

Thank you user I worked for several months to get this far
I'm gonna update the notable ascension page

Ok, but with all probability I'm going to get bored before really playing three different variants of the same thing.
That's why I was asking for a single one.

Celestia's dick, I presume?

>a blessed greased hyper futa mare dick named Gioiello del sole
it means "Jewel of the sun".
so yes

Can someone explain this to someone who doesnt play nethack? And gz user!

Ponyposter got 14 different conducts: the most anyone has ever gotten. This breaks his previous record of 13 different conducts. Presumably he'll break it in the future, with 15 different conducts since he didn't have 15 only due to a hill giant spawn in Sokoban.

conducts are restrictions you put on yourself that make the game a lot harder.
The maximum theoretical amount of conducts is 12 in regular nethack. Nobody has EVER won a game with 12 conducts.

I won 14 because dynahack also counts if you sacrifice elbereth (a get out of jail free card) and bones files (you can't find ghosts of old adventurers with all their loot)

It's a terribly hard thing to do. Kinda like MuMo, but if the game kept track of you waring armor and using weapons.

in this case dyna, but if you like tiles then UnNetHack with DawnHack tileset
have fun, I am sure you will!

>"Zin said that harmony shall be the law of the land, and...",
>"...those who turn to discord will be purified. This was fair...",
>"...and just, and not a voice dissented.",

when describing rls, what does non-modality mean?

>those who turn to discord

>kate still hasn't invited anyone else
>all greatplayers are just waiting for more people to talk

goddamn kate

My understanding is that it means separation of mechanics from regular play. For example, when you shop in NetHack, you literally walk your character into the shop, pick up and pay for items, whereas in Angband, when you walk into a shop a shopping menu comes up.

Usk is hilariously fun. Play Ho* and pump that invo. Axe stabbing is GOAT
Yred's haste+might
Chei's always been broken fuck
Use div shield and halo on tso. Spamgel your way through any problems
Constant nerfs aside, high invo corpse delivery with animate skell + simac or delivery + animate first to give you a bufferis pretty strong andit only gets better once they engulf shit and you mash dat MF immo
Summoning is pretty absurdly strong despite the nerfs.
High apt Hu/AM's are incredibly diesel in a fiver

He spammed DsWn's and shit while he was new while being unable to learn from it and refusing to play an easier species so he could learn to not be an idiot.

But they are though. The high elf was a magic biased moderate race with most importantly, good launcher apts. It was easy to get moderate +apts in virtually every skill you were gonna use, much like a minotaur. It's not magic retarded like halflings, minotaurs, Hill orcs, centaurs or any other launcher race. It's not as frail as a tengu. It's not having to fight uphill for defenses like the large races

That's the problem with the people supporting it. Maybe they just tabtaur and za macro too much but it's like they don't even know that skald/AM styles exist. The game's not gonna explode if you leave a HE in. Let it have its niche.

Elliptic streaked like 32, 38 or 42 I forget and it wasn't even like he was charting out the most babbymode combos to do it with.

It does after vaults where you want the slay but it's also pulling shit screens away and you can't instagib anymore. It's even rougher if you aren't using a launcher.

Dynast is the craziest streaker ever. Check his one.

picking wanderer on a strong race doesn't really make a streak that impressive

Pretty much. If the part is yellow it's damaged enough to leak charge, gas, or have heavy trouble starting.
Just keep looking for duct tape and you'll eventually find something you only gotta replace simple parts on to use. If you need to raise mechanics without books, craft improvised lockpicks and lockpick locked doors. Crowbar every door to open it. Reassign the key to e or r or something to make it easier. Once you find some tools and you have mechanics 1 you can go look at wrecks. Smash the tiles with broke or damaged shit over a surviving frame until it's all broken off then remove the frame or just keep picking and crowbarring about 600 doors for mechanics 2. Then go nuts. Remember to screw every clock for barter goods and seatbelt for thread and long ropes. You can break car batteries down for plastic to craft shit and if you either berry vinegar farm batteries or you have rechargeable mods you can repair them for more plastic per battery.

Basically, he startscummed until he found and id'd slow digestion then played the game in the most tedious and scummy way in a variant with OP items until he could cheese the rest of the game game without breaking a sweat from grinding out ten gorillion ascension kit items and consumables.

>the easiest class

Well, I hope Normal was easy enough for you.

I think we should make a PR that substitutes solar cars with Teslas in DDA




OK, what in the absolute shit was this filthy Hobgoblin-

what version are you on



It might be a trunk thing but it might also just be a coincidence.
let us know if you find any more very enchanted weapons.