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2nd layer: a whole lot of anti-personnel traps
got a deep sea rune from the bonus chest



Ol' Ben goes where he pleases.

Is the beast cutter or whirligig good for an arc build? Thinking of going 70 arc and meeting the minimum reqs

Whirligig is great with full fire setup, Cutter is ok.

>threaded cane for pvp

is it viable? My skill build is starting to get a move on, it'll definitely be ready for the next FC (or the one in two weeks.) I don't want to be like every other shitter using the blades of mercy or rakuyo as I don't really like them as weapons. Threaded cane in pve is a lot of fun, and I'd imagine the whip mode would catch a lot of people off guard seeing as the threaded cane hunter always gives me a hard time. Just something about the whip form is hard to track when it's coming at you. Despite this I don't think I've ever seen anyone in a FC using it. Thoughts?

oh FUCK he sniped us with that cannon


here's what I'd be going for by SL98 btw. 15 arc for old hunter bone / roar spam, 27.2% physical gems on both cane and pick.

Tips for fighting Ludwig with only ten vit and a +5 Saw Spear? I'm out of Beast Blood Pellets and his horsey panic move kills me instantly.

The real question is why only 10 vit and +5 spear on ludwig.

Because I have a habit of upgrading my damage stats before touching vit and this build was going to use the Moonlight Sword.

How dead is he when kills you? If you can, dump your insight as low as you feel comfortable for more beasthood buildup. Saw spear is kind of shit for building beasthood tho desu. His second phase is easier than his first, his capacity to one shot you goes through the roof though.

Like I said, I'm out of Beast Blood Pellets. I'd spend insight on them if I could, but they aren't for sale.

Saw Spear works fine for wracking up beasthood, the trick attacks give you a ton.

I've only gotten him to phase two once, and he killed me in one hit about two seconds afterward.

Stay in the middle of the room, give him a wide berth. Consider using plank shield (lel (using a shield (scrub)))



What is the best chance I have in the 70 range to one shot people?

Cannon with high blt + bone marrow ash direct shots?

Where'd you get that look, friend

Ah shit

oh fuck my bad

It's funnier with sound

thanks a lot segalt, that was fun

anyone can help with maria?

I'll try.

Thanks for having me. Had an absolute blast

What's your password, by the way?


Every weapon is viable, and the Threaded Cane is a nice weapon for PvP. Start with Cruel Fate so you have 5 Blt instead of 7, there's no reason to ever start as Professional. Blade of Mercy isn't a shitter weapon like Rakuyo unless you dash-r1 spam, which isn't too hard to handle. Not as bad as Wheel dash-r1 spam. 10 Blt for Reiter is good too, I'd take some points outta End or Vit to use it if ya want.

Do I have to "die" to the lesser amygdala every time I want to access the DLC?

no theres a gravestone next to the insight merchant

Thanks, I've been doing it the way I mentioned for 9 times now.

post it on >>wsg

user you poor sod. Open your eyes.

Bros, I need help and suck at this game. I can get Rom down to like 30% and then he rapes me.

Pass is rg655m. Any help is much appreciated.

Which Rom?

Vacuous Spider.


I meant story rom or chalice rom, but I'm assuming story rom since you seem to be new. On my way.

Yo, I've bought a PS4 and Bloodborne not even a week ago without PS+, If I activate those 2 free days of PS+ will anyone help with Ludwig? I'm LVL.90 on NG.

Thanks user.

Lordy lord just summon Valtr. You're at a perfectly fine level to be doing Ludwig, anyways.
Or, get a serrated weapon (tricked Whirligig, Saw Spear, untricked Cleaver etc.), put some Fire Paper on, and pop a Beast Blood Pellet.

Sure thing mang, you know how multiplayer works in BB?

Thanks user. You messed that spider up real good.

I'm suppoused to use the bell?
I've used over 217 Blood Vials.

You're not going to survive Orphan.

I would love to enlist the help of two strapping lads to venture into the well and retrieve the Rakuyo. Anyone interested? I'm gonna clear the whole level, bit you can blank out after we get the Rakuyo if you want. Ringing at the first lamp. Pass:


Probably not.

Set connection to world wide
Set up a password, any will do. Tell the threat what the password is.
Tell where you are ringing from ( the lamp or near the boss fog )

Which Bell?

>I'm suppoused to use the bell?

Here's what you do:
>options button
>matching regions - worldwide
>password - anything you want

Once you've set a password, post it here for me and ring your Beckoning Bell inside the Nightmare Church or a Ludwig's fog, I'll use the same pass, we'l; get connected in a minutr

NVM, password is bbg I'm in front of the fog.

Beckoning bell

I am.

Damn I hope you got the last one, wasn't expecting the grab attack to come out that quickly or do so much damage


That grab is nasty. Got em! Thanks for the help! Gonna do the rest of the level if you're bored.

Sure I'll hop in after I'm done helping with ludwig

Perfect, thanks. I'll probably end up using that build except with 10 in str/blt so I can use the church pick and reiter to mix things up occasionally, seeing as I can do that and still be able to have 50 vit / 50 skl at bl98.

It's pretty fun so far, I've never really used the cane extensively (even on my pure arc build I found another weapon to substitute it) and it's a lot more versatile than I remember it being. Currently have it +9 and I'm in the yahurgal village. Probably going to make it through to nightmare of mensis tomorrow to grab the rock/string, grab the loran/isz chalice, and then I should have everything to rush through the CDs in another day or two.

You guys were right, it's a lot faster your third or fourth time through the game. I kind of expected it to be more of a slog but I'm more or less just running past all the levels just to fight the boss and progress to the next one.

Thanks, I was having a real hard time with him. Are any of you up for Abhorrrent Beast in Loran L3?


bbg, I'll be there in a few mins.

I'll come along too, I hate that fuck

Alright, ringing.

>Got pushed off the edge
Have no clue why I didn't see that coming

I forgot to ring the bell, kek

Italian all good. I got zapped and one shotted. Ringing again, but no pressure. I know this area is tedious.

I'm coming in via SRRC, so it may take a minute, the other user might be, too, so don't fret if it takes a few minutes linger, SRRC is notorious for it

Don't worry

switching characters. getting bored of my arc character

Thanks, he was another one that I was stuck on.

I am pretty sure this weapon is cheating when it come to PvE

So is this game pretty much Demon Souls for goth kids?

Yeah, we all like Nine Inch Nails (the band), and the colour purple (cool kind not the gay kind)

Demon's Souls is for goth kids too.

I'll be doing Defiled Pthumeru, if anyone is up let me know, I'm the same user from Ludwig and Abhorrent Beast.

I am getting severe input lag

okay ringing again


>One shot by OoK
That was weird, that attack shouldn't be doing that much damage

>Stake Driver +10
>Fire Paper

Fuck that was the easiest phase 2 ever. Literally just stood in front of him spamming tricked R1s. Interrupted both the radial AOE and the big overhead fuck you. Didn't even need to visceral and killed him in one stamina bar.

I'm on the 2nd lamp.

I need some tips for OoK
I'm alright with his first phase but I just get rekt halfway through the second. I'm using a +10 Logarius' wheel with 25str/50arc

LMAO, what the actual fuck?

Glad to help!

Oh it's absolutely cheating, yeah

So I should go back to using Ludwig's holy blade?

Damn, I got YEEAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOW'd toward the end.

Ringing for OOK at the fog for anyone interested. Pass:


Samefag from going through the level earlier, omw

Sorry, I'm not helping much, I'm not that good, and thanks. I'll be ringing again in a few mins.


Well damn. Why do I suck so much more in MP than soloing.

Thanks, guys!

I've spent almost two hours trying to kill hotdog for that early 10% fire gem in my arcane build. I have no more vials and just redoing the battle until hopefully I get it once. Ringing if anyone wants to help. Pass is bbg.

How do I make the Kos Parasite good? I'm a level 79 with 26 Arcane, and it's doing paltry damage.

What level? Just started a new character on Sunday and I'm around BL48
You need more arcane. 26 is pitiful. Aim for 50, and then look for suitable arc gems, like a 27.2%, a 23.1%, and a cold abyssal.

Which chalice/layer is that? I've for them all opened but can't remember specific boss locations.

Whirli is maximum fun just wrecking fools, Ludwig's has a reputation for being a boring weapon, but if you like it, go for it

>aim for 50
where the bell am I going to get all those echoes

Level 23 the very first chalice you get from bsb.

I'm only having trouble because I dumped all my levels into arcane and I have only base vitality.

I have been using Ludwig's weapon since I got it. Kirkhammer before. What is a fun weapon to use for a strength build