So you want a job?

Good luck famalam, with so many women in HR how can you land that job?

By being charming and personable.

With buzzwords....lots and lots of buzzwords

Fake being gay.

I once worked at a place where I was the only straight male out of about 25 employees. Ended up getting fired. HR person was a bitch lesbian.

>impressing a woman
>harder than impressing a man

Just actually shake their hand and ask about corporate culture.

My favorite lines is " but I doubt I have anything to worry about since there is a woman doing the hiring / incharge.

Then they gush about how inclusive X company is. Ez pz.

With dudes I have to worry about seeming weak by asking questions and inevitably flunk all the "what sports team" " did you catch the game" small talk.

learn to eat butt. those high-t corporate "females" love that.

Work in the trades.

Any commission based sales position.

if a company has an actual HR department they are dysfunctional to begin with.

anyone who have HR on payroll shouldn't operate a business, a company or anything.
you have automated ads that read to thousands of people online, if your'e a real manager take some type to get to know your employees and about their skills and don't trust your quality of labor to someone else, its YOUR company after all.

By pretending to be leftist/feminist, laugh on her shitty jokes and adding her on facebook

>sports talk at work
Literally the worst fucking feeling when you can't keep up

>implying you don't need HR to protect you from the endless law suits that (((progressives))) fling for not including enough minorities or women

join military

by being attractive

Why can't you keep up?

>watching sports at all
What's the point?

>so many women in HR
that's where they belong user
and the kitchen

By intimidation, rape her to establish dominance then again to remind her she's a whore she deserves this

For fun. Games can be exciting.

Be handsome.

Failing that, work in a tech company where the actual line manager makes the hiring decisions, and be qualified for the job.

Just tell them up front that you're not interested in sports, literally nobody gives a fuck, and if you find somebody that treats it seriously you don't want to work for them anyway. I'm 100% certain you only failed on those questions by being a dissembling little bitch.

If you're white then good fucking luck. Since I'm a POC I'll have no problem getting the job.