Fisker is back and teased their new car, the Fisker E-motion

Fisker is back and teased their new car, the Fisker E-motion
>Can charge 100 miles in 9 minutes
>400 miles of range


The bankrupt fisker became Karma Automotive, and relaunched the Fisker Karma as well

I thought these guys were GORN and were going to stay gorn.

They need to keep announcing new versions of vaporware to get more speculative investors to dump new money into the company. The real problem is how much of that new money is actually going towards developing the new car AND the manufacturing network that will build that car.

I bet a lot of that new money would be wasted in compensating all the staff and former staff compensation packages.

They already have a factory from their joint venture with VLF

Will it go bankrupt again

Fister. Anal fister.

no idea

if their next car is something a little less insane than the karma (more plastics and less fucking literal fossils regarding the interior) and make something a little more affordable, i think they'll be fine


>Can charge 100 miles in 9 minutes

They shouldn't be using that sort of claim as a way of being "better" than competitors. That's the sort of desperate claim that make them lose credibility with knowledgeable car buyers. Charged that fast, the Li-Ion cells lose a lot of lifespan. I think that is an irresponsible charging rate.

Karma Automotive Fisker is a game that the best way to win is not to play.

That's so ugly, even the mustache looked better.

Wrong picture, but you know what the front looked like anyway.

D-dorn? Is that you? Where's my cheese?

>Fisker is back and teased their new car, the Fisker E-motion
How much does this monster weigh? The Karma was 5300 pounds curb weight. That's a lot of weight opposing any sort of "fuel efficiency", all weather steering, and responsiveness on the road.

Fisker keeps playing musical chairs with new different model names and skins. The Fisker Karma got criticized for both its 5300 pounds and the love-it-or-hate-it looks. So now this E-motion is presumably a modded re-skinned Karma.

But when Fisker keeps doing this, it's like they're admitting all those abandoned models are vaporware.

I dont know what Henrik fisker is doing with his new car but i can tell you that the new version of the karma revero is really nice. All the stupid fossil leaf shit has been abandoned in favor of carbon fiber and brushed aluminium pannels

ya i know which one you are referring to

That makes it a white elephant you can't hardly drive anywhere unless it is Rodeo Drive in Beverley Hills or similar places.

>Fisker E-motion
The prices on Fisker keep creeping up higher and higher with each new model. If I was in the mood for buying $100K cars, I'd get the proven Tesla which also has a developed infrastructure as well as local places already accustomed to servicing them. I've purchased "orphan" products (e.g. fisker) before and after the experience want nothing to do with those anymore.

finally a car with a face just like my hentais

From this angle it looks like a squashed Spyker.

>Fisker is back and teased their new car, the Fisker E-motion
How many car models have they come out with and then abandoned so far?

What? Why? Its a regular car, has a 300 mile combined range. I own the older fisker version and its pretty much my daily driver at this point

>400 miles of range
That max range will decrease because Fast Charging reduces cell lifespan fast. It's a heavy car, so I bet it's 400 miles only in the first 2 weeks.

shindol is the shit


The madman

>shindol is the shit
Don't think that Shindol's Ero-motion is the same as E-motion though. Well, maybe panties will still get wet in the Fisker car. So who knows?

>panties will still get wet in the Fisker car

Nuh uh. Panties drop too fast to get wet.


Over part of its swing upward, the rain water will run down and spill inside the rear part of the cabin. Due to the slope of the opening, it looks like water will land on the rear passenger seat.

That's a pretty small center pillar. With any small accident on the sides, that rear door probably won't close properly. The car could be driven, but the rear door could suddenly catch the wind and slam itself open and bend backwards.

There's inherent advantages to how conventional car doors are designed to stay closed and sort of usable even after a minor side collision.

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a riced out Tesla with a bodykit?

That's the concept E-motion, the production one is in the op and will be unveiled in the summer