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overkill tries green bridge edition

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lol oops
actual previous thread here:

>he doesn't have Criminal Intent set as his main menu song

First for "Wolf's a fucking traitor"

4th for Nick Heister when

5th for shitty cheevos





>700 mb update
well i will just go to sleep

I am seriously hurt my friends. I need to find me some first aid

What chance that they actually grind to 25-100?

>"wahh i cant get misc achievements with shit pubs"
Play with friends and at least try faggot


>Stone Cold 2017

Green Bridge today

the update comes out like 30mins after i quit to get food, come back to install it
"requires 39GB of free space"
Now either the update is fucking massive or steam is doing some fuckery with my files again

Zero, they obviously cheated to 25-100.

>he plays with pubs


these masks look like shit

bassicly when downloading the update , you have like a second copy of the game on your computer for a while , then the non-changed files in the second copy are throw away

>not For the Kill

How is it??

put the codes in the bag trashley
preferably either wick pack, either scarface pack, or spec ops

begging is the easiest way to not get a code

only pens this time user, don't be shitter

I'm not begging, I'm demanding. Having fucked several traps, I can confirm they like it when you're assertive. doesn't matter anyway my internet's been so fucked up the past few days that I'd probably miss them anyway.

>catalonian internet

It's normally pretty good but for the past few days it just randomly drops down to nothing, as if it's gone out. But I know it hasn't gone out because my IP doesnt' get changed or anything like that. After a few minutes it comes back, but it's really annoying.


Enjoy! ;)


sample sounds good

here you go


this is a great pic

Very cute!


>LBV armor skins like swat one are bugged again
bravo overkill


Tazer Man has PAYDAY 2 5 minutes ago
It's people like this and the people who ask if they can have a robot heister or a anthropomorphic animal heister that make you question if everyone should be allowed a computer.

No, you can not have a raincoat outside this heist because no other heist is raining. That's it. That's the answer. Simple. Why can't you understand this simple answer. It's just a raincoat. It's just a jacket that makes you look bright yellow. THAT'S IT. It's raining so you use it. It's not raining in other maps so you can't use it. What part of this don't you understand? I'd understand if it was something cool like a power ranger suit (pls don't add) but no. You just want this random yellow jacket to be on other heists where it doesn't fit at all. A yellow raincoat is the blandest type of yellow jacket ANYONE can afford.

>getting this assblasted

Where can I find my own slim, horny, submissive, sexually confused 25yo femboy called Ash of my own? I just want to motorboat their pale butt, tickle the tip of their penis with my tongue, blow air on their tummy, slide a finger in their ass while I jerk them, see their pretty eyes while they suck me off.


>OP responds telling him to calm down
>"You're raging over nothing"
>from the guy raging over not getting to wear a raincoat in a video game
If I didn't have all my DLC pirated I'd call this retard out.

Just got an open vault door at the start of go bank, first time it happened, lucky.

Why did you make this thread? Are you that retarded?

>getting assblasted over others' assblast
o i am laffin

Why the fuck not?



Glad you revealed your steam profile so I can block your retard shitter ass.

>25 can't be petite
If you only saw me ;)

How could you possibly know her age?

Make the fucking mod yourself. Why would anyone want to wear raincoats anywhere else? It's not like it's the t-shirt outfit from PD:TH where it would actually make sense to wear in the majority of loud heists.

Fashion is the obvious answer

The t-shirt outfit is ugly as fuck

Whatever you say hun


>Beat Green Bridge
>Hector starts talking

Are we being haunted??

Fashion is literally the only reason to play Payday 2

>shit mechanics

>shit graphics

>shit lore

>infinite weapons, masks, and other cosmetics

yeah what the fuck, why wasn't it Bain or Jiro himself

So why are you playing if all of that is shit and doesnt' have your fashionable raincoats? Or are you just shitposting?


da mendoza's are still relevant

Faggot. Short sleeves with gloves is hella tacticool.

>swedish coding

Because there are other fashion statements to be made, but raincoats are something more to be had with everything else

Fingerless gloves are cooler though

> greed bridge OD

>wearing fingerless gloves while committing a crime

>raincoats on Green Bridge

So how did they do it?

Did they really make a full new set of models for every single weapon in the game?



What? No, of course not. They added an ugly poorly made model of a raincoat on top of the default heister bodies, so you can't see any armour at all. There's also no hood, because they can't figure out how to work that because they're worthless. And the viewmodel clips into everything, including itself

Jacket had to have gotten rid of his fingerprints at some point, based on the fact that the cops didn't catch him until the end of HM even though any prints he would have left were probably in some military database
Sydney is just dumb

>Yfw Sydney is the traitor unintentionally because she blogged about her heisting escapades on her tumblr

That's it?
Where the fuck is Kento?

>People still play this garbage.
What's your excuse?

If you actually expected the Jap to be Kento, you're several days behind on your info and are possibly mentally retarded

I expected something to unlock after completing Green Bridge, at least something. I knew the prisoner wasn't Kento since day 6.

>The Search for Kento
>Kento isn't found

So, where do i need to leave the medic bag for I felt bad for him, and where are the handcufs are?

the entire point of this event was to find kento

>People still post this bait
What's your excuse?

they're fucking criminals not cops

first left balcony

He is hiding behind the 6.99$ DLC

>dollar sign after number

He was in our hearts the whole time



Kento was the friends Jiro made along the way.

Seriously tho, the winner from the contest is probably just going to be someone else who knows something about him like Bonnie was with Hector and Kento will be released as $6.99 DLC with a perk deck which is just a weaker Yakuza and a $6.99 1 day accomping heist

>weaker Yakuza
What if it was reverse Yakuza, the higher your HP the faster you become, but if your hp lowers you become slower than the base speed you would have without the perk deck.

I like it

There is absolutely no basis for this

why dont you just add her then?

She's married and won't be mine

so any one found any handcuffs already ?

i found two

>One near the green right pillar at the destructed end of the bridge
>one on a crate infront of the tower entrance where you bring in kazo

learn to share

there is one on the front of a truck on the right side of the bridge. that's the only one i found

Ow, i just realised, green bridge was inspiration for transport heists dlc

Heat was inspiration for transport heists DLC.

Pretty sure Heat was the inspiration for transport hests.

>Make an achievement that requires you to platform and stay off the ground
>The retarded fucking prisoner constantly falls over and needs you to yell at him to keep moving
>It has a 2 meter range
>You need to be up his fucking ass to even do it and there are some circumstances where it is *literally* impossible to yell at him without touching the ground

Wow bravo overkill good achievement I can tell you playtested this one heavily

I'm glad I'm not the only one losing my fucking mind over this shitty achievement.

>fully loaded still doesn't stack with walk in closet
for what reason

>event about Kento
>Kento doesn't make an appearance on his own fucking event
but y tho

the SEARCH for kento

for him to appear you will have to wait for the Kento Breakout event with his character pack for 6.99

>Heat mask along heat heist
>its green bridge inspiration
how many layers of dumb are you

he should be prisoner. that fitting well