Just why?

Why can't our companies built such a brilliant drivers car like the new Volkswagon Arteon?
All we get is the next fucking Cadillac/ Buick Crossover. Fuck I wish I were european so I can race on the ring and drive great cars.

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Buick Regal GS?
Cadillac CT6 V-Sport?

>Buick Regal GS
But that's basically a rebaged Opel Insignia GSI

>European cars
You're a fucking idiot and should consider sudoku.

t. Europoor

Best drivers cars on the market right now are all 3 cars made on GM's Alpha platform.

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redpill me on this car please. only VW that i feel is worthy is Golf-series.

>Golf R
>not the best hot hatch
>Audi a8
>not the best limousine

>redpill me on this car please.

>overpriced rebadged volkswagen

>Why can't our companies built
Nice try, eurofag.

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Nigger it comes strictly with an auto 8 speed slush box. What a joke of a "Drivers car"

Niggaa it has a DCT. At least here in the civilized world (aka Europa)

Shit domestic reliability.

>talking shit about a domestic that isn't even out with a drivetrain that isn't even out
opinion discarded

>facelifted Highline Passat for 5er money

This. CTS VSport handles very very well.

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Too bad Cadillac has shit reliability with their poor electronics

Thats a meme, son. Same suppliers make the electronics for all cars these days. Caddy or GM for that matter is no worse than anybody else.

With a 3.6l V6 under the hood instead of a 2.0 tarbo 4.
And it's not like the Arteon isn't literally a gussied up Passat, the Insignia's main competition over in Europe, or anything.

Heh yep, a handful of major electronics suppliers and they make most of their shit in China, doesn't matter whether it's Bosch, Delphi, Denso etc

I would go with GM or Ford over any of the German makers for reliability. Both GM and Ford have long established track records for drivetrain reliability. Change the fluids when you are supposed to and flog the damn thing and you'll never have an issue. Its only the cucks who don't take care of their cars that complain about reliability.

> I tracked my car all weekend and something broke. Waaa.
> My jeep's axel broke on that rock climb and now I cant go to work. Waaa.

Now, if something does break, the equivalent repair on a domestic vs. a German vehicle is going to be far cheaper for the domestic.

>and flog
and don't flog