What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done with your car?

What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done with your car?

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i once exceeded the speed limit 5mph passing up a cop car that was slowing down traffic.


Someone didn’t move his car while they were going to fix the road



I was driving at 200 km/h on a highway, surpassed every single driver without ever slowing down, just to piss them off with my shitbox.

>road blocked for roadwork
>its a shortcut to my house
>move the barrier and go in anyway

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and they just chipped around it? Europeans are such pussies. ANYWHERE else would have towed the retard first

In college my apartment decided to redo the driveway and parking lot without warning anyone it will be unusable for two days, stranding me and a bunch of other residents. I wound up driving through the adjacent parks and golf course to go to work, and a dozen others that were standing around complaining all got in their cars and followed.

Let out all 176 horses out down a big hill. Reached 115 mph then learned more about brake fade.

Something Like this

It's harder to fuck with people's property in Europe

was trapped in the dorm parking lot while the repaved the entrance road. drove around the barriers anyway. still have tar stuck to the sides of my truck 5 years later

Not me but it must be told
>grandpa is propane truck driver
>a fire closed the freeway and the police said he cant go home
>he takes unpaved country road near the fire in a empty propane truck
>he passes fire trucks and drives right next to fire so he can go home
Based grandpa

Had sex in it while in my garage.

skidding round traffic circles in the rain

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I picked up a hookah and waped her in my wubmobeel. Wipped my willy and wacked her silly. Baby girl took a whirl on my tilt a wirl. Made her puke, she had to hurl after my cock tore her guts apart. Then I smashed her head open with my car like Phil Reotardo in The Sopranos.

I put illegal tail lights on my truck.

>always run red lights late at night
>drive on the wrong side of the road even ones with centre deviding lines for fun
>drive the wrong way around roundabouts to overtake people
>undertake people in bus lanes and carpool lanes
>flip people off who don’t indicate
>tailgate learner drivers
>accelerate as I approach cyclists and pedestrians so I can blow off valve right next to them
>speed and lane change in tunnels
>never let busses out and always honk at them when they try to
>rev really loud at traffic lights
>wot stop to stop in built up areas
>downshift at 7000rpm into 2nd as I approcach intersections
>stomp the brakes when my front wheels are on top of a speed bump so the abs can’t kick in and it makes a super loud chirp
>kick it out round every corner intersection in the rain
>floor it on gravel construction roads to flick rocks at people
>block slowfags who speed up for passing lanes to let trucks get passed then pass them later
>always wave to people or flash indicators to say thanks when they let me in

All progress depends on the unreasonable man so you’ll thank me later

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Drive 250km/h with my knee holding the steering wheel and snorting cocaine out of a €500 bill whilst holding a beer between my thighs and stashing a couple hundred grams of coke and heroin in the car as well. Might not even be the worst thing.
I've done a couple of years....

I like doing this

>following truck hauling ass at 100
>catch up to minivan doing 70
>stuck for ages behind him until finally a passing lane
>minivan guy floors it
>I chop 3rd and rocket past him anyway
>truck is trying to pass but top speed limiter or hill or whatever stops trucks going faster
>pull into inside lane in front of van and slow down
>retard gets mad and tries to pass but now can’t because the truck has caught up
>truck passes us both and keeps hauling ass
>eventually lose slow asshole who goes back to 70
>finally get bored cus wanna speed so pass truck on straightaway
>he flashes me thanks

Felt really good lads enacting petty justice is the best


..but its on public property

and what is up with the dutch and brick roads? They brag about the roads, but theres brick everywhere

I've done this...all while I thought I needed more coke...

Today i was going 30km over the limit in a residential because i was late to work and some old cyclefag was waving me down.
Hoping the old coot doesnt dob me in and i get a flag on my licence.

where is this a thing

Hit like 20 mail boxes

Driven on roads closed due to fallen branches or mud.
>Muh 4x4
The county here loves to close roads for repair but doesnt like to actually do the repairs and re open the roads.

I even cleared the fallen branches myself once because I live less than a mile down the road and fuck the 10 minute detour on an otherwise 8 minute drive to work.

I have a mate who was cruising with some boys, i have no doubt he is a hoon, but he went into a park and his mates where ripping donuts.
He was last to leave in a convoy of three cars after not doing anything and just watching.
Some dickhead takes his licence plate and he gets a warning letter in the mail and a hoon flag on his licence.
Might be because hes a probationary driver but still bullshit to get in trouble based on the opinion of some oldfag.

Mind you it was pitch black with no cars or people near where they were doing donuts.

>doing 100mph in a 75
>cop sees me
>he can chase right away as someone doesnt pull to the side
>wrap the speedometer back to 0.. probably about 130 now
>race to the next off ramp turn race to a neighborhood running stop signs and what not
>pull into a random drive way
>hear the sirens go by 30 seconds later
>forced to drive the speed limit everywhere from then out as I was followed every time I drove


the absolute cucked state of Europe

in America or Canada they would've just towed that fucking shitbox and torn up the rest of the road

probably scraped the fuckin vegan's little shitbox too

I drove drunk many many times
also high a ton
couple times on shrooms
on ecstasy
on acid

fuck I probably should have lost my license when I was a young jackass

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its hard to believe random people can do that to you.

European laws bro. In the US you can get your car towed for almost anything. Piss of your jewish HOA? Tow. Park within 101ft of a stop sign and Officer Donut needs to meet his quota? Tow.

I'm with you. Add coke, ketamine, 2ce And mescaline to that list and I'm in the same boat.

Yikes good thing I grew up sorta.

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I've been known to overtake on ramps.
The look on peoples faces is pretty funny.

and this is why your country is shit. there is no rule of law (unless its laws restricting freedom of speech or association)

Oh yeah friend, the US is such a superior country when it comes to consumer and standard of living laws. Both of our countries are shit and you know it.