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>retarded ideas people will never code
>hopefully waifus aren't coming back (or hopefully they are depending on your preference)
>Chug is going to be admin and you can't stop it

>What is Space Station 13?
[YouTube] Space Station 13 (embed)
pastebin.com/VNcX2Quc (embed)

>New player guide

>BYOND client

>Pomf Serbian, main Veeky Forumsstation server

>Test server

>Public server list

>How do I connect to the servers?
Hit the cogwheel in the upper right corner of the BYOND hub and pick "Open Location"

Try the latest 512 version! It SHOULD be mostly functional
If that doesn't work, downgrade your BYOND version to byond.com/download/build/510/510.1347_byond.exe

>Veeky Forumsstation forum and logs + Discord circlejerk

>Map renders collection: updated sometimes

>Coderbus, here!
@rizon #coderbus @rizon #vgstation

>Cryo Autism
pastebin.com/raw/YmAyagUa (embed)

>Round Stats

>SS13 booru for all your SS13 images!

>How To Install BYOND: The Video Tutorial: The Movie
[YouTube] How to download BYOND (embed)


>OP Pastebin
pastebin.com/raw/z7czw5WQ (embed)

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first for too early but it prevents retards jacking it again i guess

gimme more cult rounds it’s all I have left to live for

>All those uncovered faces and the borg doesn't have stoxsmoke
What a homosexual world we live in.

Who cares when you're about to summon Nar'sie

Bumping people out of the circle resets it long enough for the stox to hit

I meant more of the unconvered face thing

Enjoy ur smoke/spray vulnerability.


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>borg in charge of policing religious activities
MacValidstein has logged in to the thread

Mech components on space pods when?


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Posted this in the wrong thread...

Alright, so 2 vaults for 3 z levels, and 3 vaults for Z6. Can some only spawn on certain Z levels?

Thanks, going through this now.

The vault was not nearly as fun as this video suggests.

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Im indifferent on most components on pods but Id really like to see tracking beacons on pods, along with the same sort of console mechs have.

Sleeper pods for group exploration or body recoverly wouldnt break anything I think.

>inactive but good
>inactive but good
>no opinion


youre tsundere about sharing your job with others
thats a cute thought to go to sleep to
night Veeky Forums

>make a meme list
>deny nuke/salamandoo

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Also I think ss13.moe/wiki/index.php/Vault_(map_element) is missing a few vault or two. There doesn't seem to be any records of the zoo ship, that' mostly filled with Kudzu and cockatrices.

salamandooo has three o's you brainlets

next time just press ctrl+S

no ctrl key on my phone keyboard


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Not that i'm aware but something could have changed
You can read up on its system and loo kat its spawn region areas

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thanks probe-kun

>Station does silent after reports of homosexuals
>All that is left for the ERT is remains in a twisted hulk

Worried I might slip up now lads
Been playing on vore more and more even got close to unironicly EPRing
There is too much power when you know you can get away with anything
Even me uwu

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Its ok, suicide is still an option for you

>he can’t meta botany by harvesting semen from the dorms after EPRS have had sex

>He doesn't capture his waifu's and feed them poison to collect their vomit, feed them blood so they can harvest it in preparation for a full transfusion and organ and limb switch so that they're truly inside their waifu with the assistance of a gripper emagged medborg

That seems like a really good gimick to fuck with a meta friend

>that tator AI round several hours earlier
>tator AI seems new so I suggest we play it cool and let me make barrel bombs
>just as I'm about to finish getting stuff on the roid I run into a double goliath gang bang
>somehow the Ai gets outed when I go back into my MMI after I'm blown and spend like 10 mins in darkess before I ghost and realize shit got fucked

it was a big mess
one of the slaved mediborgs just went full "I am blatantly spacing the target"
only reason i didn't kill it there was because I didn't want to get banned over some dumb shit so it got lazered later on in the BrigCore when it got subverted

Ok so I want to think about the proper way to go about this.
I made BO an alt title of IAA because theres a lack of general content.
I cant code for shit, but I can map bridges to have enough "tools" to get around that.
Do we actually want BO to put on the big boy panties and be its own job? If so Ill need to edit all the bridges.
Im ok with doing this but Im not going to do it if people dont want it.

If I skin a goliath to harden my suit, its defences will remain unchanged if I use an ADVANCED injector right?

Eh I would appreciate that change it personally but I'm one dude
I think you wouldn't need to change the Bridges that much, just make some Bridge Officer lockers that spawn... somewhere. (Shit maybe you would need to edit the Bridges).

Basically what I've found is this: All of the "Pure Command" roles [Captain, HoP, and to a lesser extent Bridge Officer] suffer from this issue where since they have no real "home" base with coworkers and tools, (the HoP theoretically manages Cargo but in reality the QM just wants him to go away) you wind up with a bunch of SecLite players. This can be seen in many aspects of our gameplay, like how :C is often an abandoned radio channel, and the "real" Command radio channel ends up being :S in practice unless the HoS thinks that yelling loud over :C will get the RD to blow them borgs.

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I dont see much of reason not to honestly. Bridge officer isnt really any different than the other two "nco" nonhead style jobs - quartermaster and warden.
Neither are necessary for their departments to function, but they have perks that allow them to enhance their departments.
Fundamentally theres no reason not to have BO serve as that immediate level position within command.

What if HoP lost :s on their default headset?
I dont know what else you can do to limit command from becoming security wannabes. Its a breakdown in job delegation - you give HoP all the tools to do security job so its foolish to expect them not to use them.

The problem with command is that with all the tools for command and control comes power that naturally leads to a lust for valids. How do you change their content to discourage this without making their command tools ineffective?
IAA suffers from this as well. You have access and power, youre going to naturally want to use it. How do you limit people blue and black tiding without breaking the jobs?

Reminder to tell him/her how you feel, user.


command being seclite is just natural adjustment to the game mechanics if anything

like for example, if im the hos, i naturally only use :s because i want my officers to know what's going on. i will only use :c if i have to because anything I say there I'll usually have to repeat on :s. so then the captain naturally adjusts, and only talks on :s whenever possible, and then eventually the HoP does too, because there's hardly anyone on :c, and the topic of job changes pretty much concerns security anyway because officers want to know who is allowed to go where.

i havent played hop in a while, but if i saw a hop diving into the sec lockers at round start to steal a security encryption key because otherwise he can't tell the security team that the clown has botany access, because he wants to know when the people he gave access to are being shits, (or whatever) & because the hos would rather not copypaste everything he says into the radio twice then i really cant blame him

i mean those big blue lads dont even spawn with a belt in their locker

there's very little i would change here because i think you'd have to overhaul our command structure, but if i only had to make easy changes, i'd just give HoS access to the ID console at roundstart it so he actually has the access necessary to do his job & make Bridge Officers real boys because why not

It stems from command having very little else to do. Once HoP runs out of tards to wrangle at the line, what else does one do? Civilian departments dont need him 99% of the time.

Same reason IAA goes blacktide. They dont have anything else to do.

Unlike an actual navy, Veeky Forums departments work pretty much autonomous and have no need for commanders. You'd have to reorder the command structure entirely to fix it.

I don't think Bridge Officer needs to be it's own job. Please, I get your new to coding but don't listen to every person's suggestions, because thats how you end up with shitty spaghetti code, and coders not paying attention to what they are doing. N3X15 isn't here to regulate bad ideas for coding, so please look at alternate titles and ask, "What changes?" if a Bridge Officer is made it's own job, what can they do differently if they are given there own role that they can't do now? That's the reason the Lawyer was moved to an alternate title, because his purpose was trials and cleaning up the brig, and everyone in sec could do that perfectly fine. If the captain, or HoP, or someone can look after the bridge just fine, then we don't really need it to be it's own job. If they don't want to look after it, thats fine too were a Low RP server, and we don't need strict ru-rus about captains needing to stay in the bridge

What this guy said. Like most pie in the sky projects in the thread, this is one of those ideas where one guy says "Wouldn't it be cool if".

>if a Bridge Officer is made it's own job, what can they do differently if they are given there own role that they can't do now?
well i cant speak for everyone in command but spawning with a command radio & the fact that i actually listen to what bridge officers have to say
i guess you could also argue that the shitters would just invade the bridge officer role if we did that. i might counter with "why haven't they already for the free headset?" but i can see it happening anyway

Nobody has any trouble using the security channel let along a guy that can just do get a security headset

You're also too harsh on people killing problem chilluns. It's simple, they're fucking peoples shit up so people affected by that and the soon to be loose plasma/singularity are gonna do something about it.

What i'm trying to get at, is we already have a command/nanotrasen yes-man in the form of the IAA. Alternate Titles exist because someone goes, "Wouldn't it be cool if X", and then they realize that the job they are proposing fits perfectly fine within the boundries of the current jobs that exist. The point where jobs seperate I.E Roboticist, to Scientist. Is when they have a bigger primary purpose.

For instance, Roboticist focuses primarily on building and constructing Mechs and Robots

Scientist focuses primarily on Research, Bombs, Telesci, ect. Theres 2 big differences between those jobs and how they function.

Now, for the BO example

IAA is a yes-man who faxes complaints to Heads and Centcomm, and generally agrees with anyone a nanotrasen official or the captain says

Bridge Officer is a yes-man who gives orders to heads and nanotrasen officials and generally agrees with what they say or do.

The way you slice it, Bridge Officers and IAA's have no different primary purpose from eachother, and that is why they should remain alternate titles and not jobs themselves because nothing changes, except IAA becomes a lot less clogged by people who have a weird domination fetish for the captain.





Im not really convinced it needs its own job, which is why I did BO the way it is done.
I keep seeing the suggestions to change it, which is why I bring it up.
Im interested in the gameplay implications of a stronger set of tools for BO that would make it worth doing it, which warrants a discussion I think.
Anything that speeds up command decisions and lessens the "fog of war" with antags is tricky because youre trying to balance the game on the tip of the sword. On one hand the extra communication and abilities could help make command jobs more effective and fun, but also make antaging harder because that gap of situational awareness that is inherent to SS13.

Im super hesitant to add the next "sps" to game. But Im also really open to jobs who interact with large sections of the station and crew.

id argue that the difference is that iaa is pretty much a defunct role
it's not in an ideal state at all and your whole job relying off of faxbusses is bad which is why chappy does it better because there's at least more content to play with
there were complaints on this even on bay when i played it, that their nanotrasen liason or whatever it's called there gets ignored by admemes

Who is this Chug person and why should I care if they're an admin?

He's one of the many infamous shitters and he has only returned to grab power, hoping to follow in the footsteps of Sawbones

old player that some people who may or may not play here dislike or maybe not dislike but just want to shitpost and he's the target of the week

It's martin taylor
He's a many years old ss13 player who burned out years ago and generally only played to grief people
You should care cause he only came back for a chance to be an admin which tells you every reason you need to deny him.

Do you remember the IAA plasmeme "cornslaw"? Do you remember this person sucking squid's and other admins dick for constant round after round shitbuses? That Chug. They "cleaned up" conveniently when the shitmins enabling got canned but we all know people dont really change on this server.

t. guy who doesn't remember chug

>iaa is ded role
>iaa busses for cornslaw every round
>sometimes stuff that changed the whole round solely for this one meme man
those were dark times

He is the anonymous informant that caused a bunch of drama a month ago, despite him being a huge drama whore he's accepted but somebody else was instantly denied for making drama but chug makes drama and the other people dont but chug is admin now because he is friends with probe and foster and also he makes drama.

sorry should i trust people like (You) who don't even know who is an admin or not? squid wasn't removed.

He's talking about dorms who finally assblasted themselves

squid had their bus flags removed, i dont know how many, but i think all of them
understandable mistake to make as they did go on hiatus after that

t. guy who thinks he knows shit but actually doesn't

Squid lost buildmode, fun, spawn, sound, varedit dude.

fuck i accidentally the admin apps

Oh, I remember that name. He was a greytiding shitbag if I recall.

>martin taylor
That was Infoman.

reminder that if you dont want somebody as admin, then go into their app under an anonymous account and say so. maybe you can even include why

Well logs are burnt toast, was his non-jones bones static close to that? I'm terrible with names. I was just sick of him being a shitter all the time and seeing chug's ckey come up as the guy.

just update the remaining 4 bridges to have the same amount of tools as deff has now and leave it be
The time you spend trying to make a niche job could be spent better elsewhere.

5 hours ago the server loaded up

>change box
>get lynched

I dont see that working well for me.

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Yes, and? It's deadpop time

>Delete some of the tables
>Replace with consoles
>Put the tables on the inside instead

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Robotics console inside Bridge is OP, nerf when?

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nothing wrong desu

It's so easy to make it's whatever

While changing rogue borg balance, it also moves the "cyborg control" away from Science

i think i'd have grounds to object to it if sec had the access necessary to do their job but as is im not too bothered
it wont ruin a milf or traitor ai round for obvious reasons

Can Cultist Xenos write runes and use them?

Isn't fixing/killing Silicons the job of Engineering and Science?

They don't have access to do anything other than monitor it.


Eng lost the assembly line nearly half a decade ago, stop living in the past
Sci doesn't listen, are never around, and don't even know how to do anything silicon related more often than not.

in theory yes
in practice i'm locking up a secborg that's breaking its ROBOCOP laws in a ghetto gay baby jail (welded locker surrounded by vending machines) because i don't have the access to remove its cell as a HoS let alone use the robo console which has a hard ID lock

Thats essentially what I would have to do, since no one will tolerate a deff style overhaul.
The reason Im hesitant is because the default bridge layout as is leaves firing angle vulnerabilities. As in, you can get firing angles from the hall onto targets on the bridge via the gaps in consoles when the shields are down. Adding more consoles without that in mind means disregarding combat balance.

Maybe Im overthinking this, but I come from a FPS and Isometric shooter design background, so it draws my attention.

For example when I was actively developing for Infantry Online, I'd spend alot of time going over every single attack angle, a bigger deal for infantry because of the bouncy bullets and splash damage, but still a valid concern here.

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>Sci doesn't listen, are never around, and don't even know how to do anything silicon related more often than not.
this too.
god bless the rd today for blowing the borgs when i asked him to, but he didnt know that traitor ais are a thing and that just because the card says asimov doesn't mean the ai is asimov. (which i dont blame him for but you get the idea.)

Maybe removing the law 0 visibility from intellicard was a shit idea, it's very hard to make sure the AI is actually a traitor

Any spergy faggot can just drop blast shutters and cut AI control. While I agree that it's a concern, it's a stupid concern. You can also just make it vertically rather than horizontally oriented so people can barf shots down if you want to keep some a least Or hell, just put the consoles up against the AI core wall so it's wide open to shoot into their backs

It's really easy.

Purge, Asimov
If a n y t h i n g happens since, purge, suicide laws, go blow, melt the brains, kill and card then melt the ai. It only gets one second chance.

A good map will have defensible areas with exploitable weak points.

This base has a back door, a bypass, and various props that allow players utilize a wide range of gameplay mechanics.

Adding consoles willy nilly to box bridge just means adding extra cover with nothing to lose for it. This is why I'd like to remodel box bridge, to keep things fair for all involved, but touching box is too taboo these days.

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AI: There is another Upload console!
We had an Ion law!

Remember only wiping kills the carded AI, if you destroy a carded AI's card it gets sent to deadchat, but shows up functional for greentext purposes

this is why if the ai is fucky, (not murderboning but obviously goofed something bad like a slaved borg trying to assassinate) i ideally like to put a huge ass hole in the core & card the AI without touching the laws
if the laws look fine, then that means the AI is blatantly lying and you can press that wipe button

however it's also worth mentioning that rogue AIs are ALWAYS valid to kill and it's better to do sooner rather than later

does Veeky Forums have autocloning and if so what part do i change?

God tier Captain gimmick:
>Set AI on NT default
>AI, do not let anyone but me into Upload or change laws
>Watch half the station try to kill the "malf" AI when it doesn't want to let anyone into Upload

I dont think its a stupid concern, just a lesser one.


It's called banbaiting.