What is ETH really worth?

What is ETH really worth?

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I am shorting ETH

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Eth aint worth much anymore I guess


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We can't really say until it is used for a real product. Which might not ever happen. It's shit.

Should I sell eth?

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google.ch/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=3c9aWdfaMMHBXqzpqdAO#q="ethereum is not worth much as a currency"

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Well, the original idea behind ETH was that it would be used to pay people to contribute processing power to the network to run distributed applications and secure the blockchain.

How many Ethereum DApps can you actually name? If you're like most ETH traders, probably none. The platform is pretty much being ignored and it's being treated more like BTC which has a platform dedicated solely to creating a secure blockchain for currency transactions.

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Yes, exactly.

this leads to my point that ETH has become a fiat currency. It's worth and value is no longer associated with it's technology, but now just it's perception. It has a little more intrisic value than the oil-backed dollar (which we claim is fiat.)

Just stop thinking of ETH being valued on it's technology and realize it's fiat now.

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Honestly, I was interested in developing a DApp for the Ethereum network at one point in time, but it's really not a friendly platform to develop for. On top of that, every API call is treated as a transaction, which means gas charges. For the vast majority of applications, you could lease a low end VPS for $2.50 a month and users can access it for free. Why are people going to pay gas to use your app? So it really only applies to applications which strictly have to be distributed, and those kind of applications don't really apply to typical users.

Oh, on top of that, users have to use the Mist browser to access DApps, making the user base even more niche...

Maybe one of these upcoming Ethereum "sub-platforms" that utilize tokens will fix the problems. The only one I'm really following right now is FunFair, which is a gambling platform that it's in development.

How is Ethereum ever going to work if the fucking gas on which the system runs costs a couple 100 bucks.

1) cheaper than bitcoin
2) the gas limit (how much gas is used per transaction) is now determined dynamically, the higher it is the less valuable gas is
3) the end goal for Ethereum is proof of stake, which would make transactions easier to calculate ultimately allowing for a dramatic gas limit increase

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