Ancestry Thread

So where do your ancestors come from? Deep ancestry and immediate ancestors

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I live in Britain, my ancestors for the past 554 years have been British, Irish, and one Norwegian who came here before WW1.

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56% :)

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Pure old-stock American, before coming here they were farmers from Britain. I've even had my DNA tested, and my mother had filled out a family tree. Lots of English and Lowland Scottish, some Welsh and Scotch-Irish, too, maybe some from elsewhere.

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93% Ashkenazi, 4% eastern European, 3% caucus mountains


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Great grandparents all immigrated from Russia, Crimea region around 1910s

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I am Silesian :) My NORDIC ancestors come from cold Taiga, where they developed blond hair and progressive features. Then some of them migrated to Silesia and created the Corded Ware culture, which dominated the most of Northern Europe.

While the other line of these brave NORDICS migrated westwards and cucked the inferior races (like m*Diterrenean) by creating Unetice culture. Then some of them migrated to Scandinavia and together with the local Cordeds created the most noble folk in the world - the GERMANIC folk.

Then some of these brave warriors migrated on their boats to Silesia, and were known as the VANDALS. In my Heimatland, more precisely, as SILINGI.

They lived more or less peacefully, even traded with their NORDIC cousins in Rome via Amber Road, but then they decided to migrate. Although much of them also stayed on land.

The ones who migrated to Rome cucked the inferior m*Dshit races and established kingdom in North Africa (which is btw rightful Silesian land and should be part of Silesian Provinz in the upcoming Fourth Reich).

And those who stayed later allied with NORDIC (at first) Slavs, and adopted their language. Then my NORDIC ancestors were a land disputed between Poles and Bohemians, and at the end it was under the controll of the more Germanic Bohemians. Then it had a strong GERMAN immigration which helped to re-germanize it's character :)

Then these proud VANDALIC descendants came under the rule of the most succesful German kingdom ever (or second best after Francia) - Preußen. And under this controll it remained until the WW1.

After WW1, allies and Polish-paid spies unfortunetaly, forced Vandalic Silesians to partially join polackland (which was already TÜRAN by that time). But fortunetaly it rejoined the Reich, this time ruled by the hero of all Germans - ADOLF HITLER. Many of us fought bravely in Wehrmacht and Waffen SS, but the Vandalic Silesia was not in plans of the bolsheviks... yet we survived :)

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Your ancestors were from Khazaria, not Palestine. Nice try though.

i dont know about deep ancestors?

pls no bully :)

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I identify as 100% Pure Frank. Ever since I was a boy I have dreamed of invading roman provinces and subjugating Saxons.

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Some kind of steppe nomad blood in me too, thanks to Eastern Poland

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My god it’s true...

Paternal side is from north Portugal, maternal is south Scotland and north England.

>huge family tree back to Edward iii
Can't most people do this? Not impressive.

spanish heritage is rich, just like our culture

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Officialy, my male line goes back to some to some random famous first muslim, in reality, my male line goes back to a much older and much nobler lineage, my ancestors, the Great Natufians(Proto-Afroasiatic), were the first farmers, the first city-builders, the first dog tamers, and the first warriors.

Some Natufians(Proto Egyptian-Chadic-Cushitic-Omotic) racemixed with inferior Sumeroids and later on Negroids, the noblest Natufians shuned such degeneracy and decided to go to North Africa, these that decided to leave were know as the Capsians(Proto Berber-Semitic).

The Capsians(Proto Berber-Semitic) like the Early Natufians(Proto-Afroasiatic) were a noble race of fierce warriors so nobody dared to hinder their path, however, after coming to North Africa, an evil race know as the Iberomaurusian(Ibero-Cromagnoid) attacked them thus they had no choice but to genocide them.

Around 4000-3000 BC the Sahara became increasingly dry forcing the Southern Capsians(Proto Semitic) to go back to Natufia, the remaining Capsians(Proto Berber) later became the Berbers. The rest is History.

I didn't dwell too much into my female line but i know that most of my family is settled in the Yvelines and gained a considerable status during and after the Revolution. I also that my oldest attested ancestor is from Rouen, Normandy, and that my most famous ancestor is from Alsace-Moselle.

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My grandfather's family was made nobility by the Austrian monarchy and were loyal to them during WWI. They opposed Hitler when he came into power. When my great grandfather was drafted into the army during WWII and sent to the eastern front, he only shot into the air and never at the Russians. A grenade exploded near him and he was torn apart, the doctors could not put him back together.

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Shit, I forgot to add my dad's side of the family (they're a mystery to me, I only know my dad was born in Baghdad).

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Flanders and The Netherlands.

I'm from San Diego.
>Maternal grandma was born in southern Portugal to Madeiran parents, came to San Diego as a baby
>Maternal grandpa was born in Kentucky (moved to San Diego as a baby) to parents of French descent (originally descended from Pierre Neau of Poitou all the way back in the 17th century).
>Paternal grandma was born in Santa Flavia, Sicily during WW2 and moved to America with her parents as a toddler
>Paternal grandpa was born in California, but his parents came from the Frazione
of Porticello, Villa San Giovanni, Reggio, Calabria, Italy; they arrived on Staten Island in 1910
>ancestry test showed 13% "Caucasus" ancestry (defined on the test as anything in a region including the Caucasus itself, Anatolia, and northwestern Iran) and I'm not sure where it came from

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mutt & proud

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So it’s an amerimutt thread

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My father's from an aristocracy of Imperial Brazil and has Dutch heritage because my family was a bunch of pussies during the Dutch occupation(1630-1654)

56% and me

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UK to North Carolina/Virginia/Kentucky to Tennessee. That's about it in a short summary.

The only acceptable American is one of English descent
Good work, you're part of the 1%

3rd/4th generation american from a large group of nobles that left Europe in 1938
Russian family lost their lands and money and wwnt to live with their flemish cousins, hungarian family moved in at some point too, then germany ivaded belgium years later, family loses the chateau and decides to go to the english family who had a shitty two bedroom flat somewhere in Wiltshire
So they decided to load all their antique furniture into a boat and came to Florida. Lived in a huge brick house with 38 people, quite diverse but they hated each other, family got on drugs, thinned and now its just me my brother and my aunt

Sad tale for the veux riche

Pretty much German with perhaps a bit of Polish and perhaps Dutch/Belgian in there.

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last two are the same thing for me.

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One grandfather with lineage from Saxony. They were fairly educated professionals and settled in NYC. One grandmother whose Swiss side was from Glarus, and whose Norwegian side was from Rogaland, both of which emigrated due to bad crops and fairly poor, her parents born and meeting in Wisconsin.

The other grandfather was Scots-Irish, with ancestors from both Ulster and Scotland. They were plantation owners in Kentucky until they lost the war, and then settled in New Mexico for the next best thing after slaves: Hispanic and Irish sharecroppers. The other grandmother was more or less an unknown, and poor as shit, her mother a sharecropper on my great-grandfather's farm, but it was suspected that they were a mix of Irish (ginger) and Danish (surname and height), and genetic testing recently confirmed Irish as well as some unknown Scandinavian ancestry.

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Excuse me guys i'm a 23 years old brainlet how do I color the spots on the map? I've always wanted to do this coloring thing but have no idea how to do this

>Dave O'Leary-Ramabolowanafuka
>Ancestors in Siberia
seems legit

My ancestors traveled alot.

paint + bucket function.

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My ancestors were from the sudanic region of africa

Pretty boring and typical ancestry.

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Mother's side is completely Hungarian as far as I know, altough thanks to the fact that there were some very high-born nobles among them, they had verifyable ancestors all over Europe if you go back long enough. Probably the most interesting stuff here is that since this family at one point intermarried with the royal family (which obviously married into foreign dynasties) I can trace my ancestors back to the Ruriks, Münsös, Babenbergs, d'Estes, the Ottonian dynasty, Merovings etc
On the father's side there are Hungarians, Czechs, Poles, Germans. The straight paternal ancestors were Germans in the Austrian Empire.

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>48.9% European
>Still whiter than you
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