We have to go back

We have to go back.

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All jokes and edginess asside, imagine being this backward. Literally killing someone because he has the audacity to use one of his basic constitutional rights.
The absolute fucking state of D*xies

>Literally killing someone because he has the audacity to use one of his basic constitutional rights.
Or winking at 'your' women.


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it was the southerners who have the massive hard on for bbc anyway and they had the gall to call y*nks as cucks

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democracy is a sham anyways, they did him a favor

Imagine giving an absolutely alien people the constitutional right to vote. Literally giving them power over your government, and thus yourself.

Fucking Emmet Til. Literally bantered his killers to his dying breath.

>Black people
>Alien to America

They've been here since forever. Given the massive amount of European immigration in the 1800s I wouldn't be surprised if the average black American has been in the US longer generationally than the average white American.

Like the Slavs, French, Chinese, Poles, Germans, Swedes, and Southerners? If non-mainstream demographics exercising the rights you gave them triggers you so much, you can just move to a commune.

Please come to my country and say to my face OP.

I'll be fucking very happy to beat the shit out of you and jump on your dead white corpse afterwards.

Voting isn't a basic constitutional right. The founding fathers considered negros literal subhumans (They were legally three-fifths human) so KYS negro lover.

Why do you think he's saying this shit anonymously? He wouldn't have the balls to voice it out in public.

He is afraid of my Turkish penis. I will fuck him in the ass when he comes and he will be the gay. I fuck many men.

>Like the Slavs, French, Chinese, Poles, Germans, Swedes, and Southerners?
Unlike blacks, these are high IQ people.

>Germans, Chinese, Slavs, and definitely Southerners in the 1950's
>high IQ
Got facts to support that, schlomo?

Stop LARPing as me cracker

But you're white

I am Turk you dumb fool.

>this thread is still up

Stop projecting, cuck.

Is this pic legit? Afaik most lynchings were retaliations to actual crimes such as rape and murder. Politics aside, is that not correct?

Just curious. Why are you defending black people?

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Alleged crimes.

There were plenty of black dudes who were lynched on accusation alone.

Hang yourself you dumb as shit hick. Southern whites used terror tactics to keep black citizens from voting while Federal troops were stationed there.

They only slowed down on the lynching, church and house burning after the Feds pulled out and the South legally made blacks second class citizens again.

Amerindians have more civilization potential than europeans.
Therefore, Amerindians are superior to europeans.

America belongs to Amerindians the same as europe belongs to europeans.

How is this hard to get?


Kys turkroach. You and your country is literally garbage. You are the cancer of humanity.

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Your country is cancer and so is you and your stupid nationalism. Your people really deserve and should be genocided.

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buttblasted wh*Tey lmao