Is the hatred of women justified?

Is the hatred of women justified?

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Yes. With the invention of artificial wombs, roasties are literally obsolete. Homocracy when?

Yes but for different reasons than most people think

>objective analysis


The biggest problem isn't that they're childish or dumb or incompetent but the fact they control reproduction and for that alone they deserve extermination.

Surely subjugation would suffice?

Have you ever had an intelligent conversation with a women in your entire life? Be honest.


Not for Schopenhauer. Remember his fundamental viewpoint.


if you're a virgin, yes

>becoming a fedoralord to justify your virginity
at last I truly see

justification is largely subjective
so yeah i guess


Found the women

Schopenhauer doesn't hate women any more than he hates men. He merely described their natural shortcomings.

t. woman or unintelligent man

>implying women never did anything that deserved or created hate

Does men deserve the hate they get? Does humanity?

The answer it is not so simple

Women and men can be good as they can be bad, they both usually have their common flaws and common good things in then

>t. woman or unintelligent man
t. genius i suppose? Not everyone can be a haughty perma-virgin like you, user.

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Isn't that just, like, some guys opinion?

It's weird how much less racist Veeky Forums is compared to /pol/ but people here still seem to hate women for some reason.

It's Veeky Forums. Frustrated guys with unsatisfying social lives.

Half of Veeky Forums are monarchist sympathisers, i would even argue that Veeky Forums is more reactionary than /pol/.

>I know, I'll just call him a virgin
Someone post the screenshot of how to spot female posters by that one grand wizard

>Half of Veeky Forums are monarchist sympathisers
citation needed

>On the internet
>On this site
>On Veeky Forums
kys, you eternal virgin in denying.


You can have threads about mesoamerican or African history here with real discussion instead of mostly "just a bunch of subhumans with no history" talk.

All of the threads i have seen about it is just a bunch of bait and meming although i don't post here to often.

>tfw no gf

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that's Veeky Forums in general. There is more substance though here.

Only if you look like a turtle

All hatred is justified.

>Schopenhauer hated women
>Schopenhauer believed you should be compassionate to all beings, advocating for animal welfare
choose one, brainlets

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Are you actually retarded enough to think that there’s a significant amount of women on Veeky Forums?

>Is the hatred of women justified?

There are good women, but there are less good women than there are good men.
There's a significantly less incentive for a woman to be 'good' than there is for a man to be 'good' and by that I mean: accept responsibility, be honest, be creative, be earnest, provide for others, be selfless, etc.. Basically just contribute and have the kindness that you to do others be the happiness you experience.

I'd also argue that this is largely because of how Men and Women pursue personal gain differently. A woman will acquire resources, equity, and the love of other individuals because she wishes to be 'secure' in and only of herself and her needs, where as a Man will acquire resources, equity, and the love of other individuals because he not only wishes to be secure, but he also concerned about his 'legacy'. A woman desires community because she sees it as a way of making herself safe. A man desires community because he sees it as a way of making himself 'great'.
This is, at least, my own personal theory.

yes as they cant fall in love. they only care about your ressources.

>By this means woman will be brought back to her proper and natural place as a subordinate being, and the lady, that monster of European civilisation and Christian–Teutonic stupidity, with her ridiculous claim to respect and veneration, will no longer exist; there will still be women, but no unhappy women, of whom Europe is at present full. The Mormons’ standpoint is right.
All beings except women

Can you criticize woman without being labeled as a hater of women?

Schopenhaur's criticism is fairly solid and still holds true even with modern understanding of psychology

>doesn't want women to be unhappy
seems like a compassionate man to me :^)

>my own personal theory.

pretty good, but wont the factors that make more men good also make more men bad?

women according to Veeky Forums

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I've had an above-average conversation with a woman, she was kind of a nerdy liberal moderate femimist or a social democrat who was all about "facts" she learned on the Internet. The downside was that not all her facts were correct and she was too honest and innocent to learn that not every internet fact is correct (she stopped talking to me because I was taking advantage of her kindheartedness). But anyway, despite everything she knew much more than your average girl or guy, was totally fascinated by the Roman Empire.

Is anything justified?


The most intelligent person I've ever met with a woman.
She had a 160 IQ, but did struggle with some types of math. Other types of math, she was savant level at though. Her brain was unusual, because there was more activity on the right side than the left.
The second smartest person I've ever met was also a woman. She has an IQ of 150.
And yes, I asked.


Is hatred of lions justified? No.

It’s moronic to hate an animal for just doing what comes naturally.

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>IQ is smartness
>math is smartness

>shitposting about women on Veeky Forums is smartness

Why is it that every thread about Schopenhauer is about roast beef and never about his philosophy proper?

It allows them to propagate.
Probably selecting for the middling intelligence, lack of honor and virtue we see in them

They were broadly intelligent, but it's a specific type of empirical intelligence that I can offer to back my claim that they were of above average intelligence, and I'm not a brainlet.
However, I do realize that no amount of data or information I offer is going to convince anybody otherwise, because their minds are already made up. I'm here because I'm extremely bored. I should be reading or doing literally anything else productive, but I have no motivation at this juncture.

no vagina make user crazy

hate of any kind isn't justified, stop being an asshole

He wasn't really hateful or vitriolic towards women, he just wrote some impassive characterizations and assigned particular traits to them.

at this point they should just create a clinical term for male virginity


Schopenhauer was describing the nature of women, there was no hatred or emotion there.

And would the clinical cure be an assigned escort?
Could work desu.

Usually virgins are the ones who constantly praise pussy and expect women to respect them for it. Guys who have already fucked their fair share will usually realize women have no value outside of procreation and sexual pleasure and intimacy.

Is that even a fucking question, faggot? Yes, now GTFO.

t. roastie

>being so alienated from your species being that you cant even make a rough estimate without resorting to some outside quantification.

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>in a board that wanks off to pregnant anne frank
Being historical does not mean your shitty fetishes are any less shit

on Veeky Forums, ALL hatred of women is justified

No. However, hatred of men is.

>all these seething roasties ITT

It's like hating people born rich, justified but ultimately stupid.

>Exterminate all means of reproduction
user, I

Is the Dunning-Kruger Effect the new Idiocracy?

>real discussion
what, you mean one autist spamming pasta?

I think you can get half if he meant uronically

Fuck you asshat

You fucking idiot

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I once tried to have one, but I realized that she only appeared to be smart and just spouted the usual liberal bullshit all women support.

not for long

Why do most philosophers hate women?

>Is the hatred of women justified?
Nope, the only reason why woman pull their bullshit is because you allow them to. Quit being a pussy and quit appeasing pussies.

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His analysis is completely correct. There is a famous anecdote of an old Schopenhauer getting rejected by a young girl, but the fact is that Schopenhauer in his youth was quite the ladies man. He wasn't a virgin like Kant, and he didn't hate women. He had a troubled relationship with his mother (which Freudian pseuds love to mention) and he beefed with an old woman who demanded payment because Schop pushed her down the stairs once. That doesn't make him a misogynist.

I laughed out loud during this passage
>One need only watch the way they behave at a concert, the opera, or the play; the childish simplicity, for instance, with which they keep on chattering during the finest passages in the greatest masterpieces. If it is true that the Greeks forbade women to go to the play, they acted in a right way; for they would at any rate be able to hear something.
Because it's so fucking true and relateable.

New insights in evolutionary psychology also just prove his points even further, such as that women don't really have a concept of loyalty because anti-loyalty is actually much more advantageous from an evolutionary point of view.

I'm not a woman but some of the indirect mastery stuff I feel applies to me.
I feel like I only do a lot of things (not all) to boost my ego and by extension to feel like I would have more value to a potential mate.
I do feel like i'm growing out of this a bit though. It's not as all consuming as it was when I was in my teens (i'm 20).
Also I might be gay, haven't figured it out.


>the childish simplicity, for instance, with which they keep on chattering during the finest passages in the greatest masterpieces.
I've seen a lot of other guys do shit like that in theaters.

>Also I might be gay, haven't figured it out
How do you not know if you're gay or not? Either you want a dick in your mouth or not. And yes, tugging your wiener to traps is gay

he was redpilled

Hatred implies an unreasonable emotion.

That is a pretty good analysis
Women (the young ones at least) are like the spoiled rich kid that later becomes narcissistic and sociopath for having everything he wanted in life

I read the book just because pic related. It is an interesting insight from a female perspective about the social mechanism that women as group use to manipulate lesser men.

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I like putting sex toys in my ass, but men interest me less than women in all ways besides having a fleshy rod.

you just want to be pegged

Men need to seize the means of reproduction and distribute fairly

>he pushed an old lady down the stairs

For fuck sake.

she had it coming

no u

Sometimes an old cunt needs a slap

Bitches are annoying, old bitches are worst.

Old people got the wrong idea that they can get away with everything because "they are old and fragile".

You should hit your mother at least twice a week.

Honestly, this is a lot more interesting then anything Schopenhauer wrote.

>all these bitter people who will never know love

yall need to learn to see in shades of grey

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roasties will deny this