So, what did these guys actually do aside from invent pants and constantly fight with the Greeks and Romans?

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Invented pajama too.

get invaded and constantly come back

Brought chess to the west?

Write poetry.

Annoy the americans

Get raped by Jewish warriors from 167-160.

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You mean the Maccabees?

Most of the Muslim scholars during IGA were Persians iirc.

t. shia

Those were pants.

No most of the greatest Islamic scholars were persian. The land of modern-day Iran was mostly Sunni for 600 years.

Right, even the greatest Arab historian, Ibn Khaldun, acknowledged this:

As Ibn Khaldun suggests, it is a remarkable fact that with few exceptions, most Muslim scholars…in the intellectual sciences have been non-Arabs:

"Thus the founders of grammar were Sibawaih and after him, al-Farisi and Az-Zajjaj. All of them were of Persian descent…they invented rules of (Arabic) grammar…great jurists were Persians… only the Persians engaged in the task of preserving knowledge and writing systematic scholarly works. Thus the truth of the statement of the prophet becomes apparent, 'If learning were suspended in the highest parts of heaven the Persians would attain it"…The intellectual sciences were also the preserve of the Persians, left alone by the Arabs, who did not cultivate them…as was the case with all crafts…This situation continued in the cities as long as the Persians and Persian countries, Iraq, Khorasan and Transoxiana (modern Central Asia), retained their sedentary culture.

Persians didn't invent pants, other Iranian people did

That was Arabs

Play with HFM you uncivilised barbarian.

Chess is either Indian or Chinese

Chahar Bagh, they invented 4 sided rooms with domes called hasht (the romans previously only made round and perhaps octagonal buildings with domes. To make 4 sided buildings with domes one needs other architectural features like squinches, double squinches, etc.

They were basically the big dogs of the center in the same way Rome was to the west and China was to the East

Then why aren't they talked about in the same vein as Rome and Chine?

Western scholars wank Rome
Eastern scholars wank China
Middle Eastern scholars are trying not to get blown up by terrorist and drones


Go back to paradoxplaza you uncivilized barbarian.

Partly true. The Silk Road was generally populated by smaller empires infighting. You could probably compare Persia to China before total unification or before defeating the Tibetan Empire or post-separation Rome, but aside from a few short periods Persia itself was mostly notable for being a rival to the societies we now consider important.

If you're talking about Iran, you're actually talking about Iranian people, and then you're talking about the people who basically invented mounted warfare and were the dominant power in Central Eurasia until the rise of Islam.

I don't know if this was supposed to be a /gsg/ meme but also this. Cannot kill off these fuckers.

>The land of modern-day Iran was mostly Sunni for 600 years.
I'm not an expert about Persia, but Shia islam was already popular there during the 7th century, under Umayyad rule, since the support to a schismatic faith and to Ahl al-Bayt was seen as a way to resist a Sunni Arab dynasty that discriminated against non-Arab muslims (mawali). Hence the enthusiasm of the Berbers for Khawarij islam, in the same way. Still, it does not necessarily mean Persia was always a predominantly Shia region. Also, most of the famous medieval Persian scholars were Sunni muslims.

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The chess we play today is Indian in origin, Chinese chess is pretty distinct.

They were practically a superpower of the Ancient world

Randomly becomes giant Empire ever 100 years