Why didn't the US use the "Fifty-four Forty or Fight" event CB to annex Canada? Is this timeline's AI broken?

Why didn't the US use the "Fifty-four Forty or Fight" event CB to annex Canada? Is this timeline's AI broken?

To keep it real, if Mearahiemer is correct about offensive realism, why did the US but take Mexico and Canada.

Granted, both after vassals.

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why would they?

probably because they learned in 1812 that fighting the British Empire without the alliance of a great power was a bad idea.

The british navy would have blockaded their entire continent and their economy would collapse until they gave back Canada and probably a massive indemnity as well. Their entire economy was based on selling raw materials to Europe, and the american navy was pathetic, nor did they have the capacity to create one that could compete.

Canadian soldiers were better than American ones.

A. After mobilization from the Civil War the UK never had a chance fighting the US on land in America.

B. They wouldn't hold a blockade for ever. SJWs like to make a huge deal about how "90% of US exports were cotton, slaves built America,' but exports were 8% of GDP in 1860 and actually dipped later.

C. They could easily have taken it later. The US was the largest economy in the world by 1880 and doubled the nearest competitors (Germany and the UK) in steel and coal production by 1914.

If they throw their weight behind Germany and help break the blockade in WWI they could have taken Canada and Australia as spoils (they had the Philippines then so Australia is close).

Fuck, writing this pissed me off. Imagine the timeline where the US allies Austria and Germany and Australia and all of North America are a mega state...

In 1800 Canada's entire pop was like 400,000 America's was 5,300,000. Without the British, the US would just stomp them out, even with an army of 8 year old girls.

> Imagine the timeline where the US allies Austria and Germany and Australia and all of North America are a mega state...
shitty timeline

the gains of Canada did not outweigh losing access to European markets, and turning Britain into a hostile nation. Britain would not need to win in a land fight against the United States for the extremely pacifistic, pro-business American government to sue for peace. Fuck off back to /gsg/

>Britain is going to plunge its economy into the toilet and lose a hundred thousand troops for some shitty frozen dirt
Britaboos plz go

Canada has most of the world's fresh water. That alone is enough

Britain absolutely would have; they aren't going to set the precedent that nations can conquer their countries without repercussions. Their navy outclassed the rest of the worlds combined, and they would have choked the life out of the American economy, which as a brainlet like you wouldn't understand, is more than just exports as the Atlantic seaboard was used to move massive amounts of goods domestically as well.

Once again, back to /gsg/ kiddy

How would they choke the life out of a country larger and more powerful than theirs? Of course, it would take a solid decade of preparation but the US was capable of having a larger fleet than the RN as early as 1865 if needs be. Maybe your fellow limeys on /int/ will facilitate your fantasies a bit better, friend


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>Try to build a ship
>Have all your ports bombarded until they aren`t worth shit
Great idea.

>Building your ships after you've already invaded canada

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>declare war on some one who has a larger navy than you but you can potentially out number themif you build up your navy
>know the war is going to be a naval war
>build navy after you declare war

>Mexico selling any territory
>The UK & France recognizing The CSA after one Union defeat
>Maximilian winning the Second French Intervention War
>The UK & France going to war in favour of slavery
>Basically everything else.
As asspull as a timeline can get

To be fair they actually only recognized it when Washington fell and Philadelphia was besieged. And later on in 1888 they forced the CSA to end slavery.

>Britain absolutely would have
Except for the declassified war plans from the era that showed the brits were explicitly going to leave Canada to fend for themselves while they destroyed the US navy and annexed all of their offshore possessions until the US citizenry got tired of the blockade and proposed peace.

You might think you sound smart but the facts speak against you.

Because nobody wants it, not even the Canadians.

The bongs were neutered in North America in 1812, user.

Because they feared the maple warrior.