What are some seemingly obvious historical facts that everyone just seems to have forgotten?

What are some seemingly obvious historical facts that everyone just seems to have forgotten?

Like the fact that Australia fought in the Vietnam war. pic related, these are Aussie troops

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Fascism had a huge influence over the Middle East and Latin America long after WW2 and a lot of the political history of those places can only be understood in that context.

t. Rising Storm 2 player


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That panslavism was stronger than Nazi ideology and Islamic doctrine combined in the most unexpected of places


One of their cruisers was the victim of the single most successful air-to-sea surface attack ever made by helicopter. Two helos from the DRV-N did $(A)25,000,000 in damage without taking a single casualty themselves.

We never forget the aussies

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>Aircraft carrier that rams own ships not once, but twice
>Submarines that sit in drydock for literally decades for lack of crew
The RAN is such a meme

Instead of starting a shit thread, how bout we talk about the anzac troops in the 60s-70s?

Australia started the Vietnam war.

We didn't start it, we just browbeat the Americans into putting more combat troops there so they'd be closer in case Indonesia tried to fuck with our New Guinea

Belgium saved France in WWI, in few days of fight they changed the face of the world.

Frenchies were in the Vietnam war seems forgotten

Americans started it in the 1940s when they funded Ho Chi Minh against the Nips.

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Frenchies pulled out of the Indo-China war. Am kind of interested in how their colonial rule transferred to the south vietnamese and then americans took in, anyone got a quick rundown?

South Koreans fought in Nam and they were vicious as fuck

Watch the movie Quiet American

>Watch the movie

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Nazis didn't start the war on the belief of purity of the white power. Although now a days, Nazis are purely known for racism, this wasn't that they were known for back then. Back then, Nazi Germany were simply another European power fighting against each other. The later racist nazi revision came after.

This isn't to say Nazis weren't racist, they were. They just weren't special since every western country was a racist country at the time.

I assumed you were American. You can read the book too.

Interesting fact, Germans in the 1960s were polled about what was the worst tragedy in German history, vast majority of them said 30 Years War. And these were people who lived through WW2. But when the poll was replicated in the 1990s, most Germans answered WW2/Holocaust.

>Eastern Front was only the Wehrmacht vs the Red Army

>Nazi Germany were simply another European power fighting against each other. The later racist nazi revision came after.

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Not very well, to fight the Viet Minh the French had given power to criminal syndicates like the Binh Xuyen, Cao Dai and Hoa Hao that styled themselves as religious organizations when in reality they were basically the local mafia (this is where the "French connection" to the heroin trade starts). Naturally Diem didn't want to deal with having a military besides his own and the French secret service didn't want to give up it's highly lucrative heroin smuggling route so they decided to launch a coup. The Binh Xuyen launched an attack in Saigon and the French blocked the roads to the Vietnamese army when the Binh Xuyen got BTFO but this only lasted a little while even with Savani (the most senior French secret service agent there) in command and the Binh Xuyen and with it French influence was fucked. Then Bao Dai was deposed and Diem became president and American involvement really starts

Not him but I think it's true. Both my grandpas fought against Germany and they never had a word about the racism side of this war. Not even sure they knew about the existence of the jews. They were just fighting against the good old Kraut. (also keep in mind this generation was racist as fuck in general)

>hahaha those Americans amirite
Let's face it, you are probably too much of a turbopleb to even know who Graham Greene is without googling.

I actually have the book my obese friend.

fuckin plebes Graham Green is an actor

Winston Churchill REALLY wanted the war and pushed for it.

>the expression on that guy's face
>"I should've waited. I should've yelled out, but I didn't know what to tell out, so I just let it rip. And that's three people now who are dead who shouldn't be dead."
>"...And it's a woman, a baby, and a little kid. Gone, gone for good. You know, what am I, in the right, or what?"
>"And I've been living for that for 10 years. You say something to someone, and they say 'You're an arsehole'. But I was 19 years old, and I was sent there."
>"And before I was 20, I blew away three people. And for what? Nothing."

Vietnam vets are honestly the most underappreciated, tormented people to have existed on this earth.

>majority white
[Distant sound of Australians laughing]

Didn't fucking help us in Timor.

>Germany had a chance to win WW2 if they did x
face it nazifags, they never stood a chance as soon as the western powers declared war on them

Indian motorcycles never recovered from WWI. H-D and Indian produced cycles for the war effort, but Harley was big enough to continue concurrent civilian production. After the war, Indian found they had lost their market and went out of business for decades.

JFK was dead set against US involvement in Southeast Asia. The hawks prevailed after the assassination and LBJ was easy pickins.

US was involved in there long before Kennedy's death.

In my opinion there were two VERY slim chances:
(1) maintaining the """friendly""" relationship with the USSR to get continuous oil deliveries from them to continue the war against the UK - with no involvement of the US and the whole of Europe subjugated this might have been possible
(2) Focus the 1941 offensive on the Caucasus instead of Moscow, dig in during the winter to save the experienced troops, take and hold the Caucasus without going into Stalingrad in 1942 - cutting off the Volga to stop supplies up north whilst extracting oil from the Caucasian oil fields. With the loss of the agricultural and industrial areas of Ukraine and the loss of the Caucasian oil fields the Soviets might collapse: youtube.com/watch?v=kVo5I0xNRhg

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They have a really OP chopper in RS2:V

Platoon...Apocalypse Now...Full Metal Jacket...no Aussie characters.

Shame Hollywood never acknowledged Aussie soldiers either. Many Australians were drafted and killed in Vietnam. Lest we forget.

Odd Angry Shot is probably the least politically inclined Vietnam film

Unironically this. If Belgium had denmarked, the BEF would have been lost without the time used to maneuver the French army to protect them and cover their escape
But there weren't really any frenchmen. Most of them were FFL, and at the time, the FFL was mostly German veterans

The Bushranger? It's fucking shit tier and only on one map.

Aussie soldiers were a fucking meme, what pisses me off is that these movies don't depict ARVN which was the largest fighting force.

The 30 years war did kill 2/3 of the population in some areas.

Yeah I was agreeing with that sentiment.

There's also this.

it actually made sense in some context
US troops were primarily used as a frontline fighting force,close to the North while ARVN was mostly relegated to holding up captured land

Platoon literally portrays some faggots patrolling the border back and forth. Full Metal Jacket depicts the battle of Hue where ARVN was the most numerous fighting force IRL. Apocalypse Now has some alcoholic riding a boat to a jungle to assassinate an obese guy.
No such thing really.

>hurr fuck you america for not making movies about my countries history!
why dont you make your own movies faggot

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I wish you'd leave us alone and let us shoot roos in peace

unfortunately our cuck politicians love sucking the cock of american business however

JFK ordered the assassination of the the south vietnamese president you dope.

Not only that but the US was literally bombing Laos ever since the late 50s and Kennedy only increased it.

Where the crushing majority of the fighting in WW2 took place. I still have trouble visualising combat in East Europe and China.

Because the ARVN fucking suck at fighting. Their generals are even bigger liars than the Weimarch generals in WW2. Most of their victories relied upon their superior equipment and those victories are lackluster at best.

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