A real Who would win question

The precontact Maya vs the pre contact Aboriginal people of Australia?

Both from isolated continents both uncontacted from the old world, who would win a fullout war?

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all the mayans have to do is drop a bottle full of gasoline in the abbos camps and wait a few days for them to get addicted to it

why splurge? a jar full of jenkem will suffice

The Maya were an agrarian society so probably had specialists for making the weapons that they used in their many conflicts.
The Australian Aborigines were mostly hunter-gatherers and probably made their own weapons.
So, the Maya.

Not to mention that for the same reasons, the Maya outnumber the aborigines by like 200:1


The Aborogine literally had a boomerang, a sharp stick and a club with a sharp stone on the end

No agriculture, buildings apart from a lean-to or even a wall

Mayans hands off.
Aborigines are nigger-tier.

How is this even a questions user?

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Because the OP wants to provoke anti-Aboriginal racist comments, /pol/-style.
is the real answer.

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This is not about CIVILIZATION but war, the mongols had a non civilization compared to the chiense and still destroyed them with ease

If it was one to one the abo, the maya would throw a spear or something and only get one chance to hit, while the aboriginal warrior literally has an infinite ammo weapon the boomerang

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Boomerangs have many uses. They are weapons for hunting birds and game, such as emu, kangaroo and other marsupials. The hunter can throw the boomerang directly at the animal or make it ricochet off the ground. In skilled hands, the boomerang is effective for hunting prey up to 100 metres away.

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Maya. They had metallurgy, agriculture and city state level polities.

Abos had literal sticks and stones.

There were literally at most 100k Aborigines in Aus pre settlement, with little to no knowledge of the tribes they didnt directly trade with on very special occasions

Across a land continent as big as mainland USA

Mayan hands down

boomerangs aren't meant to return
Those ones in your diagrams return, but the sticks abbos throw are just oblong clubs.

Do the abos have acces to emu auxiliaries?

>who would win: a centralised state or a tribe?
Kill yourself.

the maya would DESTROY abbos

it took the mongols like 50 years to bring down the Song and it only happened when most han turned traitor and betrayed their own government under promises the mongols wouldn't be as shitty

The Maya would displace the Aborigines from arable regions then not much would happen after that.