*Drops your oil price

*Drops your oil price


Heh..Nothing personel, kid

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What. The drop in oil price is because of fracking. Russia is actually hurt by the drop.
>inb4 everything is russians

You need to understand one important thing about American politics circa 1920-1941, 1945-1991 and 2016-20XX

>I disagree with x
>x is gaining ground
>is there a russian force behind this?

And every fucking time, whatever ‘x’ is, Russia was behind it

>Russia is actually hurt by the drop.

That is what they get for being too dependent to oil price

You are now aware that Jimmy Carter singlehandedly won the Cold War.

Best. American. President. Ever.

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>t. boomer

American neoliberals are so caught up in their political bubble that they cannot simply fathom that it is possible to lose an election simply by the fact that the average voter disagrees with their political agenda

Everyone knows this, no one cares, the russians still interfered. Utterly irrelevant what level of impact their interference had

Don’t we have an agency that we don’t hold accountable for anything that interferes with elections all the fucking time?

>Utterly irrelevant what level of impact their interference had'

It isn't though. If a random russian on the street tells you to vote Trump instead of Hillary, he hasn't interfered with the election; he's spouted his opinion. Every opposing nation (and some allied countries) try to influence politics in other nations; the US under Obama was opposed to Brexit and enunciated this several times before UK voted to leave the EU, yet no one called this interference.




Neck yourself

the USSR was betrayed by internal scum, it didn't just "collapse"

>it is possible to lose an election simply by the fact that the average voter disagrees with their political agenda
It is possible, but they had in fact won the popular vote.

It's not just boomers. Just a few days ago, I was arguing against some American 20 year old soyboy on Facebook about Syria and he kept accusing me of having a fake profile and being a paid Russian agent. It's like /pol/ with Jews but far more paranoid, and they believe it unironically.

American presidents didn't really do anything meaningful, communism just collapsed on itself because it was an economically retarded system.

You're confusing level of impact with level of interference. If some random russian in the US had tried to leak a candidate's emails he would be in custody real fast.

>nu-/pol/ is just Facebook kids pretending to be paranoid about Jews ironically
I always suspected it but it's nice to have confirmation.

I'm honestly speechless that people think Russians running some Facebook meme pages counts as criminal interference but see nothing wrong with shit like AIPAC.

I'm not from /pol/ if that's your implication.

One boogie man wasn't enough, you have to add facebook to your list along with reddit and /superiorboard/.

When I hear that a nation interfered in an election, posting frogs is not the first thing that comes into mind. I'm likely to think of, say, mining a nations harbours to prevent trade, park ships outside the minefield to stop them from disarming them, provide military assistance to an armed insurgency against the government, and send political leaders from your country to attend opposition rallies in the country holding the elections to remind the populace that if they vote the wrong way, your country will be very, very upset.

>Everyone knows this, no one cares
Wait, so the "Russian interference" amounts to Russians posting memes? THIS is what you're so flustered about? I genuinely assumed you faggots thought Russians hacked the election results or something, turns out you're even dumber than expected.

If only "collapsed".
Fucking idiots thought that west is some sort of altruistic elves that will be friends with everyone and give everyone gibs to live "like in the civilized west".

There is a russian saying "Лoх плaтит вceгдa".
Those gullible faggots deserved everything that happened after the fall: Semibankirchina, Rise of the crime, Heroin from Afghanistan, Complete collapse of everything that wasn't connected with "buy cheap, sell expensive" and utter degeneracy under the pretense of "Freedom".

Judging by how Putin again won the elections, those fags actually learned SOMETHING from the experience.

>American neoliberals

Russian randroids are exactly that. But then again, they did meddled in 1996 election so that commies or nationalists wouldn't hang them all.

"LMAO how THE FUcK does Market WORK"
-URSS 1980s

what concrete, material factors constituted the collapse? It's not like a famine or major apocalyptic war was going on.