How could such a small country defeat Napoleon and Hitler? I don't get it.

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If only it were independent from great turkestan.

Because their huge armies couldn't fit in there, duh.

Germanic and Frankish hordes can't stand up to the disciplined, hyperprofessional army of Russia.

>Slavs are the real ubermensch.
No matter how many of them you kill or enslave they always end up on top.

So they're just European chinks?

Can we please just give it to Lithuania or Poland already

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you seem to think defeating hitler is somewhat hard

Only if we get to keep the missiles

>BTFO Turks
>BTFO Germans
>BTFO French
>BTFO Byzantines
>BTFO Mongols

You could say slavs are the cockroach of the world. Impossible to get rid of.

Are you retarded? It gets very cold in the winter and the Germans and French didn't have big coats

That photo could very well have been taken in Lithuania or Poland to be honest. Also Russia offered Kaliningrad to Lithuania during Stalin's time and they refused.

>BTFO Mongols

Did they really?

They very much got BTFO by the mongols
>inb4 polish beating small raiding party after getting BTFO in the first two wars

Most of the city doesn't look like this.

Go to streetview at any street at random and you will find your typical commie block scene. Although I've been checking out Lithuania and its mostly the same.

not the same times but still

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Gdansk in Poland seems nice though.

American detected. Lithuania doesnt look anything like that. Even our commieblocks are renovated and aesthetic. Also taking kaliningrad during stalins era might be the dumbest possible decision we could have made. Educate yourself.

Mongolboos btfo

How so?

>Lithuania doesnt look anything like that
It looks more aesthetic as a Russian province tbqh. The Jagiellons married into the Romanovs while they had a right to the land and legacy. Go back home faggot.

I'm just waiting for the guy who posts "how could such a tiny ass swamp in France conquer England?"

>American detected. Lithuania doesnt look anything like that.
as is lentvario

Modern Mongolians unironically use Cyrilic alphabet, they've been cucked beyond redemption.

didn't even know they were still around in 1694

You're going to like this.

>Cyrillic shit everywhere

>Could be Lithuania or Poland

Fat post.

>Even our commieblocks are renovated and aesthetic.

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I honestly don't know understand people using commie blocks as any kind of argument in that matter.
Yes, they are ugly as fuck, but ever since soviets forced every country to build the same blocks, people have been filling them up all the time, and we didn't suddenly become rich enough to offer replacement blocks for entire estates.
Best one can do is cover it with some paint

How could such a small country defeat the USA and France? I don't get it.

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I don't get why Hitler didn't attack Pearl Harbour with the Japanese. They could have dealt a striking blow to the american military effort.

how did such a small island defeat the Japanese empire?

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Its bigger than china and all its neighbors

This is what Litards want to believe. Their leader really asked Stalin for Koenigsberg and the reply was: "We may think whether it was rational to give Wilno to Lithuanian SSR". Labas shat his pants and begged no to take away Wilno.

Superior chad genetics.

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Im actually native from Kaliningrad(don't live there currently) and would be ok if Poland annexing us.
Maybe rename the city name to Konigsberg or Krolewiec instead of God awful commie name Stalin gave it.

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No lol

We should write a letter to Putin asking to him to give it to Poland. Maybe if we got a lot of signatures from Veeky Forums

Maybe Konigsgrad for some slavic influence ;)

Thanks for the kek

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>Vilnius could have been given back to Belarus
A shame that didn't happen. Belarus deserves more clay.

Many of these pics could be Sweden

Surprisingly enough, trying to wage an offensive war thousands of miles away from your country against a Guerilla army in a jungle doesn't work out that well.

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Russia is huge compared to Napoleon's realm.

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damn, i always assumed it would have been about the same height as california at max

True. Belarus doesn't have any cities worth mentioning. And with Wilno it will be closest thing to Great Lithuanian princedom. Shame that zmudins stole that great name.

>I honestly don't know understand people using commie blocks as any kind of argument in that matter.

You don't? Let me help.

>Someone posts a commie block in Kaliningrad.
>Someone says that could just as well have been taken in Lithuania.
>You say no, Lithuanian commie blocks look better than this.
>Someone posts a commie block from Lithuania.

Thats pretty small

What so bad about commie blocks anyway?

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Because big tracks of land

To bad he never left for the cape colony to rally the Boers there and start a Boer Empire