Share something interesting about Hitler beyond

Share something interesting about Hitler beyond
>he was evil
>he killed a lot of people

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>Killed less people than a lot of people
>Considered the most evil man ever because he did it to defend his people
>Woops I mean it was because racisms

He didn't grasp the concept of perspectives in his portraits.

So genociding jews,gays,political dissidents,cripples,and gyp's was done to protect his people?

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>all these random peasant dirt farmers are a threat to Germany and must be destroyed
>this Rothschild can be put up in a hotel until his family pays the ransom though.

obligatory post

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He had only one testicle.

>because he did it to defend his people

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germutts are not white

It's likely that he sexually abused his niece. She killed herself.

>its likely
not an argument

>Killed less people
Behold, the high IQ masterrace

meh, he would have improved in art school

he was pragmatic and used realpolitik all the time, rather than this meme idea of him being an ideological maniac

Subverting bastards who controlled the media and the banks and kept pushing for a communist revolution.

Counter-productive to increasing birthrates.

>Political Dissidents
Literally nothing wrong with killing communists.

Useless leaches who don't contribute.

Wetbacks who should have fucked off to where they came.

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He was very driven by ideology, though. The final solution itself is one of the stupidest things to do if you’re trying to be pragmatic.

he learned a bunch from schopenhauer, carrying his books with him during WW1

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This isn't true. He painted a lot of post cards in a sweatshop fashion to survive though, which can explain the sub-par perspective in his paintings. The art school he applied to actually tried to convince him to be an architect. Portraying life was actually what he wasn't good at.


He is dead. Good riddance

>the chad stalin vs the virging hitler

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He was a kike with a family name of (((shicklgruber)))

He was a Catholic.

Woah, Stalin looks like THAT!?

the idea that he was a failed artist is false.
He did want to become a painter, but when he applied to artschool, a teacher told him he would be much better suited being an architect, he agreed and actually signed up for those classes, but his math grades were shit from his school days through a self sabotage thing to fuck with his dad. He then had to go back to take night classes on math to bring his grade up, and during this time he was also working construction jobs. It was here where he first started getting into arguments with people over socialist labour unions he kept being asked to join and started that whole snowball effect, to the point where he eventually ditched art school all together because he felt politics was more important

Germany under Hitler didn't have a globalist, Rothschild central bank that engaged in usury and other crimes against the people. Germany was free and independent.


It was fake. He looked like that except uglier.

he loved his mother

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So a small percentage of Jews are representative of all Jews?
Just because you are not reproducing you deserve death?
>political dissidents
So everyone who didn't like autocracy, and fascism was all the sudden a communist?
muh fought for the fatherland in ww1 and get killed by kids 20 years your junior, who are also coincidentally spouting off bullshit about how they are only doing this for the sake of the German people.
sure there annoying and a economic problem, but could easily be deported rather than genocided.

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Wtf is he doing

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haven't you ever been nervous watching a sporting event with the stake of your nation on the line?

it's a meme, you dip

What would his mother think of him, and how he is now considered a synonym for Satan?

Jews, Jews, they're bad news
With Jews don't snooze
If you snooze, then YOU LOSE
The kike, he wants, more than a fews
Of your hard-earned shekels, and give you a bruise.
When he rubs his palms,disgusting ooze
Leaks out of his nose, and ruins his shoes.
Sit at home, turn on the news,
And see how badly your country he screws.
The Kike's evil has no excuse,
And for that he must forever be showered with abuse.

1.hes excited watching a sport with his mates
2.its clearly sped up

I'm disappointed user, it dosen't even rhyme.

You misused the big lie quote.
>So a small percentage of Jews are representative of all Jews?
All Jews go in the oven, including yourself.

>Just because you are not reproducing you deserve death?

>So everyone who didn't like autocracy, and fascism was all the sudden a communist?

>muh fought for the fatherland in ww1 and get killed by kids 20 years your junior, who are also coincidentally spouting off bullshit about how they are only doing this for the sake of the German people.
They were no longer of us.

>sure there annoying and a economic problem, but could easily be deported rather than genocided.
They would just come back.

In all seriousness, Hitler's biggest mistake during World War 2 was half measures.

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Hitler was very emotionally wrought at the death of his niece actually. He almost killed himself over it and mourned over her for way too long. A lot of his close associates were quite worried that he'd bite the bullet, actually. If I remember correctly, One of the Strasser brothers made a remark during this fiasco that basically said that he would end up killing himself one of these days due to how emotional he got over shit. That could have been his priest though, don't quote me on this

So they fucked?

Whatever you say, Schlomo Shekelburgerstein

Oh shut the fuck up, you edgy faggot.


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While he was a kid, his teachers say that he was a very intelligent, but quiet person (in Mein Kampf - Hitler wrote that he was a b-boy - bullshit)
He loved only history and geography, his history teacher planted him with ideas of Austria and Germany together - same nation, language etc.
He was in love with a girl, but didn't have the guts to meet her so he wrote countless poems for her
Also, he had one friend, a Czech

Stop replying to /pol/ you dumb fuck

Absolutely nobody thinks genociding gypsies was a bad thing

>Implying National Socialism doesn't make several very valid points.
Your just mad because your retarded ass would have been gassed.

>Absolutely nobody thinks genociding gypsies was a bad thing
This guy gets it.

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he had a torpedo right to delivery in a wrong time.

He was a cat: he loved sleeps until midday

stalin literally looks like an ig fuckboi

>Bring country into WWII for no reason
>got attacked by Japan
>Germany declared war on USA afterwards

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>calling Hitlerism national socialism

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Hitler is honestly really adorable in his interactions with women. He was generally much nicer to them and didnt expect much out of them other than for them to smile and listen to him ramble. I like to think he didn't fuck her, Hitler has never struck me as very sexually orientated and as such I find him forcing himself onto a relative to be hard to buy.

Hitler was against circumcision.

>he did it to defend his people

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He was Austrian. Not german.

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since the hitler pro's are in this thread, which picture is this cropped from?

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yeah i want to know too

>Hitler was against Jews biting off baby foreskins from their dicks.
WTF, I love Hitler now.

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>muh fought for the fatherland in ww1 and get killed by kids 20 years your junior
they didnt kill cripples for no reason, and absolutely didnt kill veteran cripples and if they were useful, they would be left alive

either you are joking or we have found the brainlet supreme here

Half this shit that they're claiming is Jewish propaganda.

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>Your just mad because your retarded ass would have been gassed.
Yeah, I have this little thing called "self-preservation instinct". Seems like it's not only Western European lefties that lack it.

Moral fanatic.
Mussolini was more pragmatic as well as aesthetic

He was Jewish

Stalin was 168cm tall he was a manlet
the most repulsive thing to a girl are manlets


Hilter paid for all of the art in his collect. He also left the rights to Mein Kampf to his sister, but after the war the government basically told her to get fucked and nobody actually paid the royalties to print the book.

He was a huge fan of mickey mouse.

He had a crush on his niece Geli. He was such a creepy stalker and so controlling of her that she ended up killing herself to get away from him.

No, never. And it'd be an incredibly stupid thing to get worked over unless you're competing yourself.

He was a great orator that's for sure.

Not really. Instead of killing them outright, which still happened, he worked most of them to death.

Hitler was a vegetarian and passed a lot of animal rights laws.

One ball, micropenis, Parkinson's, and survived the war by being smuggled to Argentina via the Vatican Ratlines to live quite openly there until 1963.

He paritally supported the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic. He turned openly counter-revolutionary towards the end though.

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Did he actually or did someone just take a photograph there with a man who may have a toothbrush moustache in it?

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>archived photo of Hitler during MKULTRA operation
>backfired and actually gave him superior intellect and strategic prowess

He used to autistically memorize all the ships in the Janes Warships of the world catalogue, then he'd spit out specific ship's displacement and length and gun calibers to people at social events in the hopes of impressing them. People theorize that Hitler's supposed expertise on military hardware was the reason he insisted on meddling with the development of so many weapons and vehicles.

He threw a hissyfit when the King of Denmark thanked him after getting a happy birthday from Hitler.


This, Stalin looked terrible. That "handsome" photo was airbrushed to shit.

Except he was competeing. He was the one who brought the games to Germany to showcase his model society, a resurgent Germany that clawed its way out of the war, and the hyperinflation, as we;ll as his plans for his master race. He had a fuck ton riding on it and for the most part it was an astounding success.

>justified in complaining about "degeneracy"

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>military spending reaches 35% of GDP
During the war? Well, that's pretty obvious. If this guy is trying to say the US reached those levels in peacetime he's dead wrong; and no one even came close to the levels of military spending the Germans sustained in the interwar period.

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Did he have parkinsons?


>Counter-productive to increasing birthrates.
Yes but whether the gays are alive or dead, they're not going to reproduce anyway so does it really matter?

And during the war, to be quite honest.

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It has shopped out his scars

All people, even bad people, love mom as long as she wasn't a horrific monster. John Wayne Gacy loved his mom.

Cool mustache, cool tactics, cool guy in general.
\--(-_0)--/ What more can I say

Supposedly he was an addict and was into uppers

He improved the lives of the average citizen.

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>He had a fuck ton riding on it and for the most part it was an astounding success.
This. There was an NPR interview about the olympics like a month back and they mentioned the 1936 games and the historian mentioned that despite how we like to mention Jesse Owens' victory, the reality is germany took more golds than any other country that year so his plan worked.

Also that Owens said that Hitler personally shook his hand for winning but no one in the US wanted to shake his.

Well, yeah but thought that was during his later years.