Stabbed in the back

>stabbed in the back

How did this even become a thing? Who in their right mind could ever believe Germany had a chance to win the war, especially after the Hundred Days Offensive, the collapse of the German economy, and the fact that 10000 Yanks were arriving to Europe every day towards the end of the war?

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>Hitler's commanding officer was Jewish
>Htler blames the Jews for losing the war
>takes revenge on his commanding officer later when he's in charge
Sounds like a typical case of enlistee butthurt gone terribly wrong.

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Propaganda. That’s the point. You forgot the Jews who fought as well.

>How did this even become a thing?
Because Ludendorff made it a thing. He was grasping at straws to deflect any blame for losing away from himself, and hit on a real winner.

Now, to be entirely fair, Hitler didn't take revenge on his old CO. He personally interceded on his behalf to keep his veteran's pension flowing...after the Nuremberg Laws he had just passed had stripped his old CO of his veteran status and German citizenship. He even managed to stay out of a concentration camp until like 1941 when Himmler was able to finally focus Hitler's autism elsewhere and arrest him.

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Because it's convenient in comparison to admitting that you were doomed to lose.

Germany was on the verge of winning until the kikes did a false flag on an American ship and blamed the Germans for it. The kikes brought in America and turned the tides because they knew if Britain won the war, the Ottoman Empire would disassemble and Palestine would occupied by Britain.

Then the Jews backstabbed Britain and initiated another World War where Britain had to exhaust all of its resources on the war and was not able to sustained its colonies and occupied land. Palestine was then given over to the Jews because of muh Holocaust which was a made up story to backstab Germans again even though the idea of putting Jews in concentration camps was initially proposed by Zionists.

The Jews are sneaky little vermins. Everything will come full circle in World War 3.

>Because Ludendorff made it a thing.
It's sad Ludendorff didn't live to see Germany lose for a 2nd time. Imagine how he would have felt

If Jews are actually this capable (they’re not, see the zealots), they’d win the next war too.

No. People are waking up to their conniving ways.

I suppose the Zimmerman Telegraph was also a kike plot and Zimmerman was himself a Jew?

Who was the captain of the U-boat that sunk the Luisitania? Who was it that sent the Zimmerman telegram? Who made the decision to invade through Belgium?

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but Germany was losing before America entered the war

Not him but Zimmerman was the guy receiving the telegraph, not the guy that sent it.


>Who made the decision to invade through Belgium?

The Elder Von Moltke.

>tfw von mackensen lived to see Germany lose twice

Makes me sad.

Of course it was. Zimmerman is a Jewish name, as were most of the Jews in charge of the Second Reich. Ludendorf, Von Zeppelin, (((Hohenzollern))), all kikes.

>kikes did a false flag on an American ship and blamed the Germans for it
Kapitänleutnant Walther Schwieger was the German captain of the U-boat that sunk the Lusitania.

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>Lived to see the unification of Germany
>Lived to see Germany rise to prowess
>Saw Germany lose WW1
>Experienced Germany's hyperinflation
>Went through Great Depression
>Went through WW2
Poor sod must have had his soul crushed by the time the Soviets came into Berlin.

Germany lost as soon as the Schlieffen Plan failed. The American entrance to the war only meant the war ended 2 years earlier with millions fewer casualties

Mhmm. To have the nation you fought fir crash like that in the last 20 years of your life.

I feel good for Germans who lived to see reunification though. Especially the old ww1 soldiers.

True, when you think about it those who died only a few days/months after the war ended must have felt the worst. Mackensen probably believed that Germany would no longer even exist as a state, or at worst become some puppet regime forever.

>Walther Schwieger
was he a jew?

Poor guy. Reminds me of that Dr Who episode with Van Gogh. History’s full of cases like him. People dying in sorrow like that.

No, they lost with the Spring Offensive. If they had won that they could have got at least a negotiated peace

No, he was not.

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>It's a "I don't understand what the German Revolution was nor the Jews' instrumental role in its organization and leadership" episode

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It wasn't necessarily about winning the war, but staying in a strong position for peace negotiations. The reasoning was that Germany would offer determined resistance at her borders; they speculated that the US and the UK, especially the British left, would be willing to accept a moderate German peace offer rather than keep fighting a for French goals which they didn't agree with. The breakdown in Germany in October/November spoilt that strategy since anything could be enforced with little effort.

A failed small revolution made up of a mixture of rebellious Jews and Germans and put down by a mixture of loyal Jews and Germans.

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dumb frogposter

Which is stupid as shit reasoning, given how the army in the western front was falling apart, the Hundred Days offensive was advancing faster than the Germans could retreat, and Austria-Hungary had fully collapsed, thus opening another entire (large) front.

Germany wouldn't last 3 months even if they were determined to fight to the last.

What made Ludendorff decide they had to sue for peace was actually Dobro Pole

>Negotiate Peace

I thought the history books made it clear that as long as HIlter was in power, there would be no negotiation.

$10 says you’re American

Fuck off, retard.

Yes, it was pretty illusory; as I said, the aim was to use the differences within the Entente concerning the war goals (extensive French demands vs moderate Anglo-American ones); the democratization of Germany was supposed to gain sympathy from the British socialists (and Wilson), so if the Germans managed to continue fighting for some months and inflict heavy casualties on their opponents, the Anglo-Americans would consider a moderate German peace offer.

>a mixture of rebellious Jews and Germans

Only two of the leaders of the revolution were German, the rest being Jewish. All of the Freikorps leaders were Germans. Nice try though Schlomo

>Friedrich Ebert was a JOO!
>Gustav Noske was a JOO!
>Philipp Scheidemann was a JOO!
>Otto Wels was a JOO!
>Waldemar Pabst was a JOO!
>Matthias Erzberger was a JOO!

Want to know how I know you know jack shit about the German revolution?

>Only two of the leaders of the revolution were German
6 of the leaders were German

>All of the Freikorps leaders were Germans
But the Freikorps wasn't the only people who fought against the revolution, and you're ignoring the Jewish officers and enlistees under them who fought against the revolution (likely enlisted from the 100,000 Jewish soldiers that fought for Germany in WW1)

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It's telling that /pol/ """info"""graphics have to conflate the Novemberrevolution and Spartacist uprising just to get a big enough pool of important jews to push the stab-in-the-back meme.

That weasel fuck Ludendorff would be pleased that people are still parroting his excuses.

What if Jews are actually the master race?

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>Germany lost as soon as the Schlieffen Plan failed.

I think they had a chance, just not a great one. The real thing that killed them was the false idea that France needed to fall before they could take down Russia.... and consequently that Britain needed to be booted from the war for France to fall via predatory u-boat raids on their convoys. Had the Germans focused on the East instead, and maybe dedicated some more forces to the Balkan and Middle-Eastern theaters, they might've been able to pull it off.

Master at deceiving and being a parasitical race, yes.

>the German Revolution made Germany lose the war
The German military was already running on fumes before the uprising began. The economy was in the absolute shitter. Come the fuck on.

t. untermensch
bow before your kike overlords, cuck.


Pick one.

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>runs the media, the government, the economy, and the military
Sounds like an overlord to me.

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Do you need to be reminded what happened the last time you boasted about this?

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Never happened, although we managed to trick the world into thinking it did.

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You only managed to trick your own kind into thinking it happened.

Well apparently we must own all the schools too then because it's taught in every one of them.

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This. Stormfags are asshurt because we’re so much better than them.
Fuck off hun subhuman

The idea that Germany was winning the war until some magic Jewish conspiracy is so fucking hilarious and typical of Germanic autism

The war situation for Germany was dire in the months before the "stab" even supposedly took place. Germany's strategic situation was collapsing on every front:,_Albania_and_Montenegro_(1918)

All of these huge failures on Germany and its allies, topped on one after another in a few months.

But no no, ignore that. It was DA JOOZ

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outside of a few neckbeards and muslims literally everyone thinks the holocaust happened

Why did Walter Rachenau reorganize Germany's economy for total war then?

>Germans believed in the stab in the back propaganda when an entire generation still remembered the Turnip Winter


You don't get out much, do you?

you're not as clever as you think you are

Jews must be 99.8% of the civilized world then. No wonder they control everything

Not to mention a collapsing economy

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Spartacists revolt, Bavarian revolution and November Revolution are all separate things. You're also assuming the Jews involved weren't divided by ideology, allegiances and methods because you can't conceive of Jews as individuals with conflicting feelings and beliefs.

>tries to play armchair psychiatrist
>uses /pol/ picture as a source and incontrovertible proof of jewish beliefs.

The average soldier doesn't know about the toll of the blockade on Berlin. Also, they had won massively against Russia which was their main foe at the start of the war.

>I-it was actually six German you doity Nazi!

Compared to over two dozen Jewish leaders, that still makes the revolution quite overwhelmingly Jewish. All of those "Germans" sought to impose the Jewish ideology of Bolshevism upon Germany. And Erzberger was half Jewish himself.

>Spartacists revolt, Bavarian revolution and November Revolution are all separate things.
And all led by Jews! What a coinkidink!

>You're also assuming the Jews involved weren't divided by ideology, allegiances and methods
All of those Jews were socialists of some sort, united by the ideology of the Jew Marx.

>And all led by Jews
8/14 spartacist leaders were jews

>a majority of Spartacist leaders were Jews
>Rosa Parks, the leader and fomentor of the revolt, was a Jew
Gee you sure showed me Shlomo

They were in charge in the 2nd World War as well.

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If the Jews wanted to see Germany destroyed, why would so many of them fight for it in WW1?

You are so fucking idiotic that you think a minor revolt against the itself revolutionary government after the war ends is some sort of critical failure that leads to the loss of the war. The actual leaders of the actual German revolution were German. They were not "all led by Jews", you're just extremely stupid.

>All of those Jews were socialists of some sort, united by the ideology of the Jew Marx.
So then why are the Spartacist Jews leading a rebellion against the SPD "Jews"?

>Rosa Parks
Are you LARPing as a retard or what?

Look at this Jewish face, user.

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>The actual leaders of the actual German revolution were German.

>Kurt Eisner and Rosa Parks were German

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>The Bavarian revolution and the Spartacist revolution were the same German revolution that put in the SPD.
>Everyone who disagrees with my blatant ignorance is a JOO! A JOOOOOOOO!

Kill yourself. Save the world some oxygen that could be used for dung beetles or something.

>Rosa Parks
unga bus riding lady destroyed grugler's tribe

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>the Jewish ideology of Bolshevism

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>Rosa Parks were German
She was African American you daft cunt

>Rosa Parks

Over half of all Bolsheviks were Jews

Nah m8 kikes dont make that much of th bolsheviks

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Lenin was Jewish. Disinfo graph discarded.

>using a book about “Nazi propaganda” and wikipedia as a source

You’re a special kind of retard, aren’t you?

>lenin was jewish
you're seriously going to choose this hill to die on? you might as well put a /pol/ dunce cap on your head if you defend this claim.

t. Schlomo Shekelburgerstein von Kikenkutkock.

>>>Rosa Parks, the leader and fomentor of the [Spartacist] revolt, was a Jew

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wow I didn't know that Solzhenitsyn won the fucking nobel prize. he was literally hitler.

>it's a /pol/ thinks everyone they argue with is a jew episode.
it's all so tiresome. even worse, you used the german "von" which is not used in jewish names generally, making you look even more braindead than you already are.

judeo bolshevism is a nazi meme, so a book that is on nazi propaganda would address that. you must have felt so misguidedly smug writing that

>Rosa Parks

i laffed

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You do, actually. How can I convert to Judaism? I want to be on the winning side.

Don't you get it? (((Germans))) are Jews. All of them. That's why the (((German))) revolutionaries were all Jews, and it's why (((Germany))) has always been trying to destroy white civilization!

Excuse me I read that as Karl Liebknecht. As it stands, Eisner was murdered by a Jewish ultranationalist and Bavarian revolution was entirely separate from the Spartacist revolt

Lenin would not have even been considered Jewish under the nazi nuremberg laws

*population starves*
*italian invade bavaria*
*navy declare revoultion*
und sheisse
*army collapse*

Why the jew has such big milkers?

German tactics were working. If you had handed Germany more supplies they could have kept the Allies at bay for a good while longer.
The primary reason why WW2 was even attempted - and technically WW2 was in terms of the strategic setup a mere continuation of WW1 - was that the German generals, who had been the officers in WW1, were under the impression that if Germany only further optimised their tactical potential they could force their way to victory through tactical ingenuity and fighting prowess alone.
This was a mistake of course. A war of such scale cannot be won through tactical means if the strategic premise is stacked so high against you, but it took WW2 for people to realise that. After WW1 this wasn't nearly as obvious as some claim.

>Germany lost as soon as the Schlieffen Plan failed.
This is complete nonsense.

The most successful year for the Axis powers was 1915. In that year, Germany could have won the war. Russia was dealt devastating defeats in battle to the point where it wasn't out of question for them to enter peace talks. If that had happened then Germany would have won WWI.

Fake list where is: Solkonokov, Isaac Steinberg, Uritsky, Simeon Dimanstein? The commisars changed over time