You wake up as Hitler in May 1941

You wake up as Hitler in May 1941
What do?

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Actually kill the jews. Efficiently.

I bang Eva Braun night and day, before shooting myself at the historical time.

>What do?

Claim that I never wanted to be an emperor, or a butcher, and that events up until this point were the unintended consequence of radical subordinates, that all I ever wanted to do was create a homeland that would protect ethnic Germans.

Follow up on this with a unilateral withdrawal of German troops from everywhere other than Danzig.

Purge most of my inner circle for war crimes and deny all knowledge of action T4 or the Final Solution.

Once all of this is done, give a public statement to the effect that I've accomplished everything I set out to do, and resign.

If I do all of this quickly enough, I just might, might be able to keep the USSR from raping the entire planet.

>deny all knowledge of action T4
why tho

Ultimatum to Portugal and Spain
I would be the first to say you are either with us or against us to them

What would you all do about England?
The BoB is lost, and they're still strong in North Africa.

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Okay, now you get Spain and Portugal on the Allies' side, and now you have to waste even more of your troops guard the Spanish border in France to make sure they don't invade, opening up a THIRD front before the Americans even entered the war. Good job, you're already proving yourself to be just like Hitler.

I would say screw the atlantic wall and make trenches and use of chemical weapons such as mustard gas in the eastern front that would put world war 1 to shame, hopefully it would allow to bring some soldiers to the west were they would either by dissuassion or by force make the rest of europe fall to the axis, then i would recruit what i could of their conscripts, armies, navies and air force and all industrial production to flatten England for the paratroopers

>A barely demilitarized Portugal with a leader that had simpathy for Mussolini and Hitler
>A wrecked Spain from a bad civil war that also had simpathy towards the axis

They would probably join unleass Salazar started acting like a kike, as it was is costume from being an economy teatcher and a old school priest

When or at what point do you think the US would declare war if Germany didn't?
>eastern front
you would invade the Soviet Union?

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i don´t like commies

This is the best course of action I have ever seen.
I applaude you.

Being openly genocidal is probably not good for foreign relations.

Have Himmler deliver me the best qts of subjugated Europe. All is lost, might as well have some fun.

unironically attempt negotiations with turkey to help with barbarossa, if they say no then call off the invasion but built impenetrable defenses on the eastern border with the ussr incase they go apeshit
move some forces from barbarossa to north africa and try to btfo the brits in egypt

>Tfw when they both turn on you and provide the UK and place to land troops + supplies and soldiers to fuck you up with.

They were neutral and did it anyway, if Hitler had made the ultimatum that would have either happened anyway, or not at all because Portugal instead of giving out Azores could possibly fight much like Vichy France did during invasion of north africa

You'd be coup'd the next day, maybe the same day.

by who?
I think you underestimate the personal cult around Hitler

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Allow North Africa to fall and prevent coup in Yugoslavia and secure their neutrality. Carry out Barbarossa as planned initially, cept listen to Generals more and not be so hard on Ukrainians as they would be excellent allies. Generally support partisans more. Start the operation earlier and secure Caucuses sooner. Not declare on USA and try to do everything to keep em out of the war.

I spend a year building a stronger military

Invade the USSR immediately, conduct the campaign even more incompetently than in real life, and hope the Red Army can conquer all of Europe.

Real life isn't HOI4. You can't just magic up impenetrable fortifications across such a wide area. Russians thought they could, and they got bombed to shit and encircled.

use my pp points and coup everyone I don't like. Then I would drop paras on every British victory point and capture them easy.

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Unilaterally disengage from the war with britain, restore a french government in paris while continuing to occupy strategic areas(like alsace lorraine) as ‘security areas’ with status pending. Then make peace overtures to the british. If at least an armistice or a ceasefire(formal or informal) is achieved I can fix this shitty government I have built.

By the military and/or influential Nazis. Without the existential threat of a soviet invasion, Hitler wouldn't have lasted long in power following multiple defeats or signs of weakness.

Say that all I wanted was a united German state. Withdraw all my troops from everywhere except greater germania. Prosecute everyone who killed Jews. Go down in history as a German hero.

Also we have this thread everyday.

Good idea. It would result in Spain being liberated by the Allies and thereby sparing the country thirty years of Franco.

/gsg/ in one pic

Air focus is swapped to defense. Make it so degenerates can choose to be part of a 'building corp' instead of being deported to palestine. Building corp makes great wall of keeping out the soviet union on the border with the USSR. Negotiate with Great Britain, in exchange for end of war the Axis will withdraw from Denmark, Norway, Greece, Belgium and the Netherlands, north france will be given to the vichy gov and territory control in the overseas areas will be status quo.

Britain wouldn't have accepted anything that didn't include total withdrawal from Poland.

>they're still strong in North Africa.
kek, Rommel and a few dozen germans were mopping the floor with the bongs in NA

Well, the USSR controlled a chunk of Poland and the Nazi's likely weren't going to give up the polish corridor and most definitely not Danzig.
Though you think they wouldn't make a bigger noise over France than Poland? Keep in mind that GB let Czechoslovakia get fucked over.

bongs held out fine

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The Maginot Line took 9 years to build and that was only along the border of Alsace-Lorraine, there is no way you could build massive fortifications along the entire border with the Soviet Union in any reasonable timeframe

And its not like either the Maginot line nor the Brest Fortress held up for any reasonable time

So thats why Rommel was re-called to Germany after losing North Africa to the Brits?

I know, I'm just saying that Britain wouldn't have accepted any peace like that. I think peace negotiations were actually attempted by Germany in reality but they were turned down, presumably because they didn't include the restoration of Poland in the terms.


Tell Italy to not start fucking around.
commence invasion but start recruiting Ukrainians the moment they get liberated.
Bomb raf airfields instead of cities.

Do not invade the Soviet Union.
Maintain the commerce war on the bongs.
Once the antiwar movement gains a political footing in the US, the gravy train to the bongs will be curtailed, and they'll seek to peace out.
The Japanese will remain as a threat to both the Sovs and the USA, making the Sovs think twice about making war.
The bongs and dutch seek an accommodation with the Japanese.
If nobody attacks the US directly, they don't involve directly.

Rommel lost NA to the Americans. He was cleaning the bongs' clock until they showed up.

So the second battle of el aliamens was USA and not the 90% UK force that beat rommel?

The second battle occurred after the US was forced to pull warships, shipping and massive resupply to save the bongs and to invade themselves, rather than focus their efforts in the Pacific, where the US was in a death struggle. The weak sister bongs would have been drowned in the Suez at the rate Rommel was owning them day after day, with a few thirsty german troops.

Take a vacation to Argentina

Have Anne Frank and her family escorted safely to the United States.

Better logistics
Recall Rommel, reroute to Russia
Convince the Turks to join my side, or at least give me military access, to strike towards Baku

One really important point that I'm not sure about is whether or not the Soviets would have eventually invaded Germany. If not, then attacking before the defeat of Britain is just retarded, so continue skirmishes in Africa and the middle east with Britain while harassing their navy and hope that eventually the British people grow tired of a war that seems to be impossible to win. Also don't declare war on the fucking USA, if Japan wants to fuck themselves over thats their problem.

>Better logistics
how do you do this, just wish it in?

Begin producing train cars that can run on Russian rails.
Slightly alter the Barbarossa plan in order to capture more train cars and supply depots.
Breed more horses.
Provide the troops with some necessary equipment beforehand.

>assuming it's before May find Rudolf Hess, tell him I know about his fucking retarded plan, and suggest that he take a few years off from work
>decrease Göring's ability to actually dictate strategy to the Luftwaffe, get competent air marshals
>end the Blitz, focus solely on bombing military installations
>tell Himmler to shut down the few concentration camps currently in operation, save resources
>fire Bormann, have Heydrich deal with him
>have Goebbels start building up support for a total war campaign
>use all available factories to start producing winter supplies for German soldiers
>tell Erwin "what does 'halt' mean" Rommel to fucking halt, and don't promote him to Feldmarschall ever
>tell the Japanese that if they attack America, I'm breaking any sort of diplomatic contact with them
>have the SD make contact with all sorts of resistance groups in the USSR, promise them aid and independence if they all rise up when the war starts
>also have the SD pass along 'evidence' of another Trotskyite plot in the Red Army to Stalin, implicating Zhukov and Rokossovsky (maybe push back Barbarossa a few months to let the chaos spread)
>ask all the strategists planning Barbarossa what they would do if I wouldn't micromanage anything, then tell them to implement that
>sit back and don't micromanage anything when Operation Barbarossa eventually breaks out

>remove Göring
>return to attacking RAF installations instead of civilian targets in UK
>allow development of assault rifles
>stop enforcing the ghetto system
>try and get the UK to the peace table if for no other reason than propaganda to try and keep the US from thinking nazi=evil
>try and get the Japanese to declare war on the soviets
>try and stop them from attacking america
>don't declare war on america when/if they do it anyway
>stay out of the way during Barbarossa
>don't do Barbarossa if it can be avoided without significant threat of real soviet invasion
>put more focus on securing straights of Gibraltar and Suez

sorry, tangent, but
>rather than focus their efforts in the Pacific, where the US was in a death struggle
>the Pacific, where the US was in a death struggle
>the US was in a death struggle

Japan had a superior navy to US at the start, it wasnt until 1943 that the us had a larger force in the Pacific, even after midway

it wasnt until '43 that the US had a superior navy *in the Pacific*, true, but that was largely a result of the "Germany first" strategy. Japan was always a secondary front.

but regardless of the naval balance of power, the point is that the US was never engaged in what I'd call a "death struggle". Japan never posed an existential threat. The most they could do was interfere with colonies like the Philippines, and could never have more than a negligible effect on the American econony.

Publicly apologize for rounding up jews and undesireables, open the camps and liberate everyone, kiss their feet and beg for their forgiveness.

Leave the Jews in Poland. Then leave Poland.
Close the border of Germany and make peace with the west.
Trade tech with japan and finland sign a defensive treaty with them against Russia.
Ally with the west against russia.

Convince Japan and China to agree to attack Russia from the east together. In exchange Manchuria becomes part of China but Japan maintains control of its investments there and is allowed to export whatever it wants to China for fifty years. Then play historically

Soviet railroads and maintenance structures were often destroyed by retreating armies or combat, and capturing more train cars requires the Wehrmacht to go faster than they did historically, when fuel problems and road capacity bottlenecks were halting panzer formations in the first weeks of the invasion.

Why would Japan ever agree to that?

Do everything in my power to sabotage the German war effort in an attempt to end the war quicker. Surrender to the USSR to prevent Westcucks from flooding into Eastern Europe.

This hurt to read. Holy fuck nigger, read a book.

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>May 1941
Too late, it's fucked. Maybe try to escape.

Focus on it to prevent it from being a post-war threat, hopefully inspire a Soviet-backed revolution that saves it from its modern pitiful state.

After I surrender to the Soviets, probably try and cut a deal with Stalin where I get a plastic operation or something end get made the governor of some Soviet region since I may as well try and actually live through this shitshow that the Nazis started.

Would it be possible for Germany to support the Chinese nationalists in 1941?
Or wouldn't the Soviets let such shipments through (considering that thanks to the British naval blockade & occupation of Middle East) there's no other way to China.
Did the USSR support the Chinese Communist already during WW2?

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Sent an army to china to kill Mao and save China.

kill myself and leave a note saying "kind regards, italia".

do you gain anything from it?


Switch to communism and join USSR.

Invade the US with soviet support

actually listen to my capable tacticians

and extend the war for what?

Stop giving the jews food for 2 months

Make peace with the west

>I think peace negotiations were actually attempted by Germany in reality but they were turned down, presumably because they didn't include the restoration of Poland in the terms.
Or perhaps the reason that there was no trusting the Nazi government at that point after every broken promise.

>Did the USSR support the Chinese Communist already during WW2?
They ordered them to work with the KMT against the Japanese but did give them material support.

Free the Jews, keep bombing London, condemn Italian genocide of Libyans, sue for peace with USSR. Easy peasy. That's strictly how to win.



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>that was largely a result of the "Germany first" strategy.
...which might more accurately be called the "retarded bongs are getting destroyed by a few thirsty germans and the US has to come bail them out even if Guadalcanal has now been nicknamed 'Starvation Island' and the straits alongside have been nicknamed 'Ironbottom Sound' but since the retarded bongs are about to be drowned in the Suez by inferior forces we have to come to their rescue strategy"