What if he hadn't been assassinated and won the 1968 election?

What if he hadn't been assassinated and won the 1968 election?

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he would have lost the primaries

>What if he hadn't been assassinated
He would've won, hands down

>and won
Would probably have been pretty great. He was a really intelligent, idealistic guy who hopefully would've been a departure from Nixon's cynical realpolitik.

The real question is: could he have gotten us out of Vietnam? I think he could have, absolutely. Unfortunately, he was Israel's asshole buddy, so that lopsided relationship doesn't change... but then again so was everyone in the USA until Obama.

Better than Nixon, that's for fucking sure.
>b-b-but my China
Yeah, let's elevate China to superpower status to spite the USSR. That's not shortsighted at all!

too much baggage, too many enemies, he would have been gangraped in the Democrat primary

i don't know but i'd suck his cock either way.

One interesting effect is the one it could have on the abortion debate in the United States, with a pro-life Catholic Democrat as president when the Roe v. Wade decision is made. Maybe no religious right, while Catholics stay strongly Democratic?

I cry every time
"As he said many times, in many parts of this nation, to those he touched and who sought to touch him:
'Some men see things as they are and say Why?
I dream things that never were, and say Why not?'"

U.S. would still be in Saigon.

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Nixon won because the Dems fucked up and supported forced bussing. A political dynasty would do nothing.

I honestly don't think we'd have civil rights until much later. That bill was passed on Johnson's back, and Johnson was a scary man. One of my oldest mass comm professors would joke that if you pissed him off, you'd wake up dead.

Nixon was our greatest president

The Civil Rights acts were all passed before Bobby ran for president though.

Rfk had a plan to end the war.

He would've been a great president, he was smarter than his brother and more practical

Nixon was a great president. I don't care what you commies say.

Kennedys mob? Nixon ended it.

Watergate would have never happened. Well assuming Nixon doesn't run for president again in '72 and win. He probably would be a good president, seems like he was a decent fellow.

That has to be b8.

You've probably only heard about him from bleeding heart liberals

>ordered to carpet bomb Cambodia, thus enabling the Khmer Rouge/Pol Pot, the country eventually fell to the commies (but it's okay, because Khmer Rouge were pro-China Maoists)
>lost the war anyway
>sucked Mao's cock
>ended the gold standard
>cucked by Kissinger
>the OPEC embargo = oil crisis of the 70s
>fucking Watergate, the biggest embarrassment in the history of the US, absolutely disgraceful, lied to the people like a motherfucker, fucking despicable PoS

>greatest president

Lmao, Cletus.

>>fucking Watergate, the biggest embarrassment in the history of the US
Everything you've written up to this point now has to be disregarded lol

>ordered to carpet bomb Cambodia, thus enabling the Khmer Rouge/Pol Pot
This is such a brainlet understanding of history it hurts. Khmer Rouge and North Vietnam were allies back then, they fought against the nationalist regime that was backed by the US.

>we elevated China to superpower status
>not Chinese

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The Khmer Rouge were INSTALLED by the Vietnamese Communists.

Khmer Rouge were REMOVED by the Vietnamese. They were only able to come to power thanks to your beloved retard Nixon and his carpet bombing campaign, which has destabilized the previous governments.
KR and Vietnamese were such "allies" that immediately after coming to power the Khmer Rouge started skirmishes with the Vietnamese as well as the ethnic cleansing of Vietnamese (and other) minorities. You don't even know what caused this war, do you, brainlets?

Btw, the US knew everything about the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge (the former US ambassador in Cambodia informed the State Department about the situation) and didn't do shit, because Khmer Rouge were Maoists and Nixon sucked Mao's cock.

Holy shit, Amerimutt education meme wasn't a meme after all. No wonder you retards venerate Nixon so much.